Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter Leçon 2

Whoa! Yet another very late review (blame procrastination for that). But never mind that, given that I’m having my semester break now, I have lots to catch up. First up, Nodame Cantabile Paris!


Synopsis: Nodame joins Frank to his hometown to celebrate an anime festival while Chiaki sets out his concour. While Nodame and Frank enjoys their time at the festival, Chiaki confronts his contender, Jean Donnadieu. Also there was another Japanese contestant, Katahira Hajime. The three did well and worked their way up to the 2nd preliminary round. At this stage, Nodame returns with Frank to see Chiaki perform in his concour. Jean worked his charm at the 3rd preliminary but Chiaki went off a wrong start and seemingly made him the villain among the orchestra members. Realizing his mistake, he apologized but the judges did not seem to take it lightly. Chiaki is obviously frustrated and tries to cheer him up with a dinner at a restaurant. There, they meet Jean and his girlfriend, Yuuko. Jean assured Chiaki that he is doing well despite Chiaki thinks otherwise for himself. The next day, Chiaki and Nodame went to see Katahira’s “leaping” performance and came to realize that he should enjoy the music more, just like Nodame. With that, the results for the finalists is out, and no surprise both Chiaki and Jean made it together with Katahira. Chiaki made a fresh start with the orchestra members and sets himself to victory. Everyone enjoyed themselves at the post-concour dinner and after dinner, Nodame feeling a little drunk gave Chiaki a hug which Chiaki surprised but gladly accepts. Elsewhere without Chiaki suspecting anything, Elise initiates the Desert Prometheous Plan.

nodaparis-0202 nodaparis-0203
nodaparis-0204 nodaparis-0205
nodaparis-0206 nodaparis-0207
nodaparis-0208 nodaparis-0209
nodaparis-0210 nodaparis-0211
nodaparis-0212 nodaparis-0213
nodaparis-0214 nodaparis-0215
nodaparis-0216 nodaparis-0217
nodaparis-0218 nodaparis-0219
nodaparis-0220 nodaparis-0221
nodaparis-0222 nodaparis-0223
nodaparis-0224 nodaparis-0225
nodaparis-0226 nodaparis-0227
nodaparis-0228 nodaparis-0229
nodaparis-0230 nodaparis-0231

Thoughts: As expected, the anime diligently follows the manga plot and translated it well in the animation. I am astonished by how fluid the CG during each orchestral performance – particular attention given to the hand movement. Anyways, at the final scene where Chiaki made his victory performance, the music hits on to me and I really got hooked to that music. Now, please let me have the OST!!!

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