Toyworks Claymore No.47 Clare Figure Gallery + Bonus

Well so, I should be studying for my EG1108 module right now but my newly acquired figures await my lousy photographing skills. This post is to showcase the new figure as well as announce that I will be temporarily halting the review of gundam 00 till 3rd November. The finals are coming and I am totally pressed for time for revision.

So previously, I had acquired a figure of Clare from Claymore (made by Megahouse) and posted a picture here. Today, november, I collected the figure I ordered in June, arrived in September. Yeap. Just couldn’t get off my anime fix to go down east to collect it.

The overall pose of the new claymore figure is much more aggressive and dynamic compared to the first claymore figure that kinda gave off the ‘crouching tiger, hidden dragon’ vibe. It’s as if the first figure is saying ‘I will p@wn all of you, bring it on’ while the second figure gave off the vibe of ‘No time to waste, gotta kill them all.’ Thus, if you link it back to the anime, the clothes on 1st would match the beginning of the show where she was just going from missions to missions with a robotic feel to it while at the later part of the show, she becomes more ‘human’ and thus the human portrayal of her feelings on the 2nd  figure. In typing the above paragraph, the 25 photos finally finished uploading. Stinktel limits our upload speed a lot. I hate them. Full gallery here

When future meets the past.

When future meets the past.

Reflective eyes.

Reflective eyes.

Interchangable heads.



Surprise! She can put on a cloak! This is the best part of this figure I feel, besides the dynamic pose. The first figure cloak was too short for my liking, it was as if the organisation ran out of funds for cloaks and played ‘trim’ and ‘fit’ on them. Good thing they still get the full suit of clothes or my mum would have something to say about it.

Here’s a very interesting thing about this figure. Just as Da Vinci’s Mona lisa smile can be seen from any angle, Clare’s smile can only be seen from certain angles and this is one of them. Now let’s see a frown.

Very obvious frown there if you were to look from an angle below the ground where she’s standing.

Not only the length of the cloak is awesome, the contours depicted on the cloak really captured a shot of her doing a quick draw of her claymore. The above is with a flash and the below is without.

Face off! So the bonus for the 2nd figure is the interchangable head, I stuck with the normal head instead of the demonic head, don’t think my mum liked the demon head very much. The first figure had the interchangable right hand that belonged to one of the ex-top 5 claymores(the person) who gave her hand to clare. Additionally, the claymore (the sword itself) from the first figure can be detached from the back and held in her right hand.

As you can see, the first clare’s claymore is pretty big, longer than the second clare’s. Guess she lost some of the length from sharpening it on yomas? Aaha.

In conclusion, I am pretty happy with the new figure, the dynamic pose and the awesome cloak and head are surely big pluses for the figure. There was something weird about the paint on some areas but they weren’t very noticeable unless you look at it up close and personal. The hair crack on the head is much more defined than the first but that’s ok since I don’t look at my figures from the top anyway.

Bonus gallery : TRANS-AM. Didn’t think I would post anything about gundam 00 right?? =D

If you are wondering, the figures from from G FLEX 00 Stage 3 excluding the normal exia from Stage 1, I need to get the normal versions of the trans-am since the seller was unwilling to break up his sets of 5 =/. Time for dinner~

Edit: Preodered this:

2 Responses to “Toyworks Claymore No.47 Clare Figure Gallery + Bonus”

  1. 1 Ellene
    16 November 2008 at 9:30 pm

    The cloak!! IT’s the best thing and it’s a must with that pose.

  2. 24 January 2013 at 11:34 pm

    where you purchased the thumbnails of Clare?

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