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Carl’s Jr, One Utama

How to finish a 30-page review report in 2 days? Then what if you have another mid-term exam paper on the next day of the report’s dateline? Well I did just that and as for that 30-page report, I managed to wrap it up in just about 36 hours. The worst part of this is there are more exam papers, presentation, and assignments meeting its due date in the coming two weeks. By the way, happy Valentine!

After missing out from the fast food scene in Malaysia, Carl’s Jr is back after its withdrawal from the Malaysian market in 1998. Opened its first branch in One Utama, Carl’s Jr had opened its second outlet at Midvalley and the recent one at Pavilion KL. The actual thing is that I have never tried Carl’s Jr humungous burgers; comparatively larger than most of the burgers from their local competitors. This is America’s best for the Malaysian palate. So I ventured out to One Utama with my dear friend to take me to Carl’s Jr, a promise which he kept since last year when the restaurant opened. I was very aware that serving size at Carl’s Jr is pretty much the standard serving size in any common fast food chain in the States. Americans love everything huge, including their burgers though they lost to the Europeans when it comes to airplanes.

Carl's Jr, One UtamaCarl’s Jr – a welcoming sight.

After asking for the recommended menu from the food server at the counter, I’ve decided to try one of Carl’s Jr signature charbroiled burgers, Super Star with cheese. I’m a little appalled by the fact that I did not receive my burger right after I made my purchase, so I had to wait for a little while. Then finally, it came. The largest burger I have ever seen. So far. It’s huge, definitely huge. I also like the way they wrapped their burgers in the packaging. Handling was surprising easy as well. I was worried that the burger was too big to fit in my mouth but it did. Well eating the burger can be quite a challenge. Messy stains are expected. You can’t possibly finish the burger without leaving any single trace to your hand. At least I think I did a good job to minimize that. But don’t fret, there is the sink for your own convenience and moreover, an automated hand dryer is also available for use.

Carl's Jr, One UtamaSize comparison.

Carl's Jr, One UtamaThe real deal.

Now for the tasting. The burger is by far, the best burger I have ever tried. The ingredients for the burger were all fresh, right down to the lettuce and tomato slices. They were very generous to fit in many fresh dressings into my burger. And also the patty. The patty was not only fresh, it was also tender. Not exactly the best patty I’ve ever ate but it was good. Honestly speaking, you cannot compared Carl’s Jr burgers standard with all other burgers from KFC and McDonald’s. It deserves a class of its own. KFC and McDonald’s are not done with the insults yet. The fries served in Carl’s Jr were also superb. Definitely better than what we have in KFC and McDonald’s. The potatoes used for their fries seems fresh, though I can’t really tell the difference. Again, not exactly the best french fries I’ve ever had but I can reserve my compliments to its large size and fresh appearance.

Carl's Jr, One UtamaSpecially ordered fries. Forgot the name though.

Prices for the meal vary from the ala-carte and set menu. For certain, the set meals would more than RM 10 per se. Sorry that I can’t find any contact details of all their chain restaurants in Malaysia but what I can tell is Carl’s Jr restaurants are located at One Utama, Midvally and Pavilion KL. Will update this once I get my hands on the information.


Persona -trinity soul- (Anime Preview)

Starting this month (February 2008), NEWTYPE USA will conclude its publication. I know this is old news but it’s new news to me. Yeah, shocking. I know. Its publisher ADV released a press statement that the change is part of the rebranding exercise on NEWTYPE USA because the magazine itself is licensed from Japan’s original NEWTYPE magazine. NEWTYPE USA is confirmed to be replaced by a magazine with the same format named PiQ magazine. You can read all about it here, here and here.

Persona has to be the anime to watch this season after we have been disappointed by many of the lost hopes we initially anticipated in the early of the season. What’s more, Persona -trinity soul- is a game-based anime, giving the advantage of the hype to many of its PS2 gaming fans. We do know that anime is a different entity from video games. Face it, even Devil May Cry was such a flop for an anime despite of the high impacting game title. I just don’t want to be disappointed by the failures of many game-based anime titles before. However with Koyasu Takehito and Sawashiro Miyuki among the voice cast, there can’t be any flaw expected from this anime, right? Besides these two also lend their voice talent for the original Persona game, which I suppose give the story some homey feeling to it. Again this anime is produced by Aniplex though is animated by a relative new studio A-1 Pictures, which is a subsidiary of Aniplex itself, I guess the animation would not be greatly affected. Also with Ishii Yuriko who have experience in animation development for anime titles such as Blood+, GITS: SAC Solid State Society, Ouran High School Host Club, and Darker Than Black together with a music maestro Iwasaki Taku, you know that you can’t go wrong with this anime. Wouldn’t it?

Persona -trinity soul-
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Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 17)

Two weeks ago, Kou in a military uniform, reported the Spirytus incident to his superiors about how a dragon would go berserk after losing its master. That is why a Resonance is necessary as a form of communication between the dragon and its human master so that its wild behaviour is under control. That is also why, in the present moment, Machina had gone berserk after Akira who is her master has been killed.

 The Resonance
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Gundam 00 (Episode 17)

BrianAndrew is now affiliated to Baka Monster. It’s an anime forum actually but the moderators are able to charter the needs of the forum members by providing anime and manga downloads. So try to guess where I got my anime fix.

80 years ago, an expedition group went inside an abandoned space station located at the Jupiter’s orbit. Inside they found the purple Haro (the one used by Neena inside her Throne Drei) in which they identify as the information terminal.

 Mobile Suit Gundam 00
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Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

I had great time during my brief stay in KL and to top it off, I’ve also bought my first ever copy of NEWTYPE USA magazine. The magazine is the December 2007 (a little backdated) issue with Code Geass on the cover. I’m on cloud nine!

It’s the mid-semester break for my university in conjunction of the Chinese New Year celebration, so I took the opportunity to go for a shopping holiday in KL. Furthermore the timing is considered perfect as I was able to attend a particular event there. While many Jay Chou’s fans thronged 1Utama shopping mall, I was on a separate event to attend one of the highlights of Malaysia’s music calander – Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia concert. The odd thing about the gig is that it lacks publicity. Most of my friends were not aware of the concert, not until when I told them about it. To be frank, I did not know about it in the first place if not for my friend. Thanks to her, I got the ticket. Even so, the day before the big day, the event was featured on The Star. So as far as the fanfare is concerned, there wasn’t much of it.

Switchfoot LIVE in MalaysiaOpening act by Love Me Butch…

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