Anime Fall/Autumn: Shikabene hime Aka, To Aru Majustu no Index, Today in Class 5C, Kuroshitsuji

Here we go, the third edition of my first impressions. This time we get a violent corpse girl, a moe priestess, perverted children and a fabulous freaky Butler.

Autumn/Fall Anime preview and first impressions

My Rating System Explained!

A = If you watch anything this season, watch this

B = Very good, sometimes surprisingly so.

C = If you have the time, you should check this out

D = Not my kind of thing, I won’t be watching this

E = Bad. Very bad, ignore this show

F = Frustratingly awful

Shikabene hime Aka

Everywhere you see that title spelt differently… Right, what we have here is a darkish shonen. There is violence, bloodshed, dead people and a vampire with a travelling harem. It does have style and does enough to get your interest.

But I won’t fall head over heels to praise this show either. It hasn’t revealed much about the characters and little about the plot, but it must be said that it’s not nearly as good as Casshern. Better-than-average action is all I can say thus far.

Rating: I can’t really give it higher than a C for now


To Aru Majustu no Index

You may have noticed, but there is a lack of new ideas this season. The successful shows so far have been the ones that polish down the old formulas together with intelligent dialogue. But it does start to wear you done and by the time I starting watching Index I really wanted something new.

To be fair to Index it’s not that it’s bad or anything.  It just doesn’t add anything new to what I’ve seen before. I can’t really think of any reason to tell you to watch it bar ‘it’s all right’.  I would class it as average, and honestly, why watch average?

Rating: Sorry, but only a D+ for Index


Today in Class 5C

I never watched the original OVA, the idea never appealed to me. Kids doing childish things with perverted undertones? Nah. But I checked this out anyway and it turns out I was right, this isn’t really my sort of thing. Although it doesn’t help that the animation is terrible.

It’s not the fact that it’s young kids doing these things, if anything that is the shows saving grace. They are oblivious to what they are doing and if you swapped them with high school kids, the show would look like an awful high school love comedy.

Oh, and it’s quite hard to concentrate when you keep seeing innuendos in places that you’re not even fully sure are meant to be innuendos. Lines like ‘you really want to join them’ get twisted completly in my mind. I’ll never be able to look at one of those clicky pencils the same way again

Rating: I can’t really see the appeal, so a E+ is all this is getting




Who’da thunk it? That I would enjoy a show, who’s main aim to to make preteens squeal over Sebastian, as much as I did? For the first 2 thirds of the episode I was sure this wouldn’t be my sort of thing. Sure the music was suitably grand and the humour had it’s own appeal, but I really didn’t see me sticking with this.


Then the beautiful final third of gothic horror came and I was hooked. The creepy atmosphere came to the fore and our grumpy lead suddenly became this figure of menace. But Sebastian stole the show, finishing off with that glance into the oven, very Sweeny Todd. Sebastian is creepy!


Rating; Sebastian and co. get a B for their efforts today

3 Responses to “Anime Fall/Autumn: Shikabene hime Aka, To Aru Majustu no Index, Today in Class 5C, Kuroshitsuji”

  1. 13 October 2008 at 12:07 am

    The butler, Sebastian, is fabulous! And Kuroshitsuji is awesome!

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