canaan episodes three & four (sigh)

alphard owns canaan

In my first review of the first two episodes, my first impression was that I found this anime entertaining and interesting. In my second review of the third and fourth episodes, I’m afraid I have to retract my interest. Unfortunately, drawing out or even putting off this review isn’t going to make the series any better so I may as well get down to the happenings in Episodes Three and Four.

the "grandson"

the “grandson”

At the end of Episode Two, Maria and Mino were kicked out of their hotel and ran into Hakko – dressed up as a sex kitten. In the beginning of the Third Episode, they follow her to the lounge where she works and Mino discovers that she bears the mysterious Mark that keeps popping up, but before he can ask any questions regarding it, they’re thrown out. The following day, Canaan shows up at their hotel, surprising both Maria and Mino (who unfortunately had to share a room): Maria’s surprised Canaan was able to locate her even after they changed hotels without telling her; Mino’s surprised that Canaan climbed in through the window when their room is on the fifth floor. After Canaan intimidates Mino, she and Maria spend the day together: shopping, eating, and visiting an amusement park. During this time, Maria monologues (in her head) that Canaan is a regular, normal girl. However, this rosy image is shattered when Canaan kills the “grandson” in front of Maria. The “grandson” and his “grandfather” – who, in actuality, are brothers – are victims of the Ua Virus and its effects caused the brother who died in the second episode to age rapidly while the second brother’s body stopped developing. In both cases, their internal organs suffered severe damage. After the death of the remaining brother, Canaan senses the “colour” of rejection from Maria and leaves.

shamThe Fourth Episode begins with Maria who’s psychologically paralyzed after witnessing Canaan kill. She feels deceived while Canaan wonders if she’s been abandoned again. A flash back of her past shows that she was a survivor in what appeared to be a disaster that decimated her home town. She’s picked up by a soldier named Sham who raises and trains her. He has a tattoo on his left arm – the same tattoo that both Canaan and Alphard bear. Though not explicitly shown, it’s assumed that he was killed by Alphard.

Flash back to the “present” and Mino treats Maria to a seafood dinner to cheer her up, and Alphard attends a formal corporate function. After Mino and Maria’s dinner, Maria decides to take a walk alone and visits the places that she had been with Canaan previously. She thinks about her friend and recalls the time they first met. She remembers all the times Canaan saved her and feels bad for having rejected her. Canaan, meanwhile, has tracked Alphard and confronts her in the women’s washroom. She easily falls victim to Alphard’s taunts and a fight breaks out. Unable to control her emotions, Canaan is overtaken by Alphard who gives her a good beating. Her life is spared in the end, however; Alphard explains that she’s having too much fun to kill Canaan just yet.

I suppose the show has potential still but if it doesn’t give its viewers something substantial to sink their teeth into then I’m afraid it may become Potential Lost. If it’s this difficult to get through the third and fourth episodes, I doubt many watchers will stick around until the end of the series – especially when there are other animes (and by other, I do mean better) to be watching. I’m most disappointed with the characters: they’re not as developed as I had hoped they would be, and are surprisingly childish and immature. While each episode thus far has shown us some action (car chases, gun fights) it’s not enough to build up anticipation or excitement for the series in general.

4 Responses to “canaan episodes three & four (sigh)”

  1. 3 August 2009 at 3:52 pm

    I completely agree with you. Sure it’s pretty to look at but…I just don’t care about any of the characters because they’ve made no attempt at properly developing them.

  2. 3 August 2009 at 9:31 pm

    I have found myself bored with this series as of episode four.
    It didn’t properly use the strong first two eps.
    Especially that “Oh i wont kill you now, that would be boring” thing they did.

  3. 24 September 2009 at 2:28 am

    Are you kidding? I LOVE this anime LOL! It has intrigued me sooo much! i LOVE Canaan!!

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