Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 17)

Two weeks ago, Kou in a military uniform, reported the Spirytus incident to his superiors about how a dragon would go berserk after losing its master. That is why a Resonance is necessary as a form of communication between the dragon and its human master so that its wild behaviour is under control. That is also why, in the present moment, Machina had gone berserk after Akira who is her master has been killed.

 The Resonance
Machina is now one crazy bitch.

Machina began to attack everyone around her. Fortunately for Jin, Toa was able to defend him using her shield but that made Gio aware of her stigmata. Now it’s Gio who is doing the fighting. Gio tries to break Machina out of her rage but Machina who held on to her consciousness, told Gio that her Resonance had broken to explain her erratic behaviour. So she advised Gio and the rest to run. Meanwhile inside the Avenir on the Moon, Howlingstar, Amadeus and Laura sensed that the same thing that happened to Spirytus is happening to Machina. Howlingstar asked Raina to let them go to Mars to check things out, which Raina agreed. So both Howlingstar and Amadeus went to Mars with Raina and Sieglinde. Back on Mars at the Gillard’s palace, Yonamine Kou led his team from an organisation he’s working with, confronts the Gillard emperor and demands Prince Asim to be removed from his military authority. Apparently if the emperor resists the demand, he will have the world as his enemy. In this sense, the organisation Kou is working with is huge. At the same time, Asim explained to Jin about how Machina has gone berserk, claiming that she returns to her pure dragon form with any human influence from the Resonance. So Asim intends to do the same on Toa by killing off Jin. He then ordered Garnet to change into her dragon form and charges towards Jin. While at this, Machina was knocked away from the fighting by Garnet as Garnet went outside to the open airspace. Jin, Toa and Gio made their way out as well, leaving Akira and Machina down inside the mine.

The Resonance
Howlingstar can feel the pain.

The Resonance
Kou is showing who’s the boss around the place.

The Resonance
And the Gillard emperor hates to admit it.

The Resonance
Garnet. Without her boobs.

However outside, the three had to face something more dreadful when the entire battalion of Gillard army is coming towards them with Asim taking charge. Having only Gio by his side, Jin decided to fight against the whole army. Despite the number advantage, the Gillard army was humiliated by Gio’s strength and Gio did not have any difficulties fighting against them. Even Garnet have trouble keeping up with Gio. Asim is still obsessed about Toa, asking her to be on his side. But his desperate plea sounded pitiful to Toa as she find Asim to be poor fellow who did not receive enough love. Toa, always the optimistic one. Asim said the love Jin felt for Toa is just an illusion for the Resonance he has with her. Of course, Jin denies this and said his love for her is true. In the heat of the battle, Gio managed to snap Garnet’s blade. This forced Asim to deploy all the Agathions on Gio but his order was denied. This infuriates Asim and he destroyed the command battleship so that he can take over the controls. With all the Agathions coming for them, Gio could not escape and Toa had to use her powers to yield off the Agathions. Inside the mine, Machina regained her consciousness while Garnet was about to give her deadly fire blast to Gio. Machina made it in time to knock Garnet off but as the result of this, the blast was redirected to Machina and she meets her doom. Toa then got out off the cockpit to catch Machina’s fall but she was too late as her body and Akira’s fall into a deep ravine. However this left Toa out in the open and this allows Garnet to attack. Garnet gave another blast towards Toa but Gio with Jin inside quickly cover her from the blast. Gio took the hit and simultaneously on Earth, Kazuki wakes up inside Widow’s shielding orb as he felt for Gio.

The Resonance
Reliving the Taklamakan battle with the Gundams.

The Resonance
No Gundams here. Only dragons.

The Resonance
Asim finds time to play FEAR (you know, that PC game).

Suddenly the whole planet’s atmosphere turns into an aurora-like form as Gio lets out his overwhelming power. The power was too overwhelming that all of the Agathions began to run away in fear. Asim could not accept and decided to charge towards Gio by himself. By himself, I meant by with Garnet. He tried to land a hit on Gio but Gio’s welling power began exploded, destroying everything around including the Agathions. Asim and Garnet who were too close to Gio perished in the explosion. Even Jin falied to control Gio and to the point where his cockpit detaches away from Gio. So Jin went on to rescue Toa who got blown away by the force of explosion. Howlingstar and Amadeus who had just arrived at the orbit of Mars, witnessed this huge explosion. Raina and Sieglinde could not believe what they are seeing, especially that the energy source is Gio. That is also when they picked up Jin’s distress signal and Howlingstar went to make the rescue. After saving Jin and Toa, Raina received the news about Akira and Machina. The energy burst from Gio caused the whole planet surface to scorch in fire. Meanwhile Kou reported the whole incident of Mars on fire to his superior as they discussing amongst themselves whether the dragons are safe enough to be kept in human’s custody.

The Resonance
Mother-son love? Harem sex? You decide.

The Resonance
He’s gonna explode!!!

The Resonance
Hiroshima and Nagasaki will always be remembered.

The Resonance
Machina x Akira

The episode this time is good though I can’t say I really enjoyed it as well. Indeed we have many casualties in the episode. Akira, then Machina and surprisingly Asim and Garnet. I really hoped for Asim and Garnet to stay on to the story so that they can keeping bugging on Jin and Toa’s private life. The revelation of this episode is also good. Now that humans are aware of the true potential of a dragon, meaning that they should use the dragons in their best possible way. But this also indicates that the dragons are fearful weapons and they might be disposed of by Earth’s upper authority. Apparently this authority is so great, even the Gillard fears the organisation. Somehow in this way, Kou was given more ranks in the story and likely we’ll be seeing more of him in the story. Speaking of which, death is not the only thing that moves about the story. Resurrection is also well played in the story. Well I did expect that Kazuki would return with a nasty (fugly) wound on his forehead, very much to our horror. I have no idea why the writers are so infatuated with Kazuki but because of it, he back to give us the nightmares. At least, Widow survived too. Another thing is that the Resonance is being well explained in this episode but frankly, it confuses me even more. Indeed a Resonance is made between a dragon and a human so that the human master can control the dragon and without the Resonance, the dragon will go berserk. Even like what happened to Spirytus who lost his communication with his master even when his master is alive (I guess his master was not at the right state of mind and hence, lost the Resonance at that moment) turned berserk. Machina proved that one as well. Then how about Widow? And Gio? Well Gio is exceptional because he claims to be an independent dragon. The writers messed up my mind. Maybe I should go berserk about it?

2 Responses to “Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 17)”

  1. 1 Loba
    9 February 2008 at 1:29 pm

    widow is strong.the end.

  2. 2 Ryan
    25 January 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Will it be explained of Widow ever went berserk? Im on episode 20 and I still feel behind…

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