Suzumiya Haruhi Season 2 episode 4: Endless Encore

Once again, Kyon wakes up and begins to wonder if something wrong is happening now. He was not far from the truth. Now entering into the third episode of Endless Light, there is no telling when will this time loop will end. So yeah, we all are well aware of how wacky can this anime can be. From its supernatural phenomena to the chronologically random episodic sequence, we can know for sure that this season is something much different than the first one. It seems that this season had the most sense in terms of the chronological progress. But rather than a linear one, it is stuck on a continuous loop that could be annoying to some viewers out there, especially noted from the comments I received from the previous episode reviews that I did. Just to clear the air here, no point of cussing me and many others who follow this anime series because ultimately, it’s the writers who penned down how the story would develop and definitely not us. So, try be polite for once and withhold yourselves from leaving a hate comment on this review. Otherwise, you’re better off not watching Suzumiya Haruhi altogether. Okay, I’m getting too personal on this sentiment but I’m just making a point here. More after the jump.

Synopsis: For once, writing a synopsis for this episode seems pointless. Why wouldn’t it? This episode has the exact same storyline as the previous episode, in exceptions to several minute details as I’ve discussed before this, such as their clothings. However, what is more alarming to me is how the conversations throughout this episode is more similar to the previous one. Even the points where Kyon is having his deja vu moments and when they have come to conclusion that they’re stuck in time loop is the same as the previous episode. The faint difference I felt after watching this episode is the obviously more positive mood as compared to the previous one. Somehow, I felt more despaired and desperate in the previous episode unlike the curious yet positive tone that I felt in this one. Now really, there isn’t much of a synopsis here. I’d sound delirious if I do, given that there is no difference in the storyline here and then. But still, I couldn’t ignore the fact that Kyon looks just as horny once he sees Mikuru looking moe in her yukata. It’s always the same each time. I also must point out that this episode is the 15499th repetition of the Endless Light event as noted by the always diligent observer Yuki. So the chronology is progressing quite normally if I have to put it that way.

Thoughts: I must say that I feel sorry that viewers who are not big fans of this show will feel annoyed and angry after watching this episode and it is obvious that they will be more upset in episodes to come. As I have suspected before, the Endless Light will be dragged for more episodes to come. The only thing I resent against KyoAni this time is how similar this episode is to the previous one and the length of episodes that it will take to resolve this Endless Light phenomenon. As we all should have known, this is not the first time that Suzumiya Haruhi has created a time-space trap. Before this, she had only created a space trap, creating a restricted dimentional enclosure that holds only the things she cares for. Similarly, Endless Light is a time-trap or better put as a time loop of which the timeline when she had the most fun and felt something unresolved in that time frame. Come to think of it, I wonder if she is aware of the existence of phenomena she created herself. In particular, I wonder if she herself have some residual memories of the previous Endless Light repetitions just as how Koizumi and Kyon felt throughout. But the real question here is when will KyoAni put an end to this ever-growing madness of Endless Light? Sure, it would be a great idea for the moment but dragging this for a few more episodes would be quite annoying, don’t you agree?

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