Gundam 00 (Episode 17)

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80 years ago, an expedition group went inside an abandoned space station located at the Jupiter’s orbit. Inside they found the purple Haro (the one used by Neena inside her Throne Drei) in which they identify as the information terminal.

 Mobile Suit Gundam 00
80 years ago… Dragonaut spin-off?

To the present moment, Sumeragi was curious about the new Gundam as they are different than the previous two generations of Gundam and that they are not listed inside the Veda data. The Gundam Meisters confirmed their presence when they were rescued by them. After saving them, the new Gundam Meisters gave them a coordinate which they presume to be their meeting point with them. All of the crews have mixed opinion about them as they are not sure about the true nature of the new Gundam Meisters. Finally Ptolemaios detected a spaceship nearby and after investigating upon the ship, they confirmed that the spaceship uses GN particles just like Ptolemaios. This means that the Gundams are genuine. Allelujah is only curious on how they managed to find solar generators or GN Drives which is necessary for the production of the GN particles to power the Gundam. The spaceship now undock one of the Gundam carrying two other Gundam Meister. After given permission to dock on Ptolemaios, the Trinity siblings made their way into the spaceship. The Ptolemaios crew meets the Trinity siblings for the first time. Neena went about to look for the pilot for Exia and Setsuna (who is Exia’s pilot) showed up and introduced himself to her. Neena made a surprise move by approaching Setsuna and gave him a kiss. Setsuna who really doesn’t feel comfortable by the kiss, quickly pushed her away. Michael turned angry by how Setsuna treated her and taking out his knife, he was going to fight against Setsuna but he was stopped by Johann. Suddenly Lockon’s Haro came towards them to greet Neena’s Haro which it referred to as “nii-san” or big brother. However Neena’s Haro failed to recognize Lockon’s Haro and pushed it away. Then Sumeragi ushered them to a better place for them to chat. As the siblings float past Setsuna, he felt rather uncomfortable with them. Odd enough Tieria told Setsuna that they both have the same thoughts about the siblings, judging by the look on his face.

 Mobile Suit Gundam 00
The Trinity siblings. And call the cute one on the left as Freckles.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Someone actually falls in love with Setsuna?

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
The Haro reunion.

In the meeting room, Sumeragi leads her team to bombard the Trinity siblings with many questions but Johann who lead his siblings (and being the eldest as well) told them nothing as all information about them is a secret. Tieria felt outraged and left the room. Even Neena who quickly got bored by their meeting, decided to explore Ptolemaios. She asked Setsuna to join her but he doesn’t seem to be listening. Either that or he’s turning a deaf ear to her. Either way, Neena is not too happy about Setsuna’s cold treatment and told him straight to his face with an angry tone of not treating like that ever again. I swore I heard Shana’s voice from that line. Leaving the room, she puts back her smiling face. Sumeragi came to the point on asking their objectives with their Gundam and just like the current Gundam Meisters, they intend to use the Gundam to eradicate war. Lockon wondered if they would be joining them if that is the case but Michael said that it would be stupid and unnecessary. He added that the current Gundam team does not have what it takes to achieve that objective but his rowdy attitude took the better off him, forcing Johann to control his childish behaviour. Johann can only said that they were given the orders simply because there were doubts on how the current Gundam Meisters handle their armed interventions. Sumeragi puts better words for it, asking him if they are relieved from their duties. Johann said that it is not true and they are allowed to carry on their operation because the siblings will be acting independently. Sumeragi wondered if they are even part of Schenberg’s plan and yet he did not give her a straight answer. Tieria was making his way to his favourite spot inside the ship – Veda’s terminal unit. He was surprised to see that there is someone else inside the terminal unit, probably because he is the only one who can enter the unit. That person turned out to be Neena and when she was asked about how she entered the unit, she said that it is just like usual. Meaning that she has access to Veda’s databank.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Neena showed her ugly side.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Michael gone bonkers.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Neena invaded Tieria’s privacy. This is a Veda terminal unit, by the way.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Even Sumeragi have a plan in her sleeves.

