Anime 2008: A year in review

How the hell am I supposed to open this post? I’m talking about every single anime in 2008, the best and the worst in every category. I haven’t seen everything this year obviously, such as Aria, ef, Shigofumi and DMC, but I’ve had a chance to check out pretty much everything else. Anyway, here we go 😀

Since I'm limiting this to only anime which began airing in 2008, there will be no Gintama. But it deserves a mention anyway for being so consistently funny

Since I'm limiting this to only anime which began airing in 2008, there will be no Gintama. But it deserves a mention anyway for being so consistently funny

 Best Animation:

Going to go with something slightly different here. As lovely as stuff like Xam’d and Spice and Wolf were, the winner goes to Eve no Jikan for just converting me to a Studio Rikka fanboy. I could watch those sweeping camera shots all day.

 Well I’ll tell you what it’s not:Kamen no Maid Guy, god that looked awful


Best Opening Song:

As beautiful as the Kaiba opening is and as undeniably cool as the Michiko to Hatchin one is, this was a very easy choice for me. I swear, if it was just the opening I got every Thursday I’d be just as happy. My favorite opening song of all time Xam’d: Lost Memories, Shut up and Explode

Well I’ll tell you what it’s not:Nodame Cantabile, for a show that’s famous for it’s music…urgh


Best Closing Song:

Although they always pale in comparison to opening songs, the humble closing song still deserves it’s own category. I might’ve given this to the first Itazura na Kiss but that show was awful so instead this award goes to Toradora. I’m not exactly sure why that salty vanilla song has such a hold over me. Heck, I’m not even sure why Toradora has such a hold over me either

Well I’ll tell you what it’s not:Chaos;Head, for putting me through a week of torture where I had that stupid song stuck in my head – easily the worst closing in existance


Best BGM:

Some very good contestants for this award, such as Gundam, Clannad, Geass and Yozakura. But the winner here is Kaiba. Just the other day I stumbled across a blog with that song. I was going to let it play while I looked around on other sites but as soon as the music started playing the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I couldn’t move. Hauntingly beautiful

Well I’ll tell you what it’s not:Just to spite the May’n fans..Macro-urgh*stabbed by rabid fanboy*


Best Male Character:

Very few strong male leads this year. I normally use this spot to list the runner ups but the next bet I could think of was Craft Lawrence…yeah. But the winner should be obvious. He took down an empire practically by himself, sparked some wild arguments over his mortality and wore one of the most fanciful hats in anime history. Runaway victor of the animsource best character pole. All hail the 99th emperor of Britannia. ALL HAIL LELOUCH!


Well I’ll tell you who it’s not:That kid who almost ruined the second season of Minami-ke, stupid next door neighbour kid.


Best Female Character:

Some very good canditates here from Nodame to Nagi, from Chiaki to C.C, so it was a quite a hard choice. So after typing their names into google images to see which I preferred, the obvious answer was that wise old wolf Horo,for being..ummm…witty, cute, strong willed…err…and unbelievably hot. Yeah, that last part is the most important.


Well I’ll tell you what it’s not:Nina from Code Geass for her extreme racism


Best Duo:

I couldn’t give this to Horo and Lawrence since I’d already given Horo the best female award. Besides there’s a better duo than them anyway. Nodame and Chiaki have catapulted themselves as my favorite duo in anime, especially this season. I loved the moment where they sleep together for the first time and Chiaki was stuck reading Mozart to Nodame. He so wanted some of that Mukya, and a little bit of that gyabo, but he can’t lose face to her. Gah, I love ’em!


Well I’ll tell you what it’s not:The lead two from Itazura. God I wish they broke up. I felt I was only watching the thing in the hope she would toss him off a cliff and become lesbian.


Best Action:

I’m not mad on Soul Eater in general and Xam’ds fights don’t happen regularly enough. So this award goes to Gundam OO Season 2 because, quite frankly, you can never have too much Gundam.


Well I’ll tell you what it’s not:Yozakura Quartet, for it’s giant marshmallow dinos…


Best Comedy:

Easiest choice so far. Horrible year for comedy until this anime showed up and took me completely by surprise. I’m not even going to mention any runner ups. The winner of the best comedy award, by a bizzilion miles, is Kannagi. It’s a Sony


Well I’ll tell you what it’s not: Rosario to Vampire is listed as a comedy, so it wins here by default.


Best Romance:

Screw all your Shojo, this award is going to Kaiba. If you disagree then let me point out this to you. The romance between Kaiba and Neiro. Even though he loses his memory and she had hers altered so she would hate him, even though they changed bodies and genders, they still fell in love all over again. Now I may not be the most romantic of fellows, but if that isn’t love then I don’t know what is

Well I’ll tell you what it’s not:Itazura na Kiss. See Best Duo above


Best Moment:

There was all these ’12 moments in anime’ going about the blogsphere so here’s my two cents. 12 to 2 all go to random plot twists in Code Geass, with no.2 going to the 1 million Zero’s. The number 1 goes to one of the most audacious move by an anime this year. Kurenai the Musical!

