Code Geass R2 Second OP and ED

Yes, it’s a little late for me to introduce the new OP and ED for Code Geass R2 now. But not doing so doesn’t seems right to me anyway, so I give it a go. In addition to the usual sceencaps and video of the OP and ED, I’ll add the PV for WORLD END performed by Flow.

Code Geass R2

And first off is the PV that turns out to be the continuation of the previous PV, WORD OF VOICE. Mind you that WORD OF VOICE is also the second OP for the anime Persona -Trinity Soul-. Should I compare both of the songs, I must admit that Flow did better for Persona. But still, WORLD END is not totally a bad song after listening to it several more times.

Now to the new OP of Code Geass R2. Frankly speaking, it was hard for me to adjust to the new song after having to listen O2 for more than 3 months. I had good hopes in Flow who was also responsible for the amazing first OP of Code Geass. Indeed it was better than O2 but I still find COLORS is the best song for Code Geass so far. As always, the OP is quite suggestive on several scenes. First is an attack to an unknown place, which I can’t seem able to pinpoint. Then, there’s this bomb which Nina made – and it has been proven to be working very well in episode 15. Lastly is the upgrade on both Lancelot and Guren though this upgrade is apparent to its Float System.

Lastly is the new ED, Waga Routashi Aku no Hana by Ali Project. Many people find it hard to understand the music from Ali Project and I won’t deny to be one of them. Let’s put it as neo J-Rock of some sort. All those aside, there are more ending illustrations from CLAMP and the final one of Lelouch together with Suzaku is very, very suggestive.

OP screencaps:

Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass

ED screencaps:

Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass
Code Geass Code Geass

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