nabari no ou episode 3+4

We continue to follow the footsteps of the award winning act cute protagonist together with his 3 guardians into the hidden fuuma ninja village.

Edit: Due to my hectic work and procrastinations, this will be a combined review of episode 3, Raid and episode 4, Assignment (I didn’t like the translation, based on the chinese characters, it would be more appropriate to name it “Mission Briefing” oh well).

So continuing from the last episode, the gang of 4 realised that fuuma is ‘under siege’ with the fuuma ninjas totally owned by the unknown assailants.

Triple kill! Ownage…

It seems that the motive behind the assailants attacks is to obtain a closely guarded forbidden arts book of fuuma and the main villain behind the assault is… voldemot! that politician from the Ash wolf group.

No hands. It’s flying!

One interesting thing we find out here is that ninjas from the Ash wolf group uses GUNs besides their ninjutsu which greatly shocked one of the fuuma ninjas.

I’m blonde. Ninja Blonde.

The gang of 4 chances upon the 5 assailants and found themselves in a tough stretch, barely holding off the assailants until…

WAR MACHINE. (hey, it’s blue!)

Avada Kedavra!

Yea, 1 hit ko. The finger of death literally. Realising that they are outclassed, kumohira applied the 2nd art of the ninja: to run is to win (lol!). How right he is. If you ever played dota, you should know. N00blet ramei protested that ninjas doesn’t turn their back of the enemy. Sure, please go back and die then. Or live and read samurai X manga, you might learn a thing or two.


Mr Kira, user of the finger of death, FLEW over and unleashes the finger upon kumohira who uses his linken sphere! Kumohira decides that they should split up and so they did. Leaving kumohira behind to delay mr kira, the other 3 charges at the enemy with miharu taking the lead and turning on his act cute act which actually worked! Miharu must have this!


Unfortunately, even though the level 4 grunts were defeated and their leader retreated, that still left Level 16 Mr Kira who easily earned his triple kill on raimei, kumohira and aizawa. We also learnt that kira’s method of killing uses a small of his own lifeforce and injects it into his victims to disrupt the victims lifeforce. Wow, Jedi master. FORCE GRIP FTW. He also has FORCE SPEED! Turning his attention to miharu, he aims for the right eye. Thus disabling his rollo’s-alike geass.

Crap. Nomoregeass.

It’s ok miharu. You can still have your right eye this way :

or this way:

Kumohira tries to buy time for miharu to escape but fails pathetically.

Professor McGonagall arrives.

To be continued../

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