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[In Progress]Gundam 00 S2 Episode 4: Reason for fighting

Summary of Episode 4 below. I kid.


Animation Nation 2008 – 29th Oct Coverage Part I

Putting aside Gundam 00 for a moment, let’s delve into the films at Animation Nation 2008 on 29th Oct. 0ne (previously known as Zero), one of the oldest otaku around already did an overview of what Animation Nation 2008 will/had offered.

Basically, Animation Nation 2008 is a combination of workshops, seminars and showcase of japanese films directed and produced by noteworthy directors and studios brought to singapore by Singapore Film Society(SFS) supported by Media Development Authority of Singapore(MDA). Being in the NUS Comics and Animation Society, I was given the chance to be the usher/ticket collector for yesterday’s event with ‘payment’ in the form of free viewing. This way, I caught the last 45mins of The Piano Forest and Genius Party, an anthology of seven short animated films from Studio 4°C:

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Apparantly Code Geass has ‘mixed reviews’

Code Geass, and Code Geass R2, have mixed reviews. Some people love it, some people hate it. That’s been established by bloggers, forums and pretty much the entire anime fandom. I kinda took that for granted. Then I saw this

Mixed Reviews, and yet R2 is classified, after 1554 votes, to be the second greatest anime of all time according to Anime News Network. Something is quite wrong here…

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Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter Leçon 1

I’m sure Scamp had covered this one. And I shall cover it one more time. Oh yes, Nodame Cantabile is back – one of the animes I’ve been waiting for this year, along with Code Trainwreck Geass R2 and Gundam 00 Season 2. I am also aware that my review here is a little backdated, so I guess I won’t be sharing much. Now, to Paris!

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Code Geass OST 1+2 and Macross Frontier OST: Nyan Tora (better late than never)

This post comes in kinda late, don’t you think? We’re all done with Code Geass and Macross Frontier. Leaving them behind, we get to embrace all the great shows this season has to offer. I must say, Fall 2008 anime season is the best yet – favourites being Gundam 00, Nodame Cantabile, Kuroshitsuji, and newly arrived Michiko to Hatchin. Forget that, now to the OSTs.

Code Geass R2 OSTs are definitely a leap of breakthrough compared to the OSTs from the first season. I can say, Nakagawa Koutarou has improved or rather matured in terms of his music development. However the tracks that would likely hit you the most (or at least to myself) are Madder Sky and Continued Story – both of which were used for the final episode (when Lelouch allegedly died). Had been playing Madder Sky on repeat like a mad man after watching that fateful episode. Overall, it’s a pleasant OST to listen though Hitomi had better songs in the previous OSTs. To download click the followings: Code Geass R2 OST 1 and Code Geass R2 OST 2.

Also included is the new OST for Macross Frontier, Nyan Tora. Just when you think Kanno Yoko did her best in Nyan Furo (the first OST for Macross Frontier), she did it again and probably better with Nyan Tora. And please tell me that you guys like Anata no Oto. That song is, by far, the best track for the Macross Frontier series. So, to download, click here. From here, I can truly see Nakajima Megumi’s true potential in seiyuu business and I have good hopes for her bright future ahead =)


[UPDATE]50% off 00 Region Gundam Exia on HLJ

Edit : 21/10 – It’s on 50% off AGAIN! And a lot more here as well!

UNBELIEVEABLE. 00 Region #2301 Gundam Exia is going at 2000 Yen! . With all weapons, accessories and a stand. Grab it while stocks last here.

Previously took some pictures of Exia here and here.

For the full gallery, you can visit my exia here. Thumbnails doesn’t seem to be working so just click on any image and scroll left or right.


[In Progress]Gundam 00 S2 Episode 3: The Strategy to Rescue Allelujah

I gotta say this : This is the BEST episode so far for season 2. It’s full of win  and GAR from setsuna and crew. Epic battle scenes. Watch this space for the full review some time soon, got lots of schoolwork these few days. Waking up at 0700hrs and leaving school at 2000 hrs is no joke two days in a row. In the meantime, shock and awe from the powderful gundams!

Recycling is goood.

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Michiko to Hatchin episode 1

Out of all the shows to air this season, this is the one I was anticipating the most. The brand new show by Manglobe with the same crew who worked behind Champloo, who all were taken from Cowboy Bebop in the first place! So yeah, I was really expecting something good.

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