Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 15)

It has been the longest time since I review an episode of Dragonaut simply because my download source was compromised. Now that my download woes are a thing of the past, I’m set to my normal reviewing again though the update frequency would be lesser due to my tight schedule for the moment. On a different matter, I decided to drop H2O from my anime review because the story is really going downhill. I must say, there is little development but I’d rather keep my review limited so that I will have more time for myself.

Okay, I know this small talk of mine is getting too long but this one is just too funny! Click here to check it out.

Twelve years ago, the Emperor of Gillard received a request from ISDA for a military cooperation and nodding to it, he ordered Prince Rajna to take charge of the matter. However he was soon assassinated, so much to the delight of Prince Asim. I suspect that he is responsible for the assassination.

The Resonance
Inspired by the King of Spain
, the Emperor of Gillard told Kiril to shut up.

As they edge closer to Mars, Jin and Akira are under heavy enemy fire from the Gillard’s defense troops. Garnet was committed to take them both down but Prince Asim suggested that the two should let be landed on Mars. Meanwhile the remaining members of the Dragonauts aboard the Avenir had just landed on the Moon. Raina informed his team that Avenir will be stopping by to have some final inspections and loading the Type-X missiles while at it. Kiril on the other hand, was having a live videoconference with the ISDA top brass and the Emperor of Gillard with his entourages. The situation on Earth had gone havoc ever since Ostrum attacked Earth. The fault was shouldered on the ISDA but they concurred that Kiril is to be blamed. Kiril defended himself and told them that the Gillard army failed to give their support in time. Obviously the Gillard Emperor was raged to hear this. The emperor explained that it was Prince Asim’s personal army who had interfered into many of the problems faced by the ISDA. However the Emperor denied of any military movement made by Prince Asim as the ultimate military orders can only come from the Emperor himself, giving the ISDA their assurance of his full military backing. Around the same time, Prince Asim was having a one-on-one conversation with Toa, telling her that the ISDA is about to attack Thanatos. Upon hearing this, she gave her warning that something bad would happen should that ISDA begins attacking Thanatos. He refuses to let Toa go and he could not care about Earth’s imminent destruction. Toa felt his untowardly feelings for Earth is wrong but Asim only find it odd that Toa is worried for Earth’s fate.

The Resonance
Time to relax…

The Resonance
While Jin and Akira avoid missiles…

The Resonance
Fake dragons…

The Resonance
Endless “booby” traps…

The Resonance
And Garnet’s insanely large boobs.

Asim continued by saying that humans are selfish, foolish creatures and though he’s a human himself, he thinks himself to be the chosen one. His superior complexity contradicts Toa’s belief that everyone is equal. I guess being a royalty makes Asim sounded like an arrogant bastard. Toa professed her belief in the power of love and its aspect in humanity. All this trash talking by Toa made Asim take notice that she is talking her passion for Kamishina Jin, telling her that Jin is in fact on his way to Mars to get her back. As Garnet reported that Jin is about to arrive on Mars, Asim told Toa that he wanted to see Jin showed his power of love for her. As Jin and Akira approaching Mars, they received a guiding signal from Mars. Their hunch tells them that it is a trap but Jin decided to go ahead and Akira is not objecting. Indeed their guess was not wrong when a barrage of missiles are heading towards them though Jin and Akira eluded each one of them effortlessly. Garnet grew desperate as all the missile launchers were easily destroyed by them and ordered the dispatch of the Agathions. Even the Agathions are not enough to stop Jin and Akira. However the growing number of Agathions coming towards them is a bit of an annoyance to them, so Akira decided to stay and fight while Jin made his entry into the castle where Toa is. Surprisingly Gio took his Communicator form once they made it into the castle, which is odd because it could be so much easier if he just barge his way in his dragon form. Thus there won’t be the need for them to fight their way through the all-female castle guards inside the castle. Either way it does exhibit some worthiness of Jin in combat though it was Gio who had been covering his arse most of the time. Toa and Asim are observing the action from the camera lense and Asim was particularly enjoying to see the many facial expressions Toa made, seemingly almost human.

The Resonance

The Resonance
Cracking the tension.

The Resonance
Jin can make a punch? I didn’t know that until now.

The Resonance
Warning! Objects may look smaller in pictures.

Finally after seeing all the flying boobs they made it to the chamber where Toa is held captive. Asim is sitting there, waiting for them to come but Garnet who is doing the fighting for him. Gio was made her opponent and I am impressed that she has the strength to fight against a dragon. Somehow Asim was capable of to make an invincible whiplash and he used this to hit on Jin who was trying to let Toa free. Toa is tormented to see Jin being tortured by Asim and tried to use her power but the CSS shield around stops her from doing so. Asim dragged Jin towards him and began to stomp on him. Jin was able to get up and grabbed his leg though Asim would just land a kick on him. Toa could not stand the sight any longer and began to activate her powers to crack the enclosing glass shield despite the CSS shield around her. Asim was stunned to see this, so Jin took this opportunity to knock the daylights out of him. Not really but he gave him quite of a punch. At the same time, Gio too punched Garnet off her feet. Now that Asim and Garnet out of the way, Jin finally have reunited with Toa. However Asim managed to get back on his feet and began to laugh hysterically.

The Resonance
Emperor of Gillard told Kiril to shut up.

The Resonance
“Boku wa KIRA desu.”

I’m greatly disappointed of how bad the design quality this time. In fact, I noticed there were several stock footage used for this episode and I could only think that the animators are just absorbed on ensuring the smooth “bouncibility” of the boobs featured in Dragonauts. As for the story side, it is pretty much what we have expected to be – having Toa escape from captivity. The story is simply about someone being captured then escaped, then captured again and escaped. So Toa who is captured by Asim, is now free. And please don’t make the episode the same cycle of story all over again. By the way, Asim’s laughter at the final scene truly reminds me of Yagami Light in his psychotic state.

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