Dragonaut: The Resonance (Episode 21)

Continuing from last episode, Gio begins his rampage against everyone on the island. Toa then actualized and flew away from the island, with Gio following behind. Gio’s persisting attack finally forced Toa to crash land on a neighbouring island. Now that Toa is unconscious, Jin confronts Gio and asked him for his erratical behaviour although he promised to protect to Toa. However Gio said that Jin could not save Toa.

 The Resonance
Don’t kill off Jin yet. The story is not over yet.

Gio bluntly told Jin that Toa is going to die. Gio intended to take Toa away but Jin barged at him to stop him. However Gio is much stronger and was about to slash him but was stopped by Toa. Gio then told Toa that he can save her because he became the successor of Thanatos. Suddenly Raum/Laura appears to them and begins to attack them. Gio defended them while Sakaki tries to approach them. The helicopter Sakaki rides in caught the shockwave of their exchanging blast and Raum was distracted by this. Gio then used this chance to knock her out cold. Gio persisted to have Toa coming with him but when Toa refused this, he went away. They noticed the injured Raum and when she noticed Sakaki approaching, she turned back to her human form. Jin realized that Raum is the apparition of her dead daughter. Surprisingly Sakaki has no intention to capture nor report about them. Sakaki thinks dragons are just tools though Jin still stick to his belief in the relationship between dragons and humans. Eleswhere in the cave where the rest of the Dragonauts took shelter, they began to feel worry about Jin and Toa who are missing after being chased by Gio. Later that night, Toa just finished treating Raum’s injury with her healing power. Sakaki who had been trying to fix (if you consider tapping on the communicator as fixing) finally got a call from ISDA and went to his meeting point. Jin tried to chase after Sakaki while Toa realized that Raum is also dying after she showed her stigmata.

The Resonance
Dragon blast!

The Resonance
Gio shows off his new power.

The Resonance

The Resonance
Dragon’s first aid treatment.

The Resonance
This is all Sakaki does: tapping on his communicator.

The Resonance
ZOMG! Sieglinde got 6 fingers?!

Sakaki told Jin to run away, willingly to let them escape this time. Before leaving, Jin asked Sakaki if ISDA has the technology to treat dragons but Sakaki wondered why is he asking that. Jin left without telling an answer. The ship took Sakaki and Raum away from the island while Jin and Toa stayed behind. They then decided to return to the rest. In the ship, Sakaki heard Raum calling out for him. With his fatherly love, he reached out to her and stayed by her side. Sakaki came to his senses and walked away, thinking how silly his actions was (knowing that she is not his real daughter but he should stop denying it already. Suddenly ISDA troops barged into the room and gave out the order of arrest for Sakaki and Raum. Raum immediately shielded Sakaki and told him to run away. Which is exactly what he did, although he was reluctant in the beginning. Jin and Toa returned to the rest of the Dragonauts. Sieglinde noticed something happened between Jin and Toa but they are more curious about Gio’s irrational attack on them. Jin told them about Gio being Thanatos’ successor and they were shocked to hear this. Howlingstar thought that Gio did that for selfish reasons but Toa defended him. Jin who can’t the argument any longer, decided to go outside for fresh air. Toa also went outside and she later joined by Sieglinde. Sieglinded wanted to know what is going on and Toa confessed to her that she is going to die soon, explaining that Gio did that because he intended to have Thanatos extending her life. Sieglinde admits of being jealous of Jin and Toa, and cried. As Toa comforts her, she begins to wonder what she should do while Jin also thinks the way.

The Resonance
Someone is being nice this time.

The Resonance
Fatherly love.

The Resonance
GONZO pulled off a nice screencap on this one.

The Resonance
Sieglinde hates to play as the third wheel.

The Resonance
The final battle is about to begin.

Let me get some things straighten up first. What Gio meant by becoming Thanatos’ successor is to takeover Thanatos’ role to kill all the Earth dragons, not dethroning the mother of all dragons, Thanatos. Good thing about this episode is that Sakaki begins to acknowledge his feeling for his dragon who took the image of his daughter, Laura. At least, there is a positive mood in the story this time. Another thing is that Jin now knows about Toa’s dire condition. He took it calmly though and took it in a positive way. It is surprising to know how positive the story has become, especially that I had recently watched Shigofumi that has a very dark theme for a story. Nonetheless, I like that aspect of the story though I did not enjoy the plot style at all. Another disappointment is the obviously deteriorating animation from GONZO. I think I won’t need to explain further. Otherwise you won’t see Sieglinde with 6 freaking fingers!!!!

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  1. 14 August 2010 at 12:27 pm

    Gio is a hawtness. He looks like Haji from Blood+.

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