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(Golgo 13 Episode 7 review) What does it mean to be ‘Pro’?

Hi, I’m back! I STILL haven’t assembled my gundams, gave myself the rule to clean up the room before doing so..which didn’t materialise due to…

Yea, diablo 2, my helm, both bows and boots are unique =D the rest are rare! But I digress, the reason for this post is to bring you into the wonderful world of Golgo 13! Read on for a review of episode 7 (spoilers ahead).

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Code Geass R2 episode 08

As the Knights of Round are retreating, Villetta too ordered her men to withdraw while worried over Rollo to get caught in that confrontation as this would jeopardize her position. Meanwhile Zero returns to the submarine to join the Black Knights. More after the jump.

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Nabari no ou dropped! Exia in singapore!

Yeap, I have told Brian I would dropping it due to

1) Lack of interest, the plot is soooo predictable/recycled I can’t stomach it anymore. (like uh, naruto all over again, condensed style, yes, the main character has a different personality, no, he doesn’t save the whole show)

2) Never did like the art in the 1st place.

3) Much mooaaar better moola out there!

I haven’t been posting much due to my part-time job in a secondary school taking much precedence (mid year examinations = mark mark mark, go thru, clear sh!t, do this do that!) BUT it’s finally the school holidays meaning more time for anime, blogging and…MECHA!

Yeap..and I still haven’t open up custom union flag and exia…just glad they flew safely over.

On a sidenote, I managed to finish Ghost hound before the mid year exams, might give it a well deserved post. Since I am ‘done’ with nabari, was wondering which anime should I blog about.

Current watchlist:

Blockbuster styled mecha anime:

  • Macross frontier – Space, Sci-Fi, Mecha, green hair lolis, what more needs to be said?
  • Code geass R2 (Boss took it!) – The One.

B grade action comedy

  • Allison to Lillia – It took off well, ended on a high note within 4 episodes and went into a slow slumber by the 6th episode. Ah well.

Have a good laugh! Watch these:

  • Soul eater – Shinigami with cranky sense of humour. Fantastically unrealistic it’s hilarious.
  • Toshokan Sensou – An original timeline which pits 2 different factions with their own agenda you MAY find amusing but not to the extent that you won’t take it seriously.

The kind you watch after kid’s bedtime (Art not as flashy as code geass nor macross but it’s the plot that counts):

  • Golgo 13 – Japanese James Bond, guns, bombs, girls, ok I lied, no plot, it’s all macho action here
  • Himitsu The Revelation – Uses pretty sensitive issues (gay, aging population) as plot material with focus on a section of the police using a special device to retrieve images from the victim’s brain after death to solve cases. Intriguing anime to say the least


  • Kurenai – Too slow in the plot just like ghost hound.

So which should I pick to replace Nabari? Hm.


Code Geass R2 episode 07

The worsening broadband speed in Malaysia has taken atoll on my review as I only got my Code Geass R2 episode 7 very late. Who to blame in this matter?

Lelouch wakes up to see Rollo by his bedside. Remembered of his dream earlier, he asked Rollo if he muttered something in his sleep just now. Although he did call out for Nunnally, Rollo denied that he said anything at all. He is being ignorant for the moment somehow. More after the jump.

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Code Geass R2 episode 06

Shocked to hear Nunnally on the other side of the phone call, Lelouch was fortunate enough to have Rollo nearby when he uses his Geass to stop Suzaku and allows him to talk to Nunnally as enough time as Rollo is capable of. Yes, the weakness in Rollo’s Geass is the time limit, which is nothing significant in my terms. More after the jump.

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Code Geass R2 episode 05

I know I am late. Don’t remind me. Apparently I’m much busier during holiday compared to when I was at campus. Sigh!

Members of The Order of the Black Knights are celebrating their victory against the Britannia army earlier, while Lelouch was about the Knightmare Vincent who saved him. However Lelouch refuses to reveal anything to Kallen and C.C. about the pilot, saying that it is alright if he keeps certain matters as secret from them. Later on, Lelouch joined the members of the Black Knights as Zero. Instead he was confronted by some of the members about him abandoning them at the eleventh hour during the Black Rebellion. Many were not happy with Zero’s explanation but after Toudou and Ougi come to Zero’s defense and prompt that Zero is necessary for their victory, the Black Knights let out a roaring cheer for Zero. More after the jump.

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nabari no ou episode 3+4

We continue to follow the footsteps of the award winning act cute protagonist together with his 3 guardians into the hidden fuuma ninja village.

Edit: Due to my hectic work and procrastinations, this will be a combined review of episode 3, Raid and episode 4, Assignment (I didn’t like the translation, based on the chinese characters, it would be more appropriate to name it “Mission Briefing” oh well).

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