Spring 2008 Anime Preview

BrianAndrew is now officially 1 year old. This blog has been running on WordPress ever since the exodus from Blogspot on 1 March 2007. Support for this blog has been good and I thank the readers for your tremendous support.

The anime listing for Spring 2008 is overshadowed by the highly anticipated Code Geass R2, the sequel to Code Geass. Yes, I am a fan and I do look forward to it very much. However this does not mean that we have to sideline other notable anime titles slated for Spring 2008, right? So here are some titles that I am keen to watch and probably blog about (if, time permits).

Code Geass R2
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Airing date: 6 April 2008
TV station: MBS
Animation studio: Sunrise
Lelouch is back to kick Brittania’s sorry ass. But wait a second. What happened after he and Suzaku shot at each other? All of the sudden, there is a one year leap (approximately) and that pretty much leaves us clueless about the story. At least, that’s what the trailer had suggested. Obviously this story needs no introduction and there is no surprise that I will be blogging this. All hail Brittania!

Nabari no Ou
Nabari no Ou
Airing date: 6 April 2008
TV station: TV Tokyo
Animation studio: J.C. Staff
My friend recently introduced the manga to me and I was impressed by how good the art style is. This is the reason why I am looking forward for its anime adaptation. The manga is serialized in GFantasy, published by Square Enix, and is still on going. If that doesn’t interest you, then how about having Kugimiya Rie and Namikawa Daisuke in the cast? The prospect is definitely looking up. The story is pretty much the typical ninja-adventure kind of story, which is really not my cup of tea. I guess it’s okay if I just overlook my stereotype and try to get hold to this anime. There is a good chance that I’ll be blogging on this anime.

Airing date: 14 March 2008
TV Station: KBS Kyoto
Animation studio: Studio Izena
If there is any reason why am I watching this anime, it is because I am a fan of Kazuya Minekura’s works. Those who are familiar with this manga artist, you might know her well for her works in the Saiyuki manga series. And yes, those animes like Gensoumaden Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, Saiyuki Reload: Gunlock as well. This time around though, it won’t be about 4 guys travelling to the West anymore. Instead we have 3 guys now playing survival games for the money. Not going to blog about this but this one is a recommended one from me.
Soul Eater
Soul Eater
Airing date: 10 April 2008
TV Station: TV Tokyo
Animation studio: BONES
 Yet another manga by Square Enix adapted as anime this time around is Soul Eater. On the scratch, the story is about creating a human weapon as the “Death Scythe” for the Shinigami. As the name suggests, they need to consume 99 human souls and 1 from a witch. The good thing is they are after the bad guys, so there’s your sense of morale into the story. With BONES as the animation studio, I guess that you can’t go wrong with anime. As likely that I will watch this, there is also a good likelihood that I may not blog this anime.
Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight
Airing date: 7 April 2008
TV Station: TV Tokyo
Animation studio: Studio DEEN
 Somehow I am compelled to bring at least one shoujo anime into the list. Not that I have anything against shoujo anime/manga because I do watch them and I really do enjoy some of the titles. However among the available Spring 2008 anime listing, I find Vampire Knight the most pleasing one. So we have a girl gotten attacked by a vampire and got saved by another one. Then they grew up together with another friend of hers who really hates vampires. Now imagine the chemistry going on around them, the romance is set to be spicy. My impression? Well, it’s too early to tell. Oh, did I tell you that Miyano Mamoru and Horie Yui are among the cast?

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