Gundam 00 (Episode 18)

The Trinity siblings are on a non-stop rampage in their effort to cripple all military forces of the world superpowers. Though they perceived themselves as justice, the fact is the world is seeing them as a global threat. World leaders can only voice their concern about their possible disarmament as their only option. Meanwhile Alejandro told Liu-Mei that he does not have a clue about the new Gundam, other than what his access to Veda is allowed.

 Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Gundam from hell.

At Ptolemaios, Ian shared his outcome of analysis on the Gundam Thrones to the rest of the crew. Though the engineering aspect of the mobile suits is a splitting equal with the Gundams, the Thrones however appeared to be using an imitation GN Drive which can be used for a limited period. Allelujah pointed out that someone is stealing Celestial Being’s Gundam technology though Sumeragi suggested that there is a traitor inside the organisation itself. Meanwhile Tieria was scanning through the data on Veda when he comes upon a data portion that he was not able to access. In the Union territory, Graham and Daryl are paying their last respects to Howard Mason who perished after an encounter with the Thrones. He vowed over his grave that he will avenge his death and defeat the Gundams with his own Flag. Down to the South, Kinue made a meeting with a Union pilot who claimed to have encountered one of the new Gundams during the joint military operation at Taklamakan desert. After being paid generously for that piece of information, he explained that the pilot who went out of the Gundam, said something that goes by, “set a course for Laguna.” He figured that the pilot fits the profile of a young girl. Obvious the pilot he’s referring to is Neena. When the Union pilot told her that he did not report the event to the military, Kinue told him not to tell the story to anyone else. After cutting a good deal for it, he agreed to her terms. His bountiful joy ended abruptly when he was assassinated moments later.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Studying the anatomy of a Gundam.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Tieria was denied by Veda. Too bad.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
I bet this guy has something to do with Laguna.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Kinue is getting an exclusive scoop.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
All of the sudden, this guy is in the spotlight, literally.

Over the countryside of Spain, Louise joined her parents to her couson’s wedding party and called Saji to talk about it. Suddenly the phone call turned dead though Saji simply ignored the details over Louise’s side. The truth is there are Gundam Thrones flying over them as the Trinitys are on their way to their next mission point. Neena who was not in a good mood, spotted the wedding party taking place. That is when Neena decided that those people whom she considered to be fooling around while she was stuck to her saving-the-world duties, deserve to die. In an instant, the wedding fairy tale turned into hell when Neena opened fire to them. Louise was unharmed though her parents and newly wed cousins are dead. Neena lets out another shot and this time, Louise was trapped under the rubbles. Johann whom I thought to be the reasonable one among them, ignored everything that just happened and continued on to their mission. The Ptolemaios crews could not accept the fact that the Trinitys are attacking the civilian, which contradicts their principles. Saji who is still clueless about what had happened to Louise, tried to contact her but there was no answer. Immediately he went to refer to the school and found out that she was involved in an accident in Spain. There was no details given about the accident yet but Saji rushed to get to her. Meanwhile Graham who was checking at his Flag, saw Billy doing repair works on his Flag. Graham advised him not to push himself too much but Billy could never forgive what the Gundams had done to them and Professor Eifman. He also figured that the target of the attack on the MSWAD earlier was actually Professor Eifman himself as he revealed that Eifman was close to find out the truth behind the secret in their Gundam technology. Suddenly emergency warning was issued on Gundam sighting, approximating to be going for an arms factory.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
This psycho accidentally pulled the trigger.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Traumatized Louise.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
The event that changed her life forever.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
I guess even Louise could not escape the writers’ fury her cruel fate

The thing is that the factory also have civilians working there. So Graham immediately got into his Flag to engage the Gundams singlehandedly. Indeed Graham’s Flag was able to keep match against a Gundam opponent who is Michael and he was able to cut off Eins’ arm. However Graham could only battled Eins momentarily before retreating as his body could not withstand the extreme G forces during the duel. More news about the Thrones attacking the civilians getting to Setsuna’s nerves that made him decided to take action for it himself. Meanwhile Sumeragi began to doubt Veda’s credibility and decided to act outside Veda’s plan. While in Spain, Saji rushed his way to where Louise is hospitalized. Seeing her fine on the hospital, Saji was relieved. So Saji took the opportunity to present her the fruits of his hard work at part-time jobs – the ring that she wanted. She gladly received the ring at first but then apologized to Saji, very much to his surprise. She then revealed that she could not wear the ring because she now had lost her left hand. Saji was shocked to see this and a nurse gave him the details on what happened to Louise and her family. Saji was heart broken for Louise’s loss and moreover, the Gundams were responsible whom he thought to be defenders of justice. The Thrones are on their way back from their earlier when all of the sudden, they were under attack. Apparently by another Gundam and the Gundam is none other than Exia.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Gundam pawned by Union Flag.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
But Graham could not take the heat. Or should I say, the hit.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Saji is hapless romantic. Louise on the other hand, got a surprise for Saji.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
“Saji! Surprise! No more rings for me, please.”

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Tears of joy? Tears of sorrow? Or he’s cutting some onions?

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Exia against the Thrones.

The writers managed to make a great build-up for this episode, better than the previous ones. The outcome for this episode too was outstanding, if not surprising. Indeed many surely can predict that something bad might happen to Louise and her family and it’s going to be tragic. This is nonetheless true but I certainly have not expected is the fact now she have lost her left hand. It was also shocking that she was relatively calm when Saji first met her following the incident. I’d thought she would be more emotional especially by the fact that she now lost both of her parents. I like to see how the writers gave more emphasis on Saji and Louise who gave the normal people’s point of view of the whole calamity. Especially now, the consequence of Celestial Being’s action had so much impact since their characters are so engaging. Not so surprising though is how Celestial Being now being perceived as the villain of the whole scenario. Like what soon-to-be-former President Bush used to say, the axis of evil. There is not a single bit of good in everything done by the Trinitys so far, other than saving the second generation Gundams. This is not too surprising especially by the fact that this trend of story is pretty common in most of the Gundam series. What is different though is when the true villains were introduced and how the characters are developed in this story. Only time can decide when the Gundam can match up against the Thrones because obviously for now, they are no match. Or is that so? In this episode, it was clearly shown that Graham’s Custom Flag was a formidable opponent against the Thrones and Graham has the skills to do the job. From my standpoint, Graham is by far the most skillful mobile suit pilot though I would actually go for Ali Al-Saachez. Nevertheless we are now about to witness Exia battling it out against the Thrones, all by himself. Indeed the true fighter of justice is always be Setsuna F. Seiei.

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