Hetalia Axis Powers episodes 15-17

If you are one of those folk who were reading my Hetalia posts long after it’s finished airing, then sorry about sticking these episodes all together in one bundle. I had to take a break with VERY important exams and I only just finished them. However more than likely you’ll be reading this long after you’ve seen the episodes. But why not read on anyway, it might remind you of parts of the plot you’ve forgotten….*pfft* OK yeah, I’m kidding.

Me having some fun with photoshop

Me having some fun with photoshop


Episode 15

They've been using this training gag for a few episodes now, but for some reason I end up giggling just by Germany saying 'numbers!'

They've been using this training gag for a few episodes now, but for some reason I end up giggling just by Germany saying 'numbers!'

This was a Japan orientated episode and, like most things involving Japan, it wasn’t as funny as the European countries, for the simple reason that I am European and therefore find them automatically funnier. Actually I think it’s more than that. Hetalia really takes the piss out of England, France and Italy in a general way while Japanese jokes are more focused on a certain aspect of Japanese culture. I mean, I get the jokes but they aren’t as funny as Germany/Italy gags.

Episode 16

Why zee panda?

Why zee panda?

Unfortunately, this three episodes were crappy Hetalia, this one being the weakest. While Japan is sporadically funny, China just isn’t funny at all. I mean, the Kanji joke was sort of funny but for the most part I just don’t get what’s suppossed to be funny about him. Most of the Hetalia fangirls don’t seem to like these two either. Well, when I say not like, I mean they are far too focused on Italy, Germany, America and Russia. Mainly Russia, the character who’s barely shown up in this anime at all.

Episode 17


For the last few episodes, Hetalia has been dropping hints about this ‘America’s storage cleaning’ thingy. The problem is they’ve been building up for so long by this stage I was fed up of those clips with really bad engrish. So these past 3 episodes haven’t been great but I’ve seen the next three as well (I may have had exams but these were only 5 minutes long. Plus, I had a history exam so they helped…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) and Hetalia returns to form in glorious fashion in the next episode. But that’s for later, I don’t want this post to end up too long.

So yeah, I’m back into this whole blogging thing 🙂

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