Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Episode 6-8 short review

It’s been a while since I blogged FMA2, one of many reasons being : I got a temp job as a data entry admin clerk at a hospital. I stare at the computer the whole day and my brains feels like cheese after a day’s work so much so I havn’t watched anime for TWO weeks since my schedule for weekends were packed as well with long awaited basketball games with friends. And oh, I recently got hooked onto Heroes as well. Nevertheless, here I am, having finished all 3 episodes. Let’s see what these 3 episodes were about and how they fared. Since it’s been a while since the episodes were out, I’m going to assume the reader has watched the episodes and is ready for  a spoiler filled post.

Episode 6 makes up of 2 parts, meeting Dr Marcoh coincidentally at a train station who directed Edward to the first Library branch and having his arm repaired and restoring his brother body back. Short, sweet and straight to the point, armstrong was in the episode to keep it from being too boring since this isn’t exactly an action packed episode but more like a launchpad to the next major point in the whole FMA story.

Episode 7 starts off with Scar being discovered by the homoculous and a fight ensues with scar suffering serious injuries. The latter half of the episode focused on Edward and Al finding their way to the truth behind the philosopher stone and then, the truth behind the truth, that being Lab 5 right? The bookworm librarian makes a show here to assist Edward in his quest who promptly ‘sold’ her to Lt Col Huges when they first met. Despite warnings from Armstrong not to investigate Lab 5, the two brothers snucked in.

In episode 8, the episode gets flashy with action packed scenes. This episode also highlighted a very important point whereby Al starts doubting whether he is for real.

Ignoring the fact that Dr Marcoh was discovered by random chance, episode 7 was pretty enjoyable and showed how Edward begins on his quest to find the truth of the philosopher stone, winry’s voice wasn’t as bad as some people thought it would be but the grandma’s voice is really different, not really used to it. Episode 8 was concise and yet doesn’t feel too rushed at all, we get scar, the progress of the 2 brothers and their entry into lab 5 nicely written into 1 episode though there’s really a lot of SD moments within this episode but it’s within acceptable levels imo.

What I really liked from these 3 episodes was the clash between Edward and Slicer, we can see the budget being utilised properly here, really cool awesome and fluid fight scenes, especially by slicer. Since tucker had already died, the first series whereby tucker made an appearence is totally invalid and no prisoners/sacrifices were ever shown, this makes for a pretty fast paced episode where now you see the lab, now you don’t. In this episode, the homoculous made an appearance before Edward but do not identify themselves, I wonder what Edward will think of them but being such a genius, I’m sure he will come to the conclusion soon enough. With Al beginning to doubt his own existance, will Scar step in to reaffirm his existance as a former human?


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