An overview of Anime Festival Asia 2008

Well so after my horrible paper, together with VP PY and Noel, we cabbed down to suntec for Anime Festival Asia 2008. Since I am in the NUS Animations and Comics Society, my one and only task was to take photos of the prize giving ceremony of our annual Graphite Competition which has certain categories such as Short manga strip, Digital Art and etc. The ceremony was over in about 15 minutes or so and thus, 15 minutes of photography granted me free access to the whole AFA 2008 saving me $8/day.

Not committee but whatever. Free access!

Opposite the entrance.

On to more pictures and what lies within AFA 2008. All photos were taken using Nokia 6220 Classic. The photos were pretty ok until I started tempering with the exposure and ISO settings ^^;; sorry for the noise in some pictures! Very picture intensive after the jump.

Guess who or what welcomes you? A 10 foot Exia welcomes you!

Exia commands you to pick up the bochures and buy buy buy!

The above two pictures were devoid of people only because Aniki was holding his concert. Be thankful that I managed a clean shot.

I took 200 over pictures at this event so prepared for dedicated posts for each company.

Bandai’s digimon and power rangers make an appearance too!

Another booth by Bandai, targeting the gals obviously. I had a good laugh at their banner.

The next biggest exhibitor besides Bandai. ToysNToys displayed many figures from famous companies such as Alter, Good Smile etc. Figures were not limited only to anime but extended to western comics such as Batman, ironman.

That’s three freaking 10 metres+ long cabinets of figures from ToysNToys. Separate post reserved for their figures as well.

Guess who turned up and put up a lot of posters? Yeap, ODEX the much depised and hated company for persecuting local anime fans for illegally downloading anime through bittorrent. While I don’t really blame them for their strategy of the whip before the carrot and do not wish to critise their methology, the empty booths pretty much speak for themselves. Perhaps they might have considered Viz Media strategy.

A taste of the posters ODEX put up. Pretty good imo. Really didn’t expect them to blow such a huge budget on it. Perhap okto channel really help boost their income or something. I will be doing another separate combined post of ODEX(many mini-booths too) and Animax.

Animax whoring their new project : LaMB and their respective channels.

Studios 4 Degrees made their presence known with screening of their Genius Project which I previously blogged about but never completed. Damn, that’s lots of posts I need to finish after 2nd December.

Aniki woo aniki! Alas, I am not a fan of this oldie anime singer who has been in the industry for at least 30 years but his vocals were really strong and powerful, resonating through the halls. The crowd (or rather the front portion) fanboy-ed to show their appreciation and Aniki was moved and keep repeating ‘I love Singapore!’ Well done fellow Singaporeans, we have made him a fan of Singapore. Ok, this was as close as I could get and thus the pragmatic me turned tail and went on a 200 over photos shootout. The displays were seriously crowded most of the time but at least there was more walking space as compared to STCC which was a disaster in terms of space management.

Certain local shops that cater to local otakus booked a booth at AFA one of which is La Tendo. I gave $40 bucks to them in exchange for a goodie which I will reveal at the end of the post.

I almost bought Macross VF-25 and Macross Ultimate Solid from Rapid Culture. Total damage could have been $130. Lucky my wallet was light today.

Passion Marketing was right beside Rapid Culture, one of the biggest booths around selling otaku related stuff. They have GFF Deep striker for sale at SG$150. Once again, I thank my wallet for being small today.

Despite putting up a huge exhibition display, Toys N Toys had a pretty small booth. I suspect they did not have enough time to move all their sellable stuff with the display and stuff. KKnM was around as well but I missed their booth. Was surprised they didn’t bring down the sellable figures and stuff though. Instead they brought down plenty of pencil boards that fanboys and fangirls queued up for.

Takashimaya, a local shopping center brought down their gundam goodies as well.

Uh yea, Otakus game too so they are here. Gamescore was here too but I didn’t take a picture.

Mangaka, specifically manga competition.

Graphite booth. President and vice-president of NUS Animation and Comics Society being interviewed by SPLifeArts!. President is better known as Kokanaden at riuva.com

There were many more other booths around, notably the local Animation Studios. I will be going for another round tomorrow armed with a DSLR borrowed from a friend. I will be retaking most of the figures photos as they didn’t turn out too well. I saw the designer of the original Gundam but he was only autographing the first 20 who bought a MG Gundam, pity I didn’t came eariler. It’s been an enjoyable day so far and it will be even more so tomorrow when May’N will perform a concert LIVE at AFA 2008. You Singaporean Otakus better be there! OR else.

Haul of the date: another GFF joins the lineup!

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