k-on! episode 11: crisis!

can the crisis be averted in time?

can the crisis be averted in time?

Ooohhh: what an episode. As the title explicitly states the girls find themselves in a bit of a predicament. The interesting part is that for nearly half the episode, you’re wondering what exactly the crisis is: Is it – as the previews suggest – the fact that Yui hasn’t maintained her guitar (affectionately named Giita or Gitah depending on which subbers you follow) since she purchased it and the service time might conflict with their upcoming performance? Or maybe that Ritsu forgot to hand in the auditorium usage form again? Or will it be something much more serious than that?

Yui's idea of caring for her guitar

Yui's idea of caring for her guitar

Let’s start with Yui’s guitar. Before practice, she mentions that her guitar doesn’t “sound right” and after Azusa takes a closer look at it, she notices that the strings are rusting; apparently Yui didn’t know they could be changed. Azusa scolds Yui for not taking care of her guitar but Yui refutes this accusation, explaining that she sleeps with her guitar and plays dress-up with it. Unfortunately, that’s not the kind of “care” that Azusa is talking about. So the girls take a trip to the music store where Gitah gets a little tender love and care. Funnily enough, the store employee who looks after Yui’s guitar first thinks it’s a vintage but Azusa clarifies that it’s just a little dirty. At first Mio insisted on waiting outside because, being a lefty, a store full of right-handed instruments makes her sad. But when Ritsu points out that the store is featuring a line of left-handed instruments, Mio gets excited to the point of not wanting to leave. When the maintenance for Yui’s guitar is done, we think that the potential for crisis is averted but then we learn that the service fee is ¥5,000 and Yui doesn’t have any money. CRISIS! But wait, Mugi’s family actually owns the store, so when the staff realizes that Yui’s with “Tsumugi Ojou-sama”, they waive the charge. Crisis averted.

A reprise of Nodoka’s appearance comes with bad news: Ritsu has forgotten to hand in the auditorium usage form yet again. A small argument also erupts when no one can decide on a band name. The final decision comes near the end of the episode when Sawako-Sensei abruptly chooses the name “Afternoon Tea Time”, upset that the girls’ indecisiveness disrupted her tea time.

Nodoka and Ritsu apologize on behalf of the Light Music Club

Nodoka and Ritsu apologize on behalf of the Light Music Club

This crisis is also averted when not only Ritsu apologizes for the lateness in which the form is submitted, but Nodoka backs the club up as well, using her standing as a member of the student council.

Now for the real crisis: Mio may have finally grown tired of Ritsu’s antics. These two girls have been friends for a long time and the differences in their character are like night and day: Mio is quiet, refined and mature; Ritsu is loud, brash and childish. So when Mio asks to join Yui in meeting up with Nodoka, Ritsu is at first just curious, but her curiosity seems to boil into jealousy when Mio and Nodoka – who are in the same class while Ritsu, Yui, and Mugi are in a different class – seem to get along really well. Ritsu goes on to interrupt their lunch time, announcing that lunch time is going to be practice time since the School Festival is fast approaching. Mio agrees but loses her temper when Ritsu wastes time teasing her. When they finally get down to practice, Ritsu’s drumming is noticeably off; she retires early after saying she doesn’t feel like playing. However, she fails to show up after school for practice, and the following day, is absent from school. CRISIS! In the absence of their drummer and with the School Festival around the corner, Sawako-Sensei suggests they start looking for a replacement, just in case, but Mugi adamantly insists that they wait: she’s confident Ritsu will return.

After school, Mio goes to Ritsu’s house. Before she even reaches her bedroom door, though, Ritsu calls her out by name, claiming that she knew it was her because she recognizes her footsteps. Upon entering the room, Mio finds Ritsu in bed with a compress on her head: the reason for her absence is not tension in their friendship but rather because of a cold. Mio and Ritsu talk calmly and in a friendly manner which implies their friendship is much deeper than antics and taunts. Ritsu feels bad for falling ill just before the performance and Mio tells her to focus on getting better because the she and other girls are waiting for her. Ritsu also asks if they’re mad, specifically asking if Mio is mad with her. Mio replies that no one is mad, not even her.

Ritsu returns fully recovered and full of energy. So both the crisis of a troubled friendship and a sick bandmate have been averted – until Yui sneezes.

The crisis continues next week.

5 Responses to “k-on! episode 11: crisis!”

  1. 1 Kikuri
    17 June 2009 at 12:41 pm

    I think Afternoon Tea Time is a very catchy name for a band. As for Mio and Ricchan, opposite does attract! I believe crisis can bring them even closer…

  2. 17 June 2009 at 6:33 pm

    Eh…the \’crisis\’ felt forced to me; it didn\’t really mesh well with the general feel of K-On.

    …but then again, it\’s not like I\’m much of a fan of the series anyway

  3. 3 Mark Dandrew
    17 June 2009 at 10:31 pm

    Since when did this become the “K-on” blog.

  4. 4 blindability
    26 June 2009 at 12:36 am

    since someone came along who wanted to review it and who has time to do it on a fairly regular basis. PLUS that someone had to go on vacation and wanted to post her review before she left! (phew)

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