The Gardens at Midvalley

Yes, I’m blogging again despite of me saying on the previous post that I was busy. But that’s the truth and here’s another truth. This is a backlog. Not a real time post update. As for my reviews on Gundam and Dragonaut; those have to wait for some other day.

It is exactly two weeks since my trip to KL. Nothing extravagant there, really. I happened to have had attended at concert in KL that day, so I took some time to shop around KL. Otherwise I’ll home which I have not intended to do at that time, or stuck here alone in Kelantan. Last year, I first went to Pavilion KL when it had recently opened then, there was a strong appeal to the mall that gives it the wow-factor. I thought to myself, Pavilion KL has to be the most astonishing mall ever in Malaysia. That aside, Pavilion KL is also playground for the rich and overly pampered. I’m saying this because of the fact that this mall is the most “expensive” mall in Malaysia to date, with their lavish offerings of high-end (expensive) and fashionable (expensive) items for Malaysia’s rich bastards opulent consumers. Opulent, as for filthy rich. Nonetheless I still enjoy Pavilion KL as much as many other shopping malls in KL, partly because of its amazing shopping experience (and of course, Paul Frank and J.Co Donuts). However Pavilion KL is not the only player in that field. Introducing The Gardens at Midvalley.

The Gardens at Midvalley

The Gardens at Midvalley

The Gardens is an extension of the already-big Midvalley mall and this is no ordinary extension. Specifically chartered for the rich and those with exquisite taste, The Gardens offers something totally different from the common shopping scene in Malaysia. From my standpoint, The Gardens made a huge effort to bring art and also pampering to the shopping experience. From the exterior, the design of the mall is different than other typically misshapen shopping malls. I must say, the architecture works for Pavilion KL is good but nothing can compare to the artistic architecture of The Gardens. If the exterior impresses certain some, the interior will blow everyone way. The moment I stepped inside The Gardens, I was wowed. Rather than feeling impressed, I felt great appreciation to the works of the interior designer to come up with something different than any other malls. Besides the design, The Gardens also offers a wide range of specialty stores for many kind of interests, including Singapore’s first overseas outlet of Robinsons. There is also Malaysia’s first ever Cafe Baskin-Robbins.

The Gardens at MidvalleyThe design at The Gardens is inspired by the structure of a sail boat.

The Gardens at MidvalleyChinese New Year decorated lounge.

The Gardens at MidvalleyThis particular span looks nothing like Malaysia. What do you think?

The Gardens at MidvalleyThe linking bridge to Midvalley Megamall.

What I really like about The Gardens is the shopping experience. I’m not saying that Pavilion KL is any worse than The Gardens. Both are equally good in their own way. In Pavilion KL, space is the theme design of the mall. The key is that space offers comfort and comfort is what the customers experience. In The Gardens on the other hand, there is a feast for the eyes for the amazing interior designs and also comfortable cushioned couches for the customers to relax. Over there, the customers are pampered. The Gardens is definitely an experience like no other.

2 Responses to “The Gardens at Midvalley”

  1. 17 February 2008 at 8:32 pm

    borders at gardens is not the best when compared to the one at curve and times square. however, times bookstore at pavilion provides a really wide variety of words. i love pavilion for having the not-so-exclusive gsc because you must have at least rm40 to watch a movie at gsc gardens.

    there’s a shop at gardens that caters to the mid-range customers like me, which is good. but in terms of location, pavilion is good lah because you can always escape to the “street” anytime you want.

    another mall coming soon, kl cap square. i am hoping for more “jalan telawi”, getting sick of malls.

  2. 16 February 2015 at 7:57 pm

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