Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 20)

Considering all the possibilities that I might get busy in the near future (I’m in 3rd year of my undergraduate programme, so more projects and reports are expected to come), BrianAndrew is now open for any contributing authors to write on this blog. The contribution is strictly anime reviews and I may occasionally blog about random stuff on this blog. If things are looking up well, I may segregate the anime reviews from this blog to another standalone blog (hopefully on a private domain). Those are plans for the future and I’m still considering on other alternatives. Now to the review.

Jin, Toa, Gio, Sieglinde and Kou continued on running away from ISDA that had been persistently on their tails. They were heading for the beach when Gio got a calling from Thanatos and disappeared from the rest of them. Meanwhile in ISDA, Kazuki and Widow were assigned by Sakaki to handle the Aegis experiment. Kazuki gladly accepts it though Widow doesn’t seem to happy to hear this.

 The Resonance
Gio hears the nature’s call.

Inside Tartarus prison cell, Howlingstar grew frustrated over their captivity on the island when Widow comes to them and took away all the dragons. Jin and the gang waited by the seaside as a submarine surfaced nearby them. They entered the submarine though Jin wanted to wait for Gio to come. After Toa assured Jin that Gio would join them later, Jin half-heartedly agreed to leave without Gio. Inside the submarine, Jin, Toa and Sieglinde were surprised to see Yuuri and Nozaki who will be aiding them in their plan to rescue the dragons from Tartarus. Soon enough, they are approaching Tartarus and Jin readied himself inside the control gear (the cockpit) with Toa as they are going to surface. Sieglinde felt odd to see Yuuri keeping the control gear and she said that she might use it when she needs to pilot Nozaki. Sieglinde thought it would be impossible for her as she has big boobs no training for it. Once reaching the surface, Toa actualized and took her dragon form for the sake of their fight for the future of humans and dragons. On Tartarus, Kazuki and Widow received news about Jin and Toa near the island’s perimeters while Kou leads the submarine towards the island. Meanwhile Sakaki heads his way to Tartarus. Kou and the rest reached the island’s port and covered Sieglinde’s ass nearly got shot by the security guard. Sieglinde got curious about Kou’s true identity. Nozaki showed them a device that is able to counteract the CSS field suppression when a dragon uses it. With that, they begin to move into the facility.

The Resonance
Transoceanic service to Thanatos.

The Resonance
And the pilots are Nozaki and Yuuri.

The Resonance
Room service in Thanatos is tough.

The Resonance
Toa is back in her dragon form.

Jin hurdled through the persisting missile attacks when Kazuki confronted him. Jin was glad to see him alive but Kazuki felt the otherwise. All Kazuki ever wants is to kill Jin and it is all because of a tiny scratch scar on his forehead. Yes, Kazuki gone bonkers and wore panties on his head because of that tiny scar. Needless to say, his murder intent is for real. Kazuki noticed Gio was not with Jin and wondered if he abandoned Gio already, telling him that he will never to such a thing. Toa did not give much of a fight against Widow, knowing that Jin has no intention to hurt anyone. But because of this, Toa was badly defeated. Meanwhile Kou tried to delay the incoming security troops while Sieglinde hacked through the facility’s network system. Eventually they got to the cell where Raina and Itsuki were held captive. They were told that the dragons were taken away and Nozaki knew well that the dragons are used for the Aegis experiment. He explained that the Aegis system is a very powerful CSS field system. So powerful that the dragons may be blown to bits. Amadeus, Howlingstar and Otohime are now inside the loading bay where the ISDA researchers begin their Aegis experiment. Sieglinde tried her best to hack the system and stop it but failed. Nozaki then suggested that they should aim for the island’s central power system in order to power down the CSS and the Aegis system altogether. They were about to make a move when Laura stopped them. Nozaki decided to stay and fight against Laura while allow the others to get to the central power system.

The Resonance
Gearing themselves for some action.

The Resonance
Sieglinde, the computer nerd.

The Resonance
Kazuki hates the mosquito bite on his forehead.

The Resonance
Gravity is cruel.

Nozaki used the anti-CSS device to fight against Laura and was surprised to know that ISDA managed to complete the same device he invented. That is when he realized who Laura really is. The situation turns dire when Sieglinde is yet to hack through the system while Nozaki got his ass kicked by the smaller Laura.  The dragons who are now under immense pressure from the Aegis system, are about to meet their doom. Fortunately Sieglinde managed to power down the system in time, allowing the dragons to use their full power. I have no idea why but somehow the dragons turned stronger after gone under the Aegis system. Meanwhile Toa who was beaten, hit hard on the ground. Kazuki was about to give his final fatal attack on Jin when Otohime and Howlingstar managed to save them. Now that the CSS system is down, Laura made her retreat. Nozaki told her that she can’t return to Sakaki, now that he hates her very much and called out to her by her real name – Raum. Kazuki and Widow tried to run away like a stray fly when suddenly a beam shot at them from the sky. Surprising enough, the beam attack came from Gio who has a totally different look now. He also attacks on Howlingstar and Otohime. Jin knows for sure that Gio is not the same Gio whom he knows.

The Resonance
“It’s morphing time. Go Power Rangers!”

The Resonance
Night of the living dead.

The Resonance
Gio got himself pimped.

Wow! The story completes another full cycle. Basically it was about the characters being captured then escaped and being captured again. After the repetitive cycle, then comes in one super strong dragon to make the Dragonauts wetting their pants. The last one was Ostrum and this time, it is Gio. The fact that Gio is now fighting against them is a little surprising. Surprising because I thought that he would never do such a thing. Not so surprising because he is different compared to the rest of the Earth dragons. I guess it will be interesting to know how the story might end. Yes, the story is about to end soon, thankfully. From what the preview had suggested, Sakaki and Laura (or Raum as she is originally called) might be dead soon, next episode the earliest. I can’t tell what fate lies for Gio though but hopefully he’s not dead and I guess they will eventually work their way with Thanatos to avoid any confrontation. Now all we need is the third element. Let’s say, Kazuki gone insane and dies. Now that’s a great ending.

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  1. 1 Loba
    6 March 2008 at 10:58 am

    I don’t mind contributing ^_^

  2. 6 March 2008 at 1:52 pm

    really? that’s great XD but u must confirm with me which anime that you are going to review, then i’ll let you know what to do next

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