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Archos 5 beta yet released, asks for bashing

As much as I wanted a 3G iphone or Archos 5, I am never the kind to jump straight into a purchase without further research. And so far, Archos 5 hasn’t done much to convince me to bring it home with its several bugs and problems.

1st up, we have WIFI problems which could be solved if you set your home’s router SSID to broadcast but if those free wifi hotspots have hidden SSID…good luck. There are a few hiccups here and there with the latter being a more permanent effect. Poor customer support doesn’t appeal either but the good news is, a technical developer does frequent the site! All is not lost yet…unleashing the full potential of the device requires lots of dough to purchase the additional plugins and addons.

Last of all, the latest firmware is still in BETA. Yep, BETA yet released as the topic says. If you really want a headache free purchase which you really want, I mean, just look at this guy, a loyal fan turned into a rabid hater about to tear his Archos 5 apart. My recommendation is to sit it out (as I am) and observe if the bugs and codec support are resolved.


Autumn/Fall 2008 Anime Preview

Wow. I know this one is a little late, considering that a few of the fall anime titles had began airing. But hey, the season would only begin after next week and for the first time, Bokutachi no BLOG presents the team’s joint blog post of the Fall 2008 anime preview. This post will remain on the front page for the following couple of weeks before normal posting is resumed. On an unrelated topic, Bokutachi no BLOG had already received 200,000 hits before I could even noticed it was there. Team ZERO, you guys did well 🙂

Shows accepted by the trio: Michiko to Hatchin, Yozakura Quartet, Mouryou no Kou, Nodame Cantabile: Paris

Shows panned by the trio: Hakushaku to Yōsei, Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens, Tytania

Shows adored by one admirer: Clannad After Story (Scamp), Hell’s Angels (Scamp), Seto no Hanayome OAV (Scamp)

Potential Dark horses: Toradora, Hyakko

::Edit:: I’m going to gradually do a bunch of first impressions so you can read them at these links

Gundam 00 Season 2, Toradora, Hyakko, Akane iro ni somaru saka

Clannad After Story, Eve no Jikan, Casshern Sins, Kannagi

Shikabane Hime Aka, To aru Majustu no Index, Today in Class 5C, Kuroshitsuji

Gai-Rei-Zero, Chaos;Head, Yozakura Quartet, Kemeko Deluxe

Loba :If you can’t be bothered to read through the looong post, there’s a summary of the picks by the three of us and simplified into a simple table as well.

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Japanese Scientists watches too much Gundam 00

Japanese scientists are so hyped up on the possibilities of building a real life space elevator that in just two months time the country is playing host to a conference designed to set a production timetable. Carbon nanotube technology has advanced so rapidly that a material capable of withstanding the amazing forces in the space elevator cable is almost within reach: according to the chairman of the Japan Space Elevator Association it’d only need to be four times stronger than the current strongest nanotube rope.

The potential benefits of accessing space by crawling up a cable versus launching rockets are mind boggling…especially when you realize it could be 100 times cheaper to get there than using a Space Shuttle. But building a more than 36,000km-long carbon rope (or more likely a series of parallel ropes) to connect an Earth-based “launch pad” with a geostationary-orbiting elevator hub still seems a lot like science fiction. Yet it turns out that development of carbon nanotube technology has seen a more than 100 times increase in the fiber strength in the last five years: four times more strength certainly seems possible.

The Space Elevator Association’s director also thinks technology similar to the Bullet train’s could be used to build the elevator cars, since nanotubes can be used as electrical conductors.  [Timesonline]
Picture: HighLift Systems.

To japanese: your tax dollars at work sending space shuttles for no particular purpose. Build me a gundam please.


Operation FAIL (or not)

I wanted to post this right after Code Geass R2 episode 23 but time was not favourable to me (nor one of my mid terms test argh). Nevertheless, let me present to you Schneizel and his failed plans so far.


Damn you lelouch.

“What I cannot have, I destroy.”


BE WARNED : Episode 24 SPOILERS after the break.

Sorry about that Brian =X

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Natsume Yuujinchou 11

This is a light hearted episode of Natsume Yuujinchou. Just thought I should give you that warning if you haven’t watched it yet. I recommend treating it something like you would FUMOFFU, just something to have a bit of a laugh at

I suppose you could call this episode ‘Nyanko Fanservie’. Read on for some suggestive pictures of Nyanko

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Favorite Anime Character Survey

No, its not me running the survey. Anime-Source run surveys every year about different stuff and this is one of their annual things. Personally I love these surveys because they are so biased towards certain series and you can see that people are becoming slightly less infatuated with shonen and more with moe. It’s kinda like how the Eurovision voting is so much fun to watch because you can’t help laughing when Britain get 0 points while the Russians get 200.

The voting hasn’t started yet but I think you have to become a member to vote so I seriously recommend you pop over and join and get your good old democratic vote! So pop over >>here<< and do your thing 🙂


New Member

I know I have not given proper introduction to both Loba and Scamp when they first joined Team ZERO of Bokutachi no BLOG. Well, this time, I’ll make it up to it and properly introduce another new addition to the team.

Introducing Tara, and she’ll covering several anime conventions in the future (something I know I won’t be able to do in the near future) and hopefully, some anime reviews (like anyone of us is doing). I’m posting this up so as to let all of you readers to know and also, in a way, letting Loba and Scamp informed about it.


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