[In Progress]Gundam 00 S2 Episode 3: The Strategy to Rescue Allelujah

I gotta say this : This is the BEST episode so far for season 2. It’s full of win  and GAR from setsuna and crew. Epic battle scenes. Watch this space for the full review some time soon, got lots of schoolwork these few days. Waking up at 0700hrs and leaving school at 2000 hrs is no joke two days in a row. In the meantime, shock and awe from the powderful gundams!

Recycling is goood.

Questions questions …

Princess Marina gets interrogated about the gundam meisters again due to her previous close encounter with Setsuna. Being the good girl she is, she does not betray Setsuna (or she will die a horrible death) and feigns short term memory loss but she’s a bad liar.

Ribbons gushes on and on about how he and the innovators were the only ones who can and will carry out the late Aeolia Schenberg’s plans after pulling the strings of his new puppet who is in control of United Nations 40 million strong army to curb all opposition. The female tiera lookalike questions ribbons on the necessity of capturing Princess Marina and placing her in the same facility as Allelujah.


It’s almost as if Allelujah is the bait and Ribbons wants Princess Marina to be ‘freed’ by Celestial Being for purpose unknown. I have a few theories and they range from bullsh!t to feasible.

First up, we have the ‘weaken the enemy from within’  strategy,  send the Princess in to mess with their brains. She might try swaying Setsuna to no avail but Sumeragi? She could have Saji as her sidekick to mass disable Celestial Being =D She might be doing it on her own will or she could be blackmailed into it ‘your country or Celestial Being, choose wisely’

Possibility : % chance as high as Setsuna having babies with Princess Marina.

Solution to the probem : Setsuna gets tired of the nagging from Saji and Marina and shoots them both. Ha?

Second, between Celestial Being and A-Laws, Princess Marina was rescued. However, leak the news to the world’s media and it will be an international incident of ‘Celestial Being’ kidnaps royalty from the care of the Federation. This would give Federation ample reasons to up their military budget and blow the helluva out of Celestial Beings.

Possibility : Considering that unlike the first season where Celestial Being wanted to be the target of the world’s hatred and this season where they were just out to put out the flames they started, this international incident could jolly well mess up their plans of exposing the ugly truths of the Federation being controlled by Ribbons.

Solution to the problem : Holding a press conference to protest their innocence is pretty moot. A good possible scenario would be Celestial Being ‘releasing’ Princess Marina to Kataron through Lockon 2.0 who offers to make use of his ‘old’ contacts. This beats keeping Marina around and fanning the flames of the world or sending Marina back home to be recapture.

The truth about Ribbons

Here’s my take on Ribbons and his gang of innovators. Originally, innovators were part of Aeolia’s big plans to unite the world by pulling the strings of the world leader. However, they were decommissoned when Aeolia realised their decisions were not human enough and reckon they could be as dangerous as Skynet. Thus, the once mighty innovators were relegated to being mere assistants to the humans. Ever wondered why Lockon 1.0 is the pseudo leader instead of Tiera? Yeap.

Then came along Alejandro Corner who ‘procured’ one of the haros early in Season 1. From there, he must have seen the value in the innovator as a hacking tool to Veda, thus he ‘revived’ Ribbons, one of the innovators to be his slave personal assistant. That is why Ribbons is grateful to Alejandro for ‘saving’ him. However, Ribbons must have came across the truth of his heritage in veda and became ambitious. Thus, he concludes that the Celestial Being were flawed since they were ran by humans and formed the A-laws ran by his innovators and him.

Marie and Allelujah

Peries was brought before Allelujah to identify him as one of the gundam meisters. From the looks of it, she hasn’t been brought to him before as she commented that her quantum brain waves have to effect on him. After which, we have a love confession from Allelujah for his childhood playmate Marie. Next.

