Hetalia Axis Powers episode 14

Exams are looming and time is becoming increasingly hard to come by. So this will be my last Hetalia post for a while. I’m going on hiatus until the glorious 20th June when I’m free again. Sorry to those few who followed my posts but there are a few others out there, my personal recommendation being Metanorn. Thankfully Loba is back posting regularly so you can read his FMA posts. I plan to be back around episode 22 of Hetalia. Once I’m back I’ll do some speed blogging to catch up on the episodes I’ve missed so I’m ready for the finale. Plus I might blog the second season when that comes out.


But for now I might as well blog the latest episode in all it’s hilarity.

The first scene involved Italy proving that in fact he doesn’t suck at absolutely everything. He is a master at the art of retreating. Then he met up with another female Hetalia character (that makes three so far). I have no idea which country she represents but it wasn’t really all that important anyway. However all these scenes were just a build up to the best sketch of them all.

Now available with horrible Engrish

Now available with horrible Engrish

If I wanted to recommend Hetalia to anyone I would show them this scene. It managed to highlight absolutely everything I love about Hetalia. Everything about it, from the vveeerrryyy ssslllooooowwww Greek chatting with the Spanish checkout guy to the Indignant Austrian, the entire scene left me breathless from laughter. It showed yet again exactly how funny Hetalia can be when it focuses on the stereotypes it creates. The rest of the episode was sort of bleah but this two minute gag more than made up for it.

For the guys who invented the Olympics, they sure do move slowly

For the guys who invented the Olympics, they sure do move slowly

Since this will be my last blog post on Hetalia for a long time I’m going to leave you with a little parting gift. These videos are from some site called nicovideo but the whole site is in Japanese so I can’t figure out how to use it. Luckily though, people have uploaded them all onto Youtube, as people always do, so I present you with To-Love-Ru, Higurashi, Ghost in the Shell and Azumanga all Hetalia styled!


2 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers episode 14”

  1. 2 May 2009 at 1:03 pm

    Awww, no more posts? S’okay…I’m in the same position (except I’m home free May 8th WOO!!!)

    But you pretty much summed up my thoughts on this really – it was just awesome, and that clip from the super market was totally hilarious; I laughed and laughed. It really makes a difference now that Chibitalia’s gone doesn’t it? x3

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