The posts that never saw the light of day

They can appear at any time. I could be walking into town, watching a mind-numbingly boring documentary on tv or eating a bar of chocolate when it hits me: An idea for a blog post. In fact I get so many random bursts of inspiration that you will see only a fraction of the nonsense that appears in my head. Sometimes I even keep these idea’s in my head until I actually reach the computer and yet they never get posted. So this time I’m going to dedicate a post to those blog posts that you will never see. Well, you will see them here, except not in the full glory that I had originally intended.


Osaka is the perfect header image for this post. So many of these idea’s I come up with might seem like a good idea and yet when I say these things out loud, they never sound quite as intelligent as they did in my head.

Title: Possible ways to improve Shangri-La

Thought process: Shangri-La isn’t a great anime is it. It wasn’t terrible and there certainly was potential in there beneath all those nonsensical plot twists and horrible characters. The greatest possible solution I could think of was a certain direction the story could have taken. Actually I came up with several possible directions the story could have turned that would’ve vastly improved the anime. One was for Kuniko to convince Metal Age to build a gigantic catapult and fire a giant anvil into Atlas so it lands right on top of Lady Ryoko’s head. Another was for that fat transsexual to lose patience at the treatment Lady Mikuni was getting and to barge into Lady Ryoko’s room and toss a giant anvil on her head. Or they could have Ryoko to appear on television, announcing her reign over Atlas, only for a giant anvil to land on her head…you get the point.

Why it was never posted: Honestly, I came pretty close to posting this one. I’d even written out the first paragraph. However by that time I was several episodes behind. To properly talk about Shangri-La without having a group of people yelling “it gets better  rawr rawr” I had to keep up to date. But when I got around to watching the more recent episodes…ok, I never got around to watching those episodes, I’d lost all interest in the show. I mean, for all I know a giant anvil really did land on Lady Ryoko’s head.


Title: The Shafting of your favourite anime


Thought Process: Shaft’s style is so unique that any anime that’s done by then instantly loses all recognition as the original author’s creation and becomes Shafted. Basically, when something has been Shafted, it’s hard to imagine what it would look like if it wasn’t Shafted. Now, I had just read the Death Note: Another Note book (excellent book btw) by Nision, the very guy who wrote Bakemonogatari, and found myself wondering what Death note would’ve looked like if it had been made by Shaft. That then led on to imagining what all my favourite anime would look like if it was made by Shaft. My particular favourite was to imagine what they would’ve done to Chobits. Just think about how different that show would’ve felt if made by Shaft.

Why it was never posted: There is one anime that is vital to have seen to make this post: Negima?!  It’s the only anime that has both a shaft version and a non-shaft version. Now I’ve seen the original version done by Xebec. In fact it was the second anime I ever watched. I thought it was rubbish so the idea of watching the entire thing again just to prove a point in a post did not appeal to me. Plus, how the hell do you show to everyone what a Shafted Chobits would look like?


Title: Clannad > After Story

Thought Process: Every single moe lover out there seems to adore Clannad After Story. I don’t. I’m no moe lover, far from it, but I really enjoyed the first season of Clannad. It made me roar with laughter and I loved the character of Tomoya. He reminded so much of myself it was a bit scary. The After Story, on the other hand, I despised. It took my favourite part of Clannad, the lulz, and replaced it with even more sob story nonsense. That killed everything I liked about Clannad, leaving me with no reason to watch the thing.

Why it was never posted: First, the final post would end up looking an awful lot like flamebait. Now I may be many things, but a flamebaiter isn’t one of them. But mainly it’s because I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of the After Story and the rest is taken from reviews. While they may confirm the fact that the rest is a giant sobstory with none of the Clannad that I loved in the first season, I know I would still get bombarded with “it gets better rawr rawr rawr ” folk who would totally miss the point of why I dropped the show in the first place. In case it hasn’t become clear, I hate the “it gets better” crowd.


Title: Blogging Revolutionary Girl Utena

Thought Process: I saw a post on Fuzakenna inviting anime bloggers to start a collective blogging of Revolutionary Girl Utena and I thought, great! I’ve literally just finished downloading the series and I’ve also just finished Monster and willing to start another long-ish series (anything longer than 30 episodes is considered long for me). I’ve never done this community blogging thing before and it would be a good way to get a bit of acknowledgment from the anime blogging community, something this blog rather sorely lacks at the moment.

Why is was never posted: Because I know my own limits. I’ve never seen Utena but I’ve most certainly heard about it. Full of symbolism, abstractness and thematic indirection, trying to discuss an anime like that with my limited writing skills? Now I’m not a guy to be modest and I know I’ve vastly improved my writing skills since I’ve started blogging but to start discussing Utena? I just don’t have that level of confidence in my own writing ability. Plus I downloaded Utena on impulse and I have this sneaking feeling that it won’t be my sort of thing.


Title: Japanese women have a better taste in doujins than men

Thought Process: I saw some figures for the most popular doujins at Comiket recently and Japanese male otaku have a horrible taste