Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 18)

One year after the Mars incident, Sieglinde and Amadeus were chased down by a group of Agathions that are apparently owned by the ISDA. From far, another person in an armored suit who appears to be controlling the Agathion, oversee the operation. Finally Amadeus was captured though Sieglinde managed to escape. It turns out that it was Sakaki who is in charge of the operation and gave a standby order to that armored unit.

 The Resonance
Amadeus and Sieglinde on the run.

The Resonance
I wonder who is person behind this mask.

Somewhere by the countryside, Toa is serving her customers while on her waitress duty at a restaurant. Toa pretty much did not change a lot in appearance, except for her spectacles. Soon Toa’s duty shift is over and Jin picked her up from the restaurant. What Jin and Toa didn’t know is that there is someone who is following them from behind. Somewhere in the woods, Raina and Howlingstar were also on hot pursue from the Agathions and also from Widow. Yes, with Kazuki on her. Eventually they got Raina and Howlingstar surrounded, forcing them to surrender. Meanwhile at ISDA headquarters, the Gillard king revealed that reconstruction works of ISDA and the city is all courtesy of the Gillard empire’s financing. All these are possible now that Prince Asim is no longer around. To the king, Asim is only a figure of a child whom he can replace anytime and what really matters to him is business. Sakaki considered that thought from the Gillard king as heartless but the king also suggested the same to Sakaki who is now hunting down his own former subordinates. After what had happened in Mars, all the people of Earth agreed that dragons are dangerous being and since then, a new D-Project has been formulated. As for the fate of the ISDA operators, they remained as they are – operators. Only difference is that now, they are stationed a remote space lookout. Apparently the officer in-charge of the lookout is Kiril who got demoted ever since the Mars incident. Now he is a hopeless alcoholic.

The Resonance
Toa is really shy about her new look with the spectacles.

The Resonance
Sakaki is now working for the Gillard.

The Resonance
Raina and Howlingstar. Trapped.

The Resonance
Oh. My. God.

Back to where Jin and Toa are, Gio who also have been staying with them is preparing lunch for the day though he is exerting too much effort into it. Meanwhile Raina and Howlingstar who was arrested, are now exiled to Tartarus. Inside the facility there, they met with Amadeus. Walking through a city street that looks awfully like Akihabara, Yuuri made her way to a disclosed building that houses the dragon eggs under Nozaki’s watch. Nozaki who managed to hack the ISDA network, confirmed Thanatos’ route to Earth. Yuuri brought up the question about the possibility of humans to co-exist with dragons and Nozaki was hopeful for that. However they are still not clear about Thanatos’ true intention. It was also shown that Nozaki developed advanced stages of stigmata, suggesting that he is about to die. Back to Jin and Toa, they finally returned to their place after doing their shopping and without any of them noticing, Sieglinde made her quiet entry into their house. Indeed they were surprised to see them there. Sieglinde was the first one to notice of how silly Toa’s disguise is simply by putting on a pair of glasses pointed out that they are having a relaxed life after many things that happened in the previous year. Suddenly another man entered their house and the man is Yonamine Kou. Suddenly the house became lively.

The Resonance
Wanted. Male housemaid. Able to cook good food.

The Resonance
Kou too have a new look.

The Resonance
Thanatos is plotting.

The Resonance
This chibi is getting the limelight.

Inside the ISDA facility that keeps the Agathions, the armored unit (from earlier) removed the helmet and revealed the wearer’s identity – Laura who is also Sakaki’s dragon. Back to Sieglinde, she despised the fact that Jin and Toa were enjoying a laid-back life although it was not the same for her and Raina. ISDA decided on to dispose the dragons after what had happened on Mars, suggesting the dragons now are no longer safe to use. They both opposed to the move and had been on the run ever since. Though Sakaki was ever more committed on killing all the dragons and destroy Thanatos, Toa disagreed and suggested that Thanatos’ only intention is the dragon eggs. Later that afternoon, Kou approached Gio and had a little chat with him. He commented of how human-like Gio is despite the fact that he was the one responsible over all the events that are happening now. Kou then asked him what he would do next as he cannot remain with Jin and Toa for any longer. At the same time, Thanatos emitted a signal which was received by all the dragons on Earth. What happens next? That have to wait for the next episode.

Now the one-year jump did not leave me in distraught, all to my relief. Everything that had happened in that one year were explained throughout the episode. All the events had been related to the Mars incident and Gio pretty darn knows that he had done something grave to everyone. As for the appearance changes, none but a few characters made the change. All except for Kou with his hair combed all the way back, Toa with her spectacles disguise (whatever), and yes, Kazuki who came back from the dead to haunt us all. Now, back with a patch on his forehead. I know he is a character of ridicule but this time, it’s just unreasonable. By now, we can confirm for sure that Laura (or the person with the likes of Laura) is indeed a dragon. In fact, I did not expect the armored unit to be Laura in the first place though I acknowledged the fact that she is a dragon. So now, Thanatos is about to make a move and somehow the Earth dragons are getting them. The question is however is what will happen next. Honestly I am curious.

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