Suzumiya Haruhi Season 2 episode 3: Deja Vu?

All of the sudden, the story took an interesting turn. Or rather, an unexpected loop of events. Scamp had shared some of his views of how will the matter would resolve though I personally believe that the writers are simply messing us up. Now that we are certain something weird truly is going on with Haruhi and her surrounding universe, we can only wonder how will it eventually resolve. Speaking of continuous loop, I’ve been submerging myself with Suzumiya Haruhi no Gensou OST again and again and again. To say the OST is not bad, that would be quite an understatement. After all, it is performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra as conducted by Philip Chu who, by the way, had some experience conducting musical scores for games and also had once worked side-by-side with Tan Dun, a Grammy and Oscar awards-winning composer. But then again, it’s not the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra is never familiar with anime works before. Now, enough of the spamming and back to the review.

Synopsis: At the opening scene, Kyon begins to suspect, as many others (and myself) would have suspect later, that something is not right. Although there are obvious differences in the minor details such as outfits or actions, the events leading up to the 2-week summer getaway are exactly the same as the previous episode. From the swimming pool picnic to the hanabi festival; from the bug-catching trip to the part-time job; from the batting session to karaoke. However there are some notable alterations in this episode as compared to the previous one. For example, this time, it is Kyon who had to carry along Haruhi and Yuki on his bike, instead of Koizumi. Along the way though, Kyon had a little suspicion that he had a deja vu feeling about the happenings of the day. Little did he know that Koizumi too felt the same way. Kyon also pointed out that Yuki looks bored thoughout though he can’t seem to figure out why. Later the day, as expected, the gang gathered at a cafe where Haruhi lays out their summer activities to them. The next day is the hanabi festival and it is difficult to ignore Kyon’s ever-horny face when he set his sight on Mikuru. The events of the night are exactly the same as the previous episode though the fireworks were done less extravagantly unlike last time. Even then, the rest follows out just the same. The bug catching, then to the part-time job. It was after the latter when Kyon received a call from Koizumi that night. He meets up with Koizumi as fast as he could where he is surprised to see Mikuru and Yuki there. More troubling is that Mikuru sobbing for not being able to return to the future.

Koizumi begins to explain to Kyon that they are stuck in an endless timeline loop; pinpointing that the events started from the morning when Haruhi invites everyone to the public pool to the last day of the summer break, which is from the 8th of August to the 31st, adding that there won’t be a future from 1st September onwards. Though this seems hard to believe in but it would definitely explains the deja vu feeling they are felt for the last few days. Furthermore, Mikuru not being able to able to return to the future proves this theory. However, Yuki confirms this since she is an independant entity unafftected by the changes in time and space. She reveals that this time loop is at its 15498th repetition or approximately 594 years long. And Yuki had to endure through it all. On the following night, Koizumi suggested Kyon to attempt something out of the ordinary in order to break the time loop because it is possible that the loop is created by Haruhi as if she feels something has yet to be accomplished but Kyon refuses to do anything. And so, time moves on until the second last day of summer break. Haruhi goes through the list; wanting to add more to the list but none could voice out any suggestion. So Haruhi makes her way out to go back home. Kyon tries to stop her in order to stop the time loop but couldn’t think of any suggestion. And so, the loop begins to a new repetition.

Thoughts: So this is what I felt thoughout watching this episode. Time loop fits in well to the realm of impossibility that is imaginable in Haruhi’s universe. This also spells that the writers might actually out of creativity content to even be bothered to repeat the same events on every episode, with slight alterations, of course. Even so, this won’t necessary makes the story any interesting either way. For the first few minutes, I too had a relapse of deja vu; only because the episode progressed accordingly to the events in the previous episodes. So, coming to the question of how will the time loop, dubbed Endless Light, end? IMO, it ultimately depends on Kyon. It is clearly evident that Kyon had influenced on how the universe will shape since Haruhi is in the centre of it. Being close to Haruhi simply means that he is directly responsible to all the unexplainable events happened in the story. From how I see it, Haruhi did felt unsatisfied of how the summer vacation ended but it also looks like as if she does enjoy her time throughout — meaning that she has no intention to end the summer break. Perhaps, we will be seeing Endless Light for a couple more episodes to come until something definitive happens. Until then, we just have endure it all just like Yuki did.

