Michiko to Hatchin episode 3

Ah yes, the third episode of Michiko was important because it was here that it had to show, in my eyes anyway, that the last episode wasn’t a fluke and it wasn’t going to go back to that crappy form of the first episode.


And it did! This show is beginning to live up to my high expectations I had at the start of the season. Mind you, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there’s only been 3 episodes.


This whole scene was pretty much Michiko being naive and yet caring towards Hatchin. It was fun to watch Hatchin’s expressions change during this wacky women’s speech. Michiko is a bit of an idiot it must be said. Normally these travelling companions are fountains of wisdom and knowledge in anime. Michiko does has a certain level of street smart, but that’s about it.




Guess which one Michiko drew? Guy on the head looks a bit like Spike from Bebop. I think the girl on the left bears a striking resemblance to a Pikachu.

What the hell, they look nothing alike

What the hell, they look nothing alike

She didn’t even draw the tattoo on her belly. Michiko you are quite the bimbo.


I haven’t read any other blog posts on this episode but I dare say that not many people liked this chap. I loved him, mainly because I’ve worked under people exactly like him before. It was hilarious yet unnerving to watch his ‘people can’t last under me’ conversation with Hatchin, I’ve had that bloody conversation before myself. I hope he shows up again, hopefully to argue with Michiko, or Jumbo!


Hatchin gets into trouble trying to prove herself, and also to get back her shoes, although I kinda liked her new pair. Yeah I know they were stolen but still. It did expect the old lady’s prophecy to come true but it was still cool to watch, because we got another fantastically animated chase scene. Ok, it didn’t have cars crashing all over the place, but it did involve guns and life threatening situations.


Good old Michiko in to save the day again, as has been the case so far. It shows how much Hatchin relies on Michiko, even though she doesn’t quite realise it herself yet. Actually I doubt Michiko realises it either. Funnily enough Michiko found the guy from her picture (not the Pikachu now) and went to the fellows house. But he was married with kids…although why the guy picked that fat one and not Michiko is beyond me, but it may have had something to do with the lack of intelligent conversation.


So is he Hatchin’s dad? He does look like her, but I suppose we’ll have to wait.


Hatchin does not approve

Hatchin does not approve

I compared the last episode to Champloo a lot, this episode was completely Bebop. The prophecy maker at the start, the dirty city sets and even the odd love of the bongos in as BGM was prelevant in this episode. I love the music already, samba music FTW!

What I have to complement Michiko to Hatchin on is it’s attention to detail. Sometimes it’s only going back to take screenshots do I notice a lot of them (eyes are far too focused on the subtitles). Just as an example:


Notice all the marks in the wood? It’s pretty obvious that the guy does his knife-throwing piece a lot, but for a single shot you have to admire something as little as that. I wonder how long he practised it. I think the red cloth is there for him to aim at.


You could wow at that shot for a while, but the reason I showed this is because I’m a soccer nut and I spotted the fellows jersey. It’s Ronaldinho! I suppose this is Brazil, so you kinda expect it. Come to think of it I’ve yet to see any soccer played. Come on, this is Brazil!


This is just for LOLs. No wonder Hatchin decided to cut her hair

5 Responses to “Michiko to Hatchin episode 3”

  1. 1 JKTrix
    12 November 2008 at 10:11 am

    For what it’s worth, when talking about the drawings… Michiko still hasn’t seen the tattoo on Hana’s belly. That’s one ‘mystery’ the show is holding up.

    I didn’t even notice the knife marks in the post before! Good catch.

  2. 2 5camp
    12 November 2008 at 4:18 pm

    Ah yes she still hasn’t seen it…hmmm…Hatchin is fairly astute so you wonder whether she just said she had it so Michiko would still take care of her. They certainly don’t look alike

  3. 3 Loba
    13 November 2008 at 9:25 am

    Are you assuming Hatchin is Michiki’s kid? I don’t think so…

    Anyway, that chinese chef is a cheat. Refuse to pay her and make her work for free!

  4. 13 November 2008 at 2:01 pm

    Yeah, come to think of it, the guy in the drawing looks a lot like Spike

  5. 5 Sumoni
    24 February 2009 at 3:19 pm

    I liked how detailed the art was in this episode too! I didn’t know they had chinese restaurants in brazil? May be they do, I wonder how they taste? The prophecy lady was funny because you see lots of people like that in texas at markets and what not. They always sell stones like those that’ll do this and that. I wonder what hatchin would do if she ever caught one of the eat and run guys? I mean she’s so little….That’s why wherever I worked, we were told not to chase people. I was shocked by the kid with the gun.

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