(Golgo 13 Episode 7 review) What does it mean to be ‘Pro’?

Hi, I’m back! I STILL haven’t assembled my gundams, gave myself the rule to clean up the room before doing so..which didn’t materialise due to…

Yea, diablo 2, my helm, both bows and boots are unique =D the rest are rare! But I digress, the reason for this post is to bring you into the wonderful world of Golgo 13! Read on for a review of episode 7 (spoilers ahead).

A brief introduction to Golgo 13, basically, there’s a 1st rate sniper, code-name Golgo 13 aka Duke Tougou, an asian style James Bond. Each episode brings him to different kinds of mission, be it to snipe a person dead in very extreme situations within certain conditions or to snipe at SOMETHING so far/so small it’s ridiciously impossible for anyone, except him. Ok, here’s what I found on him at lowyat forums:

He’s not as charismatic as James Bond nor does he have cool high tech toys but he’s sure got style and substance.

In golgo 13 episode 7, the episode starts off by introducing a well known professional english violinist who had a violin malfunction aka broken string while doing a solo performance after a performance with the prestigious london symphony.


And what did he do?

He ran from the stage, from the crowd that was booing and collapsed like a wuss. Up till this point, we still do not know how Golgo 13 is going to appear here but the title hints at it: ‘A shot in G’ (or if you watched the previous episode).

Apparently, this episode traumatized the violinist, Thomas Simpson so badly he couldn’t perform in front of a crowd for up to two weeks due to his shaky hands! The final blow came when he was pulled out of a traditional charity concert together with the London Symphony and replaced with his rival, a russian, kerensky, supposely ‘lousier’ (in the eyes of simpson). That was the last straw for Simpson and he proceeded to contact the Duke. He actually asked the Duke whether he has failed before which was LOL, uh yea, when he’s dead probably. He proceeds to try to identify with the Duke by declaring himself a pro among pros in the music world just like the Duke is in the sniper world, until he met with his failure during the broken string incident.

Uh huh, if I am a sniper being asked for such a crazy request, I would have shot him and taken the money. But then again, I would be out of business since I would be known for killing clients if the mission doesn’t suits me. The Duke got tired of his nonsense and went straight to the point of asking for the request(as usual), He agrees to simpson’s request of sniping the G string of kerensky violin during his solo and contacts his riendly neighbourhood farms dealer who specialises in modifications in guns and HAPPENS to be in every city the Duke is at. I mean, come on, he has to have other customers other than golgo right? And I’m sure the duke can’t be easily followed, the last few who tried either ended up with the fishes or cockcoaches.

? Don’t be cruel duke! We were on the same plane! No! I do not have a teleportation machine!

After doing his homework by rewatching videos of kerensky playing the violins over and over again, our duke finds an opening.

Small pupils = good for sniping.


…Analysing problem at hand…

…On site diagnosis…(he’s retuning the 3rd string fyi)

Tada! Fixed! The show goes on!

Not for him though!

Yeap, Simpson despairs that Kerensky did not lose his cool and the Duke walks off richer once more.


I thought this was the coolest episode of all Golgo 13 episodes so far. It actually brings to us the question of ‘What does it mean to be pro?’ The episode starts off showing us a professional violinist who could not stand his understandably, not his fault, failure in front of a crowd. Yes, the ‘pro’ failed, and he ran from the crowd. Using the Duke as the plot device, another supposely less gifted russian violinist is faced with the same problem after the Duke broke his string with a brilliant shot. This less gifted pro, stood his ground, fixed his violin by loosening the D string until it could replace the string he lost and continues playing! That’s what the show is teaching us : a pro never gives up, he deals with it. Does he run away? No, he makes sure that he turns failure into success and this could apply to the Duke who can only get better each episode but not lousier. Too bad for the one who couldn’t accept failure, if you fall and don’t get up again, you fall forever.





2 Responses to “(Golgo 13 Episode 7 review) What does it mean to be ‘Pro’?”

  1. 1 ItAintEazy
    2 June 2008 at 4:59 pm

    I thought Golgo had a “magnificent penis” not merely an “amazing penis”.

  2. 2 Gambler_Justice
    27 January 2010 at 10:18 pm

    A good and amusing review. I laughed at how the picture found it necessary to say something about Golgo’s penis.

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