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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 36

This may be a slightly shorter than usual Hetalia post I’m afraid. Sometimes it’s just difficult to find anything to say about an episode.


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Sora no Manimani episode 10

It feels like ages since the last episode. That’s due to a combination of slow subs and the fact that my BitTorrent won’t work since I moved to college. For a while I thought I would have to watch stuff streamed but thankfully I discovered DDL and all is right with my anime world again. Mind you, I’ve never taken screenshots with a DDL video before so if your monitor explodes while reading this post, that’s the reason why.


Thankfully it means I can still choose what screenshots to take. Guess what I took screenshots of…heh heh heh.

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 35 + Hetalia feature length movie?

Yes, a feature length movie about Hetalia. I really don’t know what to say. I certainly don’t have enough space to talk about it as my opening paragraph so I guess I’ll tackle that issue (plus I had already typed out most of this post before I heard about the news and I’m not changing it now). So for now I’ll focus on the awesome episode at hand.


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Cowon A3+S9+nokia 6220c = SECRET ITEM!

Selling the above 3

nokia 6220 Classic – 5 MP Xenon Flash camera phone

Cowon A3 – Insane video/music player which can play anything on this earth

Cowon S9 – Insane music/video player which has more EQs than all the ipods combine can ever give you

gave me….

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 34

It might interest you to learn that I’m currently homeless. Yup, I’ve moved out of my parents house and yet to move into college accommodation. I’m writing this post underneath a bridge (wifi is everywhere!), curled up in my sleeping bag. Such is my dedication to Hetalia blogging.


The above statement may be slightly exaggerated.

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canaan episodes 9 & 10

darker than black hei

Remember in Episode One, when Canaan seemed so cool because she was an amazingly skilled assassin, showing off her Synesthestic powers which help her obliterate all of her enemies (except for Alphard, that is)? Well, since losing her ability to see and feel the “colours”, we realize how utterly useless Canaan really is. She’s peeved because she doesn’t feel equip to protect Maria; I’m peeved because she can’t land a shot on someone standing right in front of her.

I always figured that killers can kill regardless of any “super-human” abilities they may possess – or at least they should be able to. Take Hei for example, from Darker Than Black: as a Contractor, he’s quite deadly. But even when he’s not using his Contractor abilities, he’s no less of a threat. It’s not like, if for one reason or another, he couldn’t generate electricity (or reconstruct particles on an atomic level), his enemy could easily elude him. It’s dangerous to be on Hei’s bad side – which is why I carry a bag of cookies and a cup of instant noodles with me at all times.

But I digress.

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 33

I often won’t notice in weekly airing anime when the subs start to fall behind. I don’t really keep a mental track of the days the subs usually come out. The exceptions would be when the subs start to fall really far behind, like a few weeks behind. Or if I’m blogging the anime, I seem to remember around what day the subs should come out.


So yes, I also noticed that the subs were pretty darn late for this episode. Come one gg, you used to be so punctual!

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The posts that never saw the light of day

They can appear at any time. I could be walking into town, watching a mind-numbingly boring documentary on tv or eating a bar of chocolate when it hits me: An idea for a blog post. In fact I get so many random bursts of inspiration that you will see only a fraction of the nonsense that appears in my head. Sometimes I even keep these idea’s in my head until I actually reach the computer and yet they never get posted. So this time I’m going to dedicate a post to those blog posts that you will never see. Well, you will see them here, except not in the full glory that I had originally intended.


Osaka is the perfect header image for this post. So many of these idea’s I come up with might seem like a good idea and yet when I say these things out loud, they never sound quite as intelligent as they did in my head.

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