Well I’ll tell you what it’s not:Nunally is alive? Oh, how predictable


Wish for 2009

In Spring, Gonzo’s new series, Shangri-La, is airing. Gonzo are doing pretty miserable at the moment. Their halved their number of series they air a year to 4, their is talk that they are going to delve in pornography to cover their costs and, most importantly of all, their shows suck. For a company that produced Last Exile, Welcome to the NHK, Full Metal Panic and so on, I can’t see how anybody would be happy that they are doing a bad as they are. All this means is that there is anime released which translates into less chance of quality every year. So my wish for 2009 is for Shangri-La to be a real hit.



The top 5 anime of the year

Cutting this list down to 5 is a bloody tough job. Sorry Kannagi and sorry Nodame Cantabile but you both justmissed out getting a spot. However the worst anime of the year has to go Rosario to Vampire. Not only was it bloody awful anyway but it constantly annoyed it’s fanservice loving fanbase with absolutely mind-numbingly frustrating censorship. I stopped watching after the first episode but I’ve seen the screencaps. I know I just said I hope Gonzo get themselves out of trouble but when you do stuff like that no wonder they’re in the trouble they’re in.

#5 – Casshern Sins

I wasn’t able to give Casshern any awards up until now but that’s because I couldn’t think of the right name for the award to give it. ‘Most Touching’ sounds like the type of award you would give to Kanokon or Junjou Romantica.  So I just had to settle with giving it 5th best anime of the year. Oh well, sorry Casshern, you can just go back to your smexy harem now and your robotic dog.



#4 – Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf was actually the first show I watched that aired weekly. It marked my transition from streamed to fansubbed so it will always hold a rather special place in my heart. The moment I’m really waiting for is, in several years from now. I’ll make myself a hot chocolate, stick on Spice and Wolf and feel the beautiful wave of nostalgia wash over me. I really hope Brains Base do a good job with the sequel.

How many of you tried saying Horo and Nora out loud after this episode to see which was longer?

How many of you tried saying Horo and Nora out loud after this episode to see which was longer?


#3 – Xam’d: Lost Memories

Xam’d was made available only to Americans who had PS3s and then charged each episode at a stupid price. And yet people still flocked to watch this show. Why? Because it is bloody amazing. Bones do some of the greatest animation there is but with Xam’d they pushed their quality even higher than before. It many not have quite as much action as I would like it to have but this still is an amazing show.



#2 – Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

I know it’s a trainwreck. I know it wasn’t as good as the first season. I know this show was one giant fan-pandering exercise. But tell me – were you not entertained? Did every episode not leave you on the edge of your seat, begging for more Geass plot twists? Yes it had it’s fair share of problems but Geass is still one of the greatest anime I have ever seen and will ever see. If it was both seasons together it would’ve made #1 but R2 just wasn’t as good as the first season. All Hail Britannia. ALL HAIL LELOUCH!




#1 – Kaiba

I know Brian and Loba don’t agree with me. Heck, I know a lot of anime fandom doesn’t agree with this choice.  I’ve already written my thoughts on Kaiba. To be perfectly honest, it’s not exactly a perfect choice for best anime. I would’ve preferred for it to be second and to grudgingly admit that *insert popular anime here* is better but one never came long. So Kaiba is my pick for the greatest anime of 2008.



::Edit 7 months later::

OK I’ve had a chance to finish all these anime and check out a few of the ones I missed. Not much a change to the list except for Xam’d, which the entire second half of the season was bloody rubbish and drops out of the top 5. Spice and Wolf moves up to third and One Outs takes 4th place (Tokuchi is fucking awesome) with Casshern keeping it’s spot at 5th. I swear if it wasn’t for Madhouse this year would have been a disaster, 3 of my top 5 are Madhouse.

7 Responses to “Anime 2008: A year in review”

  1. 29 December 2008 at 1:15 am

    I never watched Real Drive, I never got round to it. It didn’t get mentioned much and it doesn’t have all that high ratings so I never got round to it

  2. 3 would
    29 December 2008 at 3:22 am

    I think that best op has been the one from World Destruction, athough the show was terrible.

  3. 3 January 2009 at 11:38 pm

    Indeed, Kaiba and Xam’d are one of the best anime of 2008 🙂

  4. 5 佐々木
    5 January 2009 at 11:08 pm

    Hell yes Kaiba for best anime and best romance. Truth.

  5. 10 January 2009 at 2:14 am

    great reviews…. the nomination helped me to choose an anime to watch

  6. 7 NyNy
    22 May 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Hm, some of these animes have opened my eyes ^_^
    I love Gintama and Kannagi though, I am currently watching them. The list you have provided with reviews on will help me find a new anime. 😀

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