The Crew

Lockon 2.0 manages to piss off Tiera 2.0 while Feldt spys on Lockon 2.0 using Celestial Being’s spy cameras. When Lasse started asking a question, Ian had that look of ‘another stupid question?’ on his face XD. We find out from their conversations that Sumeragi has not truly ‘returned’ to Celestial Being as even though her physical self is with them, her heart is somewhere else. Setsuna reads out the laws Saji broke and pronounced him guilty confirmed Saji’s findings that the thrones were acting independently from the Celestial Being. Once again, Saji went into blame-them-all mode and denounces the actions of Celestial Being for destroying HIS OWN PERSONAL peace. This is where I love setsuna reply : ‘Are you okay with being the only one at peace? Let me put you to peace tks *takes out gun‘ Saji last ditch effort to have the last say falls flat. Setsuna – 2 , Saji – 0

The Federation

Peries catched up with her fiancee ex-superior, the old colonel and questioned him on Marie, former super soldier. Shifty eyes and an obvious lie of only ‘glancing through’ the captured documents, it was a poor act by the colonel but poor Peries who was deceived into marriage was of course fooled.

Secrets seems to be kept within the Federation as Colonel Kati Mannequin seems not to have known that Allelujah was captured and kept within that facility. Guess this is internal security at work here by the Federation. Even Celestial Being had no idea where he was until Neena in her new MA(transformable?) under orders from Ms Wang ‘discovered’ the location of the facility and leaked the information from Ribbons to Celestial Being.

Allelujah meanwhile diagnoses Pieres aka Marie as having double personality and continues his soon-to-end 4 years of introspection.

Elsewhere in space

Celestial Being kicks into action and prepares for operation rescue Allelujah. Louise on the other hand is demanding an explanation from 2LT Andrei(who looked suprised) for stopping the search for the gundams in space. We find out that the Federation is prepared for the eventual attack on their facility and are going to test out their capability against CB. The briefing was delayed due to the LATE Sumeragi who no doubt was cleansing her mouth of her latest booze and with a hungover asked the stoopidest question as the strategic advisor : ‘How are we going to rescue Allelujah?’ If I was present, I would have just cut to the point and just screamed at her ‘That’s your ****ing job!’ instead of playing nice like Setsuna,  ol glorious leader of CB asking for her ‘thoughts’ on it, every single penny of her thoughts. Sumeragi wasn’t so confident and Lockon 2.0 played the bad cop, confirming her thoughts with the rest instantly rebutting him. Why do armies have uniform? To show unity! And here, we have purple ranger! Sumeragi wasn’t pleased and decided to ran away. Setsuna played his cards right and took the pin out of her back, she wasn’t to be blamed for their failures blah blah blah, we gonna do this because allelujah is friend not just comrade, ok let’s move on to the rescue. Seriously, Sumeragi was losing my respect because she could not face up to her failures. Intel from Ms Wang was as accurate as ever due to their umost direct source. Sleeping with the enemy is a good thing. Princess Marina was soon identified and circled out by one member. Sumeragi retreats to her booze and identifed the enemy carrier as the main problem while lockon 2.0 high stats pipped her curiosity. Saji makes another useless comment of ‘they are fighting again’ and turns his head away from reality. Just as the gundams prepared to load up with Setsuna being warned not to use Trans-am(I predict he will, soon, and gets blown up), Sumeragi’s mission plan went out to the crew who were rather bemused by the boldness of the plan. Lockon 2.0 was rather pleased by the arrangement and called Haro Mr Haro. Lawl?

Operation Allelujah

Time taken to spot Celestial Being = Time taken for Celestial Being to reach earth. Breakneck speeds wow-ed even veterans Col. Kati Mannequin  and Lt Pieres. Weep you federation dogs, celestial being still has the technology upperhand!

I’m back. Hasta la vista babies.

Choke slam!

Cue: Lockon Stratos! Sniping Targets!

Quadro FX4000LE(Lightning Edition) GN-CANNON!


And the Gundams lived happily ever after.

To be continued…

2 Responses to “[In Progress]Gundam 00 S2 Episode 3: The Strategy to Rescue Allelujah”

  1. 24 October 2008 at 5:29 am

    Yeah you gotta love Sumeragi’s plan in this ep! Nice! and wow, did you notice how Arios is STILL faster than the 00 despite its GN^2 hax?

  2. 2 Loba
    24 October 2008 at 10:33 am

    100% output Arios is faster than a 10% output 00. Win!

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