Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter Leçon 1

I’m sure Scamp had covered this one. And I shall cover it one more time. Oh yes, Nodame Cantabile is back – one of the animes I’ve been waiting for this year, along with Code Trainwreck Geass R2 and Gundam 00 Season 2. I am also aware that my review here is a little backdated, so I guess I won’t be sharing much. Now, to Paris!

Episode synopsis: Since I am way behind the review and I’m sure most of you watched it already, here’s a quick synopsis of the episode. Chiaki and Nodame arrived in Paris and immediately when to his place there. Soonafter, they get to introduce themselves to their neighbours, Tanya and Frank. After some comical moments of lost in translation, Chiaki brought Nodame out to watch an orchestra conducted by his long-time teacher, Vieiria-sensei. He then had dinner with her – one of which a case of mistranslation bring seriuos trouble to Chiaki. Even then, Chiaki had fun, very much that displeased Nodame. Yet Nodame being Nodame, returned to her usual self the next day. Soon she paid Frank a visit at his place where he was neck-to-neck with Tanya. Frank is critized by Tanya for being an otaku (whom he truly believes to be a respectable bunch in Japan… LMAO?) while Frank defended and retaliated saying that she was dumped by her boyfirend the moment they both arrived in Paris. So they both scruffled off to their own business – Frank to his routine Purigorota viewing and Tanya letting her heart out to Chiaki. Frank thought that he could strike a chance with Nodame when she came to his room. It turns out that she was more fixated with the French Purigorata, a chance for Nodame to pick her French studies. The same goes to Tanya who thought she could melt Chiaki’s heart with her own tragic story but was given a torturous piano lesson. Now they both learn the true stereotypes of the Japanese: one being an obsessed otaku and the other an economic powerhouse.

Thoughts: I LOLed, as expected from Nodame Cantabile. The live-action rendition was good and funny. The anime adaption was nothing less. To put things in perspective, the anime is a direct adaptation to the manga. So try harder to get me all spoiled for the story. Given that the manga is still ongoing, do expect that the anime will another not-so-abrupt ending. The underlying question here though is whether or not the end of this season will be the same as the live-action. I do hope more actually, who doesn’t? As for the technical aspect, I won’t be discussing much about it except for the OP and ED. The Gospellers graced the OP for Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter while the ED is a collaboration of Miyamoto Emily x solita. In case you have never heard of The Gospellers, they’re a bunch of acapella singers somewhat similar to Il Divo except that they’re doing acapella. Yes, they’re so much cornier than Il Divo. In any case, the ED however is way much better than the OP. Oh, did I mention that I do not enjoy the OP? Well, it’s not too bad if you have no trouble listening something so corny as acapella. The best deal from the ED is that the song is in French. Yes, français. Sooner or later, some Nodame fans will pick up this language in no time. Or maybe memorizing the lyrics of this song, at least. Another technical note here is the animation. The studio maintained the same colour pencil palette for the anime while the CG somehow looks more fluid – a leap of improvement for last season. So expect more dramatic conducting from Chiaki… or perhaps from the violinists.

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