Michiko to Hatchin episode 4

Episode 4 sees a bit of a change in Michiko to Hatchin. Up until now Michiko has been seen as a saviour to Hatchin. A not-so-intelligent specimen but admirable none the less.


This time I can only find one word to describe Michiko herself. Pathetic. Not the episode, but Michiko as a character is not someone to aspire to

First off we see Michiko in a pole-dancing club, bitching about Hiroshi Morenos (the supposed father of Hatchin) and later see her taunt the dancer. God only knows why she went to the club if the dancer would piss her off.


Is that kid in the background wearing a lampshade?

This guy was funny on the surface (Michiko Spicy Cat!), but when you look at what he actually is. Controlling an army of runaway kids to run an illegal business. But then again notice that the kids trust him so much. He came in to try get Michiko to pay him money for hurting one of his kids hands and he tv this women broke


I did not realise that this was the women from the bar until much later. She looked completely different!

vlcsnap-16731This is what she looked like in the club, under the name Pepe

vlcsnap-39924And this is her later. Ironically it’s when she’s wearing the most clothes is when she is hottest, I mean wow! Jaw-dropping beauty here. Michiko didn’t like her at all during this episode. You could say Michiko doesn’t like her because she’s better looking (hence the whole ‘look at my bouncy tits’ at the start) but Michiko was pretty grumpy towards everyone and everything in this episode, including Hatchin.

Nobody is ever going to pay this poor chap

Nobody is ever going to pay this poor chap

Pepe claimed she knew Hiroshi Morenos and later challenged Michiko to a drinking competition with information about him on the line, but I seriously doubt she knew anything, particularly because of the dodgy nature of the drawing. Maybe it was just to get back at Michiko for yelling at her or maybe as an attempt to get money and ID, it’s hard to tell.


When Michiko said she paid him back she meant...

After the drinking contest at the bar, things start to get very hectic. Pepe steals money off her boss and her sister nicks money from Michiko. Then some chases involving the gun-wielding kids and forgotten photos. But we haven’t seen the most pathetic Michiko yet…


This entire scene, particularly the bit where Michiko gives her the measly wad off cash, even though she knew she could be sending Pepe to her grave. Yeah, Michiko you aren’t gaining any fans with this episode. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, so if they continue this story next episode Michiko still has a chance to redeem herself.


Bang...I can't resist making Champloo/Bebop quotes with this show


Bit of a change from from usual, very depressing indeed. I actually preferred it when it was a happy show, but maybe that’s just because I was ready for Michiko to be heroic and stuff, and then she turns out to be just as hopeless as any other criminal.


But Hatchin was the real star of the episode! Notice her weapon of choice when she tries to save Michiko. Can you figure out who she’s trying to emulate?

And how could I leave this review without giving some recognition to the greatest anime drunk I have ever seen: Hatchin!


Quite a change from our beaten Hatchin from episode 1. Oh and a quick recap on Michiko’s destruction count, she hasn’t done much in the last two episodes. So far she’s damaged/destroyed a helicopter, 2 windows, one breakfast table, one vending machine, one earlobe, seven cars and one hand.

3 Responses to “Michiko to Hatchin episode 4”

  1. 1 Loba
    20 November 2008 at 11:17 am

    It was a ruse by pepe to get michiko drunk so that her sister can go and steal the IDs they need from Michiko and hatchin. Unfortunately, they do not have IDs since they are pretty much runaways as well. Pepe runs away from debt while michiko runs away from the law. Both have something to protect. Ultimately, it was a tough choice to make but there’s no room for charity in such a harsh environment. It’s you or him. Dead. This episode pretty much showed how powerless michiko is in the society atm having placed hatchin survival as priority.

    Hatchin got drunk on orange juice!

    She’s holding the butcher’s cleaver from Diablo!

  2. 2 King
    28 December 2008 at 10:27 am

    wait am inute hold on a second.pathetic?

    i think your expectation of her being a cliche hero makes you somewhat myopic of the larger scale of what reality is. This depicts struggle and reality and this episode doesnt show her being “pathetic” as you may call it.To simplify it for you you can donate alot of your money to people i nneed,but you most likely (like the rest of us) dont even though penies a day can save others.Thats to a lesser extent what michiko was doing here,she knew if she got involved shed be endagering the welfare of Hatchin.Selfishness is a reality and you fingerpointing at this character shows a holier than thou mentality.Instead of degrading her character for having made such a hard choice (which michiko still did regret) youd do best to identify with this harsh portrayl of whats real.

  3. 3 Sumoni
    24 February 2009 at 3:30 pm

    I don’t think Mitchiko is pathetic. I take her as someone who is willing to help others out but knows that there’s only so much you can do. Also the fact that Hatchin is involved in her life, she can’t go making risks for others. I thought that was a very mature decision on her part. Not saying she would have died helping Pepe, but Hatchin could also be in danger and they have their own path to follow. I’m really glad she didn’t the more I think about it. Pepe made her own stupid mistake trying to rip off the boss of the town. She knew the consequences of that and ultimately it meant her and her sister’s death. Not to mention I was pissed that she stole from Mitchiko. That money Mitchiko gave her was more than generous for trying to suck her down into her bullcrap. I’m doing a little comparing myself, this reminds me of lots of episodes of Bebop & Champloo where there’s a tragic death & the main character is torn to stop it or let fate decide for them. In shows like these I hate happily ever afters for every character. A little death helps you remember what kind of world it’s set in.

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