Code Geass R2: OP and ED

Code Geass R2 is finally out and the first episode is impressive, if not, well beyond expectation. Those who are waiting for fansubs, that would be quite a trouble as Code Geass R2 has already been licensed by Bandai Entertainment. Many fansubs would not dare to sub Code Geass R2 but there will be always a few that will do something for the good of the fans worldwide. Wow! Talk about global domination. Well now I’m not going to talk about the premiere of Code Geass R2. Instead I’ll present you the OP and ED for Code Geass R2, both of which are performed by Orange Range.

Code Geass R2 OP – O2 by Orange Range

Code Geass R2 ED – Shiawase Niero by Orange Range

You might be familiar with the OP – it was played along with the promotional trailer for Code Geass R2. If I must compare the OP to the 1st season, COLORS by Flow sounded a lot better compared to O2 by Orange Range. However after listening to it for several times, I began to adapting well to this new song. Well, could have been better but it’s not really bad anyway. What really impresses for the OP is the accompanying animation, which is amazing. I really like how they move around with the camera angles and there are more show time for the Knightmares to show some action in the OP – which is great by the way. From the OP, it is clearly suggested that the Emperor of Britannia also possesses a Geass. That did not unexpected though. In fact, I predicted so since the first season. Also there is a possibility of a tie-up between Suzaku and V.V. but it is inconclusive whether or not Suzaku accepted a contract for a Geass. Ougi and Villetta are also seen together in the OP, suggesting that they may return to their romantic relationship together. And finally, whether you like it or not, Jeremiah Gottwald or Orange-kun might be alive.

Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass

As for the ED, the concept is still the same – the ED song accompanied by several new artworks from CLAMP. There are 8 in total and all of them are themed on grotesque style of art with wings at their back. I do not what does it signifies, unlike the 1st season, the artworks are centralized on the characters’ past. My personal favourite is the art for Cornelia and Euphemia. Euphie might be dead but that doesn’t stop CLAMP from making artworks of her. Although the ED has a slower tone compared to the OP, Orange Range made a more contemporary arrangement for the ED, which is not bad at all. I took more liking for the ED than the OP. Nonetheless Orange Range did an unexpected pleasant job for the OP and ED though I wished for different artiste for the job.

Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass

You can also download the full length video for the OP (click here) and ED (click here) of Code Geass R2 (sorry for the messing up the link earlier). If you need to mirror the links or you want the mp3 rip of the video, just let me know.

4 Responses to “Code Geass R2: OP and ED”

  1. 1 Excelryu
    7 April 2008 at 7:56 pm

    GG the fansubbers who did the fansubs for the first season are doing the fansubs for this one.

  2. 8 April 2008 at 8:36 am

    Yup, I’m aware of it. Even Menclave and Eclipse are subbing it as well. I do look forward to Menclave though, since they deliver a good job for the HD episode they sub for Gundam 00.

  3. 3 Friendly
    24 April 2008 at 6:54 am

    GG reeks of uber-nerdness in their subs. Dislike.

    The artwork is nice, but so few pay attention to it. It more like a glorified conceptual showcase. Euphemia was beloved by CLAMP, I think, because of their noticeable attention to her dresses, face, etc.

    Be nice if you had MP3 links in here.

  4. 24 April 2008 at 11:21 am

    The mp3 will be up as soon as the singles are released. Stay tuned 🙂

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