Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 19)

Despite of escaping to the countryside, Jin and the rest managed got hunted down by the new ISDA team and their Agathions and this forced them to fled to somewhere they least expected – Tokyo. Kou justified his decision that it’s better hide among the crowds in Tokyo. In addition, they are going to take refuge at the single place where they are immune from ISDA.

 The Resonance
Not Amadeus. This is Alfred Baumgarde, Sieglinde’s grandpa.

It turns out that the place is actually Sieglinde’s family estate. Kou explained that Sieglinde hails from an influential German lineage, the Baumgardes. And the Tokyo is estate is only a home-away estate for her family as her main house is located at Nuremberg. Jin’s expression of awe is no surprise but what is really surprising is the portrait of a person who looks like Amadeus. That person is actually Alfred Baumgarde, Sieglinde’s grandfather. By now, you could easily draw the conclusion about how Amadeus took his Communicator form. To Sieglinde’s surprise, her father, Wilhelm showed up with the pretense that he is in Japan to attend a conference. Her father came to her and asked them over dinner. Sieglinde thought that the invitation was meant for her, which she firmly refused. Her father was actually addressing the question to Jin and the rest whom he treats as the house guests. Sieglinde who got furious, decided to leave the house with the rest. However Wilhelm told her that she has nowhere else to go, suggesting that they should take refuge inside the estate for the moment. That of course he gave an excuse that Sieglinde’s as the family successor, should be protected. Later on, Wilhelm explained that ISDA is under the Baungarde’s financing and naturally, this would apply to the safeguard of her daughter. However giving refuge is the only extend Wilhelm can help them but for Kou, that was enough for them to figure out their next plan by then. After her father excused himself from dinner, Jin remarked of how wealthy her family is though she denied of belonging to the Baumgarde family.

The Resonance
Meet Sieglinde’s dad, Wilhelm Baumgarde.

The Resonance
Partners in crime: Kazuki and Sakaki.

Inside ISDA, the research team representative presented their research on the Anti-Thanatos Factor that supposedly works like cancer and ultimately kills Thanatos. He explained that it would require a dragon carrier to be infected with that factor and to be given to Thanatos. Sakaki only intended for the destruction of Thanatos and Kazuki couldn’t agree more. Somehow I can see that Kazuki and Sakaki looks like father and son, in a creepy way. That night, Toa asked Sieglinde how does it feels like to have a father and she answered that having a father, to her, does not make any difference as they live separately for a long time already. Toa wondered if she hates her father and though Sieglinde would think it that way, Toa thinks her father still protects her anyway but Sieglinde figured that it was only because she is the family’s successor. Suddenly Toa’s stigmata appeared again and she excused herself from the bedroom. Gio saw Toa walking out of the house and joined her. By this time, Itsuki and Otohime were caught by Laura and her Agathion underlings. It turns out that Laura too have stigmata on her back, suggesting that she would die soon. Meanwhile Kou was having a call with Yuuri when she relayed the news about the capture of Itsuki and Otohime to him. She also indicated that ISDA is planning to do something on the captured dragons though she can’t figure the details. In the end, they ended the phone conversation after she asked for Toa’s condition. At the same time, Toa was aching from her stigmata and Gio came to her when suddenly he reacted to a calling from Thanatos.

The Resonance
Toa’s having stigmata again.

The Resonance
And Nozaki too.

The Resonance
“Oh yes… yes… go slower. That’s it, baby.”

Jin who was looking around for Gio, came across to Wilhelm and they both later had a chat together. Wilhelm told Jin that his father, Alfred is a strict person but when it comes to Sieglinde, he was full of love and care. He also have an affection for Japan, which is why they have an estate in Tokyo and that Sieglinde is also there. The fact is that Wilhelm really cares for her daughter though he had been putting on his stern face to Sieglinde most of the time. He knows that Sieglinde doesn’t like him anyway as her love only goes for her grandfather and her dog, Amadeus. After hearing this, Jin told about their plan to him and since it’s going to be a risky one, he told Wilhelm to convey his true feelings to her daughter. Suddenly Kou came up to them and told Jin that they will be leaving on sunrise as Amadeus and Howlingstar are in trouble soon. Later Sakaki thought that dragons are convenient tools as they die once they are done with Thanatos. Suddenly he was contacted by the research team about the Earth dragons’ ability to resist the Anti-Thanatos Factor though the result is not same for the original dragons. On daybreak, Wilhelm told her daughter to come back to him, not as the head of the Baumgarde household but as a father. Meanwhile Jin, Toa, Gio and Kou decided to leave with or without Sieglinde. That is when Sieglinde came to them and decided to follow them as she thought that the fight is much more important. Though she left the house with a heavy heart, yet she is glad that she will fight as a Dragonaut.

The Resonance
Pep talk.

The Resonance
Laura got stigmata too?!

The Resonance
He’s gone nuts!

The Resonance
Father-daughter moment.

The Resonance
A new day without Sieglinde at last.

The Resonance
Not quite yet.

When it comes to the setting, the story is moving fast. First off was the New Ogasawara city then to the Lunar city on the moon. Then back to the city and to Mars and to a Japan countryside and now Tokyo. Apparently Tokyo and even Germany exist in this fictional dragon adventure story. Nonetheless this episode gives focus on Sieglinde, giving off many of her lesser known familial background. I expected her to come from a wealthy, influential family but I did not expect her to be a German and that her family partially owns ISDA. Cool stuff but that’s about it. I didn’t exactly enjoyed this episode, just like any other episodes though I must compliment that the writers put some effort on character development. To me, the story goes a lot more like a filler than actual content. I can’t say I give more expectation to the next episode but I bet there will be better development to the story. I hope.

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