Gundam 00 (Episode 16)

Before I start my review on this episode of Gundam 00, let me first introduced the new Gundams set to bring change to the whole plot. Hopefully for the better. The Gundams are Gundam Throne Eins (piloted by Johann Trinity), Gundam Throne Zwei (piloted by Michael Trinity), and Gundam Throne Drei (piloted by Neena Trinity). This new entity for Gundam Throne will be under direct control of Alejandro Corner, an observer for the Celestial Being and this team is known as Team Trinity. Now that the introduction is done, let’s continue on to the story.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Gundam Throne Drei

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
And its pilot, Neena Trinity

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Gundam Throne Zwei

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
And its pilot, Michael Trinity

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Gundam Throne Eins

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
And its pilot, Johann Trinity

After saving Setsuna, Neena introduced herself and her Gundam Drei to him. She also told him that she has two other brothers in the battlefield to save the other Gundam Meisters. Patrick with his team are about to retrieve Virtue back to the AEU base when suddenly he was shot down by a long range sniper. It was another new Gundam, apparently have the same capability as Dynames. Tieria is only curious about the red colour GN particle from that Gundam, which is different than theirs. Soma meanwhile is bringing Gundam Kyrios back to the HRL base with her team as well. Soma is still questioning of Allelujah’s action to destroy the Superhuman Research Facility earlier and kill his own superhuman kind in that process. That is when they noticed that another mobile suit is coming onto them. That unit released a spear-like missile that went on a very random movement pattern and immediately Soma realized that the missiles are not exactly missiles. The weapon is actually a specialty of Michael’s Gundam Zwei called GN Fangs. Graham’s Over Flag team was also assaulted by an unknown unit, apparently from a long range capable mobile suit. Graham knew that only Gundams are capable of such a feat. As the Over Flags made their escape, the rescuing Gundam came to Dynames and introduced himself to Lockon as Johann, the pilot for Gundam Eins. After confirming that all Gundams are rescued, Johann ordered Neena to release the GN particles throughout the area. Neena also have a Haro unit inside her Gundam, similar to Lockon’s Haro. So Throne Drei released huge amounts of GN particle to cover a very wide area of the battlefield. Bear in mind, the GN particles can serve to block any communication frequency and rendering all the communication devices throughout the battlefield useless.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Gundam Drei shows what it’s made of, literally.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
New GN particle. Maximum distribution!

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
“The number that you dialed is out of reach.”

AEU’s commanding officer, Colonel Kathy Mannequin was told about the appearance of the new Gundams and later about the spreading communication blackout area. Even Graham and Patrick were not able to contact back to their base after the release of the GN particle as it carpets through the battlefield. Call it shock and awe but all three sides of the united superpowers – Union, HRL and AEU – felt helpless against the overpowering strength of the Celestial Being’s true capability. To me, the united superpowers are only being further handicapped by the obviously technological difference between their armies and the Celestial Being. The united superpowers would no longer fight against four Gundams but seven instead. However as the four Gundams escape over the Pacific Ocean, the Meisters expressed grimace about the new Gundams that even they did not know about. Back to Liu Mei’s place, the Ptolemaios crews sighed relief over the success of their Gundam team to escape. However Sumeragi could only expressed surprise over the Gundam Meisters’ odds to escape because she knew that it was impossible, at least according to her prediction. Apparently even they do not know about the new Gundams yet. The ultra secretive Celestial Being has gotten even more secretive? Oh, that’s just so sick! Alejandro is having a meeting with the rest of the Celestial Being observers and asked of their opinion on the new Gundams. The shocker is that even the observers were not aware about the development of the new Gundams. I guess observers are just observers then. Before the secret fraternity-like observers for the Celestial Being make their verdict on the new Gundams, they began by discussing about the results achieved by the Celestial Being so far. This is the part when the recap begins.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
It’s supposed to be a celebration that the Gundams are saved, right?

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Ashamed, the humiliated Gundams returned head down.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Lockon hates surprises.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Alejandro meets his fraternity brothers.

They all agree that the current Gundam team was able to execute their missions flawlessly according to the Veda plan. I don’t know if this is disturbing or not but Alejandro revealed that the plan Celestial Being are achieving now is two centuries in the making. However there were several events that nearly jeopardize the Celestial Being’s objective. The first one was when Kyrios saved a space station that revealed Dynames extra-long range shooting capabilities. Then there was when Setsuna revealed himself to Ali Al-Saachez that had been called for the decision to expel him from the team. Fortunate for him, the observers gave mixed opinion and let the matter go. Finally was the assault on Ptolemaios by the HRL. That battle alone nearly put the Celestial Being on the brink of losing their cause. Due to that attack, Kyrios had revealed his secret weapon and Virtue revealed its high mobility form Nadleeh. The observers blamed Sumeragi for her failure in her tactics and called for the removal of Allelujah who poses to be a wildcard in many occasions. However just like Setsuna, they both were excused. However because of these incidents, the Veda plan had been revised many times in order to ensure the success in their objectives. Back to the topic of the new Gundams, the observers were curious about when the Gundams were produced. Alejandro pressed the question again about whether or not to accept the existence of Gundam Throne. So all of the observers gave their unanimous yes. Meanwhile the Trinity siblings inside their spaceship are on their rendezvous with Ptolemaios and its crews.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Johann and Michael, in full colour.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Neena thinks she’s cute. What do you think?

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Team Trinity spaceship in space, the final frontier.

I can’t say that I like this episode neither should I be hating it. Indeed it is a recap and who does like recaps. But the recap is done very brief and simple without ignoring those important points. So I think the writers did a well done job wrapping the story thus far. Now that the new players are included (and should be the final addition to the story unless there are more other Gundams out there, which I will find to be very odd), I can see how the real plot start to take lead for a change. The Trinity team can be seen as more aggressive and devious when compared to the current Gundam team. All I am saying is that the Gundam Throne may go to the dark side and probably a foe against Celestial Being themselves. Not much can be said about the Trinity siblings, other than Neena is the moe factor for Gundam 00, Michael the much reckless and aggressive person, and Johaan the seemingly wise and the leader who keep them together. And don’t be surprised if you think you are familiar with Neena’s seiryu. The voice behind Neena is none other than Shana herself or Kugimiya Rie. I guess this explains why Neena has that moe look on her face. Even Johann who is voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki who is best known for his work in Blood+ as Haji and Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann as Kamina. Namikawa Daisuke who voice for Michael is also not a nobody. He was behind the voice of Rock from Black Lagoon and Otori Choutaro from The Prince of Tennis. Another interesting insight here is a fraction into how Celestial Being operates. In this case, the observers. The observers seem to be individuals from independant bodies of various nationalities and fields of trade. It’s like there is a representative from each nation and each human knowledge (like Science, Art and so on). It is amazing of how the writers and animators able to portray them in a colosseum-like chamber and Alejandro speaking to all of them in the middle. It certainly gives the true mysterious feeling into the secretive organisation of Celestial Being.

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