Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Episode 5


I almost lost my breakfast when I saw this. Briefly thought it was a flashback but grew suspicious when edward gave his transmuted present to his mother. Fullmetal alchemist additional genre : Horror.

This episode is entitled “rain of sorrow” not for naught. Throughout the whole episode until nearing the end, rain was falling in the east city. The recent tucker incident had left Edward pretty shaken up about their life objectives at hand and thus, both of them sat in the rain with edward wishing that the rain would help ease the pain and memories which didn’t help of course. He just needs some winry comforting in my opinion XD.

When Edward meets Scar on a dark and gloomy day.


Winry didn’t came but Scar did. Like what someone mentioned in the last post, Lt. Col Hughes and his department already knew that Scar had been busy sending state alchemists to meet their creator with Mustang’s realisation that Edward might be next. That’s why the report last episode about the scarred man being the murderer is fixed even though it may have seemed that BG Gran was the first victim to those who are watching FMA for the first time. We get a pretty cool action scene between Edward and Scar but I’m wondering, how does Scar activate the transmutation circle? I don’t read the manga so I’m not too sure whether it’s the same as it was in the first anime series. All we saw in this episode was Scar clenching his fist and prestro, blue magic lightning. Seriously, red is nicer, you get a destructive feeling from the colour red whereas blue is more cool and calm.


Without revealing too much spoilers, let’s take a look Col mustang epic fail this episode.

Dumb, dumber and dumberer.

The white smoke alchemist. Poof. Reminds me of Dan from Street Fighter. Epic fail.



Not like Mustang is going to have any luck with the ladies either. He's impotent!

She knows how to use her guns properly unlike someone(Hint: M).

Just look at the light reflecting off his body! Wonder how much wax armstrong used.

"So manly, so GAR, so irresistible!" How low have thy fallen, mustang?

Geassed ishbalans : "Yes, your Highness. We shalt wage holy war upon the fallen infidels!"

Can anyone identify the alchemist on the left of mustang?

    When dark and gloomy turns to light 

At the very end, Al reaffirmed their life objectives and finally, Edward stops wallowing in his past and present miseries and stood up strong again which is the core plot of this episode : Edward regaining his footing in life. And thus light came to shine upon both brothers who came out of the darkness that plagued them since the last episode.


Happy family. Wonder if Edward will ever ditched his signature red wear and don the army’s standard issue blue uniform?

Thoughts and short reflection

Brainpower going 10%...20%...loading...loading....gone.

I would say the plot progression is having the feel of being less forceful than the episodes preceding this episode. The natural progression from misery and sorrow due to the tucker incident to the reaffirmation of edward with the ‘help’ from Scar helped awoke them from their temporary slumber. We get to revisit the town of Lior in the front parts of the show which should help prepare us for later half of the show by the logic of the first series? Or does that town don’t matter anymore?  Scar and his background was also quickly introduced and we get to learn his motives behind attacking state alchemists. All in all, much content in one episode without the rushed feeling. I like.

Read what they have to say about episode 5:

TJ says Scar is Terminator in disguise while Mustang is Neo. 
Insightful look into the episode by psgels 
Screencaps loaded review by Omni at Random Curiosity   

In the next episode, Winry finally gets her airtime and Dr Macro’s arc comes into play.

Automail otaku next week!

I'm interested in how Edward managed to find and meet him.




4 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Episode 5”

  1. 1 Charred Knight
    4 May 2009 at 5:15 pm

    The mystery Alchemist is Giolio Comanche, his seen in one major scene where Scar kills him for being a state alchemist (basically its an awesome way to show that Scar has arrived in Central), the only other scene where he talks is one where he screams in pain as his being carted off the field after being shot during the Ishval massacre flashback.

    Reole/Liore has little relevance to the plot after this. It’s basically just one small step in the Homunculi’s plans. The only other time its revisited its basically to show that Rose is fine, and she’s happy, and Ed’s parting words didn’t cause her to be raped.

    Keep in mind that after Ed’s first fight with Greed the first anime and manga have almost no relation to each other.

    No Dante
    No Rose is raped storyline
    No Archer
    Pride isn’t King Bradley

  2. 2 TJ
    4 May 2009 at 10:59 pm

    Yeah, I think the alchemist on the left of Mustang is the Silver Alchemist (I think that’s his title) who got owned by Scar in the manga. Not sure if they are going to bother to show that in Brotherhood though.

    Hehe Mustang needs to carry around a lighter in case his gloves get wet lol.

  3. 3 Liebs
    6 May 2009 at 12:33 pm

    Pointing out something from TJ.
    Pretty sure they will show Scar killing someone who the manga showed he killed, considering the anime showed a scar killing we didn’t “see” in the manga (from beginning of episode 4)

  4. 4 TJ
    10 May 2009 at 4:59 am

    Yeah you’re probably right. They showed his photo this episode, so they’ll probably show Scar owning his behind too.

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