Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

I had great time during my brief stay in KL and to top it off, I’ve also bought my first ever copy of NEWTYPE USA magazine. The magazine is the December 2007 (a little backdated) issue with Code Geass on the cover. I’m on cloud nine!

It’s the mid-semester break for my university in conjunction of the Chinese New Year celebration, so I took the opportunity to go for a shopping holiday in KL. Furthermore the timing is considered perfect as I was able to attend a particular event there. While many Jay Chou’s fans thronged 1Utama shopping mall, I was on a separate event to attend one of the highlights of Malaysia’s music calander – Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia concert. The odd thing about the gig is that it lacks publicity. Most of my friends were not aware of the concert, not until when I told them about it. To be frank, I did not know about it in the first place if not for my friend. Thanks to her, I got the ticket. Even so, the day before the big day, the event was featured on The Star. So as far as the fanfare is concerned, there wasn’t much of it.

Switchfoot LIVE in MalaysiaOpening act by Love Me Butch…

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia…and Altered Frequency.

The show was hosted by 8TV’s Rina Omar and Fly FM’s Basil Joseph. Honestly they didn’t do much since the concert is a relatively small affair. The most they could do was to give out free T-shirts which I failed to get each time despite of standing at a close proximity to the stage. Yes, I was at the front row. Not the foremost front row but second row can count as front row, right? Anyway the opening acts were done by Love Me Butch and Altered Frequency, two of the leading indie rock bands in Malaysia. And here’s one of coincidence. Altered Frequency is actually a Christian rock band and apparently that is how Switchfoot started off in the music scene in the first place before reinventing their image into somewhat beach music. It so to happen that Altered Frequency is one of the famous English band in the local scene and together with Love Me Butch, they gave a solid opening performance to the audience. One good reminder to Malaysians to support the local artistes.

Switchfoot LIVE in MalaysiaJon Foreman, lead singer for Switchfoot.

Switchfoot LIVE in MalaysiaSwitchfoot!

Switchfoot LIVE in MalaysiaSee those two idiots? They told me to turn off my camera when everyone else are free to use them.

Switchfoot LIVE in MalaysiaThe crazy audience screaming for more.

Finally it was time for Switchfoot to perform. The performance was awesome. The opening is not exactly explosive but it did started off strong. They even submitted to the request of the audience for them to perform “On Fire” and it was amazing. Honestly their tracks from the album do not sound as good as when they performed. Switchfoot sounds way much better on live performance. At least I know that I did not waste a single ringgit from the concert. But what makes the gig much more awesome was the closing act when Switchfoot performed one of the fans’ favourite song, “Dare You To Move.” But funny when they perform some songs from their latest album, “Oh Gravity!”, I can’t seem to be able to sing along because heck, I don’t have that album. Frankly I do not like their new album but at least they performed many of their best songs. Too bad that the fun only lasted for about two hours before the show wrapped. Having said enough, I’ll just let the pictures to do the talking now.

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

Before ending the post, I can’t seem to contain my excitement during the show. And no, it was not my first time attending a rock concert. Actually it was my first ever attending a concert performed by a foreign band and during my first time, I get to make a contact with the lead singer of the band. I’ve touched Jon Foreman, damn it! And guys, you should listen to their amazing music. For starters, maybe you start with “Dare You to Move” or “Meant to Live” or “Gone” and trust me, you’ll get hooked to them. After this experience, I feel like going for another gig. I heard Incubus is coming. Should I go?

5 Responses to “Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia”

  1. 9 February 2008 at 12:18 am

    Hey, u were there at switchfoot too! Awesome , they did a stunnin performance! Couldnt believe it myself… comparing them to other bands that came down to KL, they were one of the very best!

    by the way, got some pics on my blog aswell. shazFX.blogspot.com
    see ya! keep on rockin

  2. 2 Brian
    9 February 2008 at 1:48 am

    Love the pics! And totally agree with you. Their gig was awesome. In fact, they sound better live compared to their recording tracks.

  3. 3 doug
    11 February 2008 at 4:25 am

    brian,u went to a concert?uber cool!i stay at my house d whole sem break! n u were enjoyin a concert frm a rather mediocre but nevertheless interestin international act..friends ask me to go 2 attend d celine dion’s concert,lame..i rather watch that band whic perform durin nu year 07 celebration,hahaha..

  4. 4 Brian
    11 February 2008 at 7:41 am

    haha… i know. celine dion concert are for old-timers. if you think you’re old enough or just plain lame, please go ahead. switchfoot’s gig was not bad, you know. they sounded so much better on gig than from their records

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