8 Responses to “Suzumiya Haruhi Season 2 episode 3: Deja Vu?”

  1. 1 RayZaruki
    12 July 2009 at 3:14 am

    I… Wonder…. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS SHOW? Trying to impress the viewers? Or is it merely trying to waste our precious time? I have all the time in the world to do other things but in the end i chose to watch haruhi season 2 and all i get is this looping shit they give me? TOTALLY IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!! Okay if KyoAni is trying to show that they are unique and special in terms of anime production, let me tell you, YOU GUYS ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BLEACH’S BOUNTO SERIES ( yes the filler episodes of bleach that has a really unbearable and disgusting plot that even my 3 years old brother’s dick feels sorry for the show). Think about it, if Kyon really wants to stop the looping of time, he could just stop and ask Haruhi “Is there something else you wanna do? Cause i think you still aren’t satisfied with this level of enjoyment” instead of trying to guess what Haruhi wants. Furthermore, on 30th of august he has ONE WHOLE FUCKING DAY to ask Haruhi out and enjoy life with her, why bother staying at home and rot and do nothing? Is KyoAnime trying to promote anti-proactive behavior? Trust me, an idiot will do that if he knows that he is undergoing time looping 15XXX times. Lastly i would like to thank KyoAni for wasting my fucking time to watch this kind of fucking lame show. Erm….im sorry… maybe my use of language is too replusive…. but at the meantime can i just the producers of KyoAni to do me one last favour? Can you guys GO FUCK YOURSELVES? Thank you, i would appreciate that. I hope you all burn in hell and get tortured by Haruhi because she will probably regret that she allowed you guys to produce her. What a shame to such an cute and adorable character. What a waste to such good quality anime. What a disgrace of the entire human race. What a motherfucking company to waste people’s time to watch their titty little shit anime. You guys actually have the balls to produce this kind of shit. I think you guys should direct the next “DRAGON BALL EVOLUTION 2” because i think the movie’s rating was around… let’s see 1/2 star out of 5 stars. OPPS, i forgot maybe the movie was even better than this anime by around 1000 times. NONONO, MAYBE 15499 TIMES. Dear producers, if you guys are really out of ideas or have nothing better to do, go masturbate, it really relieves your stress. Just a little suggestion, maybe you could watch some haruhi hentai to make yourself erected. OH man, im sorry im being very rude here to all the bloggers out there. oh it’s 3 am. looks like i gottcha sleep. IF THE LOOPING TIME EVER HAPPENS TO ME, I WILL BE PLEASED TO ALLOW IT to HAPPEN BECAUSE I will enjoy the opportunity FLAME and curse THIS FUCKING ANIME FOR ETERNITY. See you guys around, yea really…. and HARUHI PRODUCERS =D dont forget what i told you guys ^^ “go fuck yourselves” (literally) or maybe you can let some dogs to help you erect. HAiz, i think im just too pissed off with this anime. Trust me, if anyone ever appears to me and say HARUHI is a nice anime for their looping, i will literally KILL HIM or maybe not her. K THANKS BYE. ehhh, dont forget, go fuck yourselves ^^ love you guys. Cya all in hell. OH maybe i will go heaven for making this kind of comments. hehe. I bet the God feels irritated watching this kind of rubbish. FUCKING C.M.I show. BTW, im an indian. You can come india and look for me if you think my comments are unacceptable. THANKS. Fuckers

  2. 13 July 2009 at 5:07 am

    “Or is it merely trying to waste our precious time?”

    In a matter of speaking, no. Why else would we watch it, if not for the small details… I’m gonna go and enjoy the feeling of being trapped.

  3. 3 Lightness1024
    13 July 2009 at 9:33 am

    I agree with the content of that first comment. though not on the form since the second part is only a loop of insults ^^ lol
    but really, what the fuck ?
    3 fucking episodes of this shit ?
    its really a disgrace to haruhi, i totally agree on that point.
    I have to say, i was disapointed at the end of the first episode because they flushed summer away too fast, which in any other anime would have taken 2 or 3 episodes.
    this is their way of reaching this quantity it would appear…
    but come on…
    i was hooked by the theory in the beginning of the second loop, but making repeat throughout the entire episode ? AND ANOTHER TIME AGAIN ???? really this is…. an insult to us the fans.
    we saw that in day break tv series and it was much more clever. we saw that in Groundhog Day, and it was booooooooring as hell. we saw that in stargate SG1, AND in antlantis too i think.
    now REALLY its getting OLD.

    my 2 cents.

  4. 13 July 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Ahh, I might be the only person on the internet who thinks this:

    I just finished watching eps 3, 4 and 5, all from the timeloop, and I have to say: How fantastic that they’ve done this, 4 uniquely crafted episodes, different in every way, similar only in only minute details. (think about that, watch closely).

    It takes guts to produce something like this, and in retrospect Haruhi is probably one of the few shows that could get away with it. I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes so far and am looking forward to the rest of them (and the inevitable conclusion).

    I can’t help feeling sorry for all of them for not sorting it out sooner.
    15,000 loops is a pretty long time not to do anything about it. I wonder if 15,498 was the first time they approached yuki about the problem.

  5. 5 Lightness1024
    14 July 2009 at 6:11 am

    I’m done watching this anime. the 5th episode did it again and apparently the 6th will just be the same again.
    Of course they had to go through all the drawing again since evey single painting is different from episode to episode, but fuck, it must bore even the team to do that !
    at least in groundhog day he tries to suicide himself, do shit since he thinks there is no consequences to his action. in which case, just admit it, we’ll be raping haruhi by now.
    and even that, doesn’t happen here.
    nagato just takes it, 600 hundred years to live only summer weather and see the same actions and the same movie 15.000 times, nobody on earth wouldn’t be dead of madness.

    how can they get away with that ? people not really into it may overwatch the serie and the next week looking at the action thinks “oh i know this episode” and switch channel…

  6. 14 July 2009 at 6:20 am

    Ahh, those the casual fans will lose interest… their loss, our loss?

    Chances are if you did anything to Haruhi to stop her leaving the cafe on the second to last day you’d stop the time loop, but there hasn’t been the inspiration to change anything yet. And every loop the weight of the past mounts up on Kyon and he feels even more guilty in his stomach.

    Yes, poor yuki, good to see you’re empathising with a character, personally I think Kyon and Yuki are to blame for not doing something already. Yuki should have stopped observing and done something about it, or Kyon, or the other two should have gone to Yuki and asked her to remind them of the time loop from day 1 to stop the pointless discussions.

  7. 14 July 2009 at 9:01 pm

    Yeah the last 3 episodes were pretty bad, and I actually disliked the “summer” episode as well, they just looked like a bunch of spoiled kids.

  8. 8 Valkyrie
    27 July 2009 at 6:30 pm

    ummm, yeah, if you don’t like it then stop watching it. I know those of you who are pissed the most will be the first to download the next episode, no matter how many times they loop it. Anyway, what I did after the 5 ep. was to skip to the end. END OF PROBLEM. Other than that it wasn’t that annoying

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