Shut up and Explode

If you happen to live in America, own a PS3 and have a bit of money to spare then rejoice, for ye can obtain episodes of Xam’d Lost Memories completely legally for a small price to play on your PS3, before the Japanese even get to watch the show. Yes, Xam’d won’t air in Japan until September yet ye already can get the first 5 episodes with a new episode every week!

However I’d say it’s a safe bet to guess you either don’t live in America or don’t have a PS3. The requirements are certainly rather restricting, so I guess you can’t watch the show. Oh except for illegally downloading it, but I’m sure you wouldn’t dare do that now, would you.

However if you just happen to be curious about whether the show is any good or not, I shall present thee with the opening song, Shut up and Explode by the Boom Boom Satellites. The song wins my award for best opening song name, best opening song band name, and best opening song full stop.

2 Responses to “Shut up and Explode”

  1. 19 August 2008 at 2:19 pm

    pfft, naruto’s 2nd and 3rd theme song are way better than that

  2. 2 Loba
    19 August 2008 at 3:59 pm

    Wow, just as I thought I was going to blog about it, I see that you have read the post from T.H.A.T eh?

    Well, I’ve just watched the first episode yesterday and I have to say it’s a pretty good watch so far (I missed eureka 7). And yes, the OP rocks the songs off everything else!

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