A reflective post

As I start writing, I checked and realised it’s being exactly one month since I blogged a post. This post would somewhat be a public apology to especially Brian, Scamp and everyone else(if anyone really cared) for failing to blog. Yeah, I think it sounds stupid but I do value promises and I have broken many by not blogging.

At the start, I felt that blogging about anime or anime-related stuff is about sharing the good stuff that you enjoyed or, really really didn’t enjoy. Yes, some people do blog for the prestige or whatever weird reasons they have but ultimately, I’m sure blogging about anime is one of the ways to share about anime.

Over time, I realised that blogging about anime is akin to having a girlfriend. You love your first girlfriend but in time to come, you will find out that time and money has to be set aside for your girl friend and when it came down to making a decision, time and money might be too valuable to you, at that moment in time, to spare for your girlfriend and it’s time to break up. However, you may still love your ex-girlfriend and reconciliation is still an option since she is still your friend. I would safely say I am at this particular stage. I missed blogging but during the holidays…other activities were much too attractive. Now that school has started and with my previous semester of disastrous results, I would be hard press to set aside even a few hours per week to blog one episode of anime. However, this doesn’t mean I will stop blogging. Like I said, I made promises and I intend to keep them, to a certain extent.

I was supposed to blog about gundam 00 but it’s being KIV-ed for pretty long. My style of blogging gundam 00 wass pretty tedious and I would very much want to change it. The easiest option out is to give my comments of each episode or even do a summary of the whole season when it finishes. Brian, would you let me know what you think?


1 Response to “A reflective post”

  1. 22 January 2009 at 3:48 pm

    a summary for the whole season will do for now

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