Finally the siblings left with their spaceship, still leaving the Ptolemaios crew in the dark about the new Gundams. It turns out that this is not true when Ian showed up and revealed that he secretly investigated on the new Gundam while they were inside the ship. Sumeragi instructed to Ian to submit his report on a separate information terminal from Veda’s terminal. So she’s playing fire with fire now. Back inside the Trinity’s spaceship, Michael was curious why Neena have feelings for Setsuna and she told him that it was love at first sight though Michael have an ill thought towards him. Haro then came to them to inform them about their next mission. Back on Earth in Japan, Saji and Louise has had their exams and so Saji asked her out for a movie but she informed him that she will be leaving for Spain on that day to attend her cousin’s wedding. Meanwhile Kinue who is tired on her lengthy research on the Celestial Being, got an interesting information from her colleague about the appearance of new Gundams during the joint military exercise over the Taklamakan desert. She then insisted on having an interview with the soldiers. Over the Pacific Ocean, Graham was disappointed by his performance as the leader of his Over-Flag team for losing three of their best men. Suddenly Graham got a call, informing him about the approaching Gundam units towards MSWAD base which is also the Over-Flag’s headquarters. Eifman who is finishing his report on the Gundam and its technology came about to his conclusion about the origin of the technology itself. He concluded that energy generator device used by the Gundams (he refers to the GN Drive) can only be made on Jupiter. That is when he recalls on the manned expedition to Jupiter 120 years ago and wondered if there is any connection of the project with the Gundam development. That is also when Eifman begin to realize that Schenberg’s true intention was not about eradicating war at all.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Abusing the internet inside the office by watching porn online.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
The office’s internet firewall just gotten better.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
GN Mega Launcher a.k.a. Gundam incest.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Eifman. Dead.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
MSWAD has gone to ashes.

Suddenly his computer screen turned black then a message popped out saying, “You have witnessed too much…” and at the same time, an emergency call was issued that Gundams are coming to attack the base. Their presence was too coincidental with the time when Eifman reached his revelation. Gundams Throne reached the airspace of the MSWAD base and Throne Drei docked onto Throne Eins to launch the GN Mega Launcher (a classical Gundam weapon, if I must say). Reasonable, considering that Throne Eins got the rifle while Throne Drei got its huge storage of GN particles. Within seconds, the whole base was obliterated by the powerful GN Mega Launcher. Eifman failed to escape the beam and perished. The Over-Flag fighters came in a little too late, right after the base was destroyed. Michael gotten cocky and decided to fight solo against the Over-Flag team. Even with his GN Fangs, Graham was able to elude each of the Fangs. With the support of the rest of the team, Michael found himself in a troubling position with the ongoing assaults from the Over-Flags. That is when one of the fighters, Howard breaks away from their formation and decided to face off with Throne Zwei. Tragically he lost to Zwei’s Fangs and lost his life. Only then the Trinity siblings decided to make their leave. At Ptolemaios, the crew received news about the Gundams Throne’s attack on the MSWAD base and yet again, the information failed to reach Veda. Then Setsuna came to question their worthiness as Gundam Meisters. Meanwhile at the airport, Saji sees Louise off to her flight to Spain.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Michael’s Throne Zwei faces off with Howard’s Flag.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
But Howard lost anyway.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Saji and Louise are having a moment? Not!

Like it or not but I have to say that the animation quality control dropped for this episode. But indeed the episode gives us many insights of what things to come as the story progresses further. It is clear now that the Trinity siblings are portrayed as the antagonist in the story. Neena whose behaviour can change radically in a split second (look at her face when “growled” at Setsuna). Michael who is just love to pick a fight for no reason whatsoever. Johann who may seem to the most sensible person among his siblings yet his true obedience may see him as person who has unquestionable loyalty to his cause whether it is for the good or bad of others. Even now, the current Gundam team including Sumeragi and her crew begin to detest the Trinity siblings and what not, distrusting the Veda itself. The Veda databank had always been their source of tactical information but ever since the Gundams Throne showed up, the Veda system is losing its credibility. Now the Celestial Being begins to diverge its path without any telling the right or wrong of their cause. In my opinion, it is the Trinity siblings who will go rogue and its up to the second generation of Gundam Meisters to stop them. Now you may think that the story on Saji and Louise is now just a filler. But the preview of episode 18 stated the otherwise. We can see how Louise is directly affected by the presence of the Celestial Being and if I’m not wrong, it would be the doings of the Trinity. The writers probably told of how happy Louise live her life with Saji in Japan and now that she is going to Spain with trouble brewing over there, the Gundams will intervene hard on them and there’s a sure tell that Louise and her family are caught in the crossfire. There might be a chance that there will death in her family as suggested in the ED but it won’t be Louise, of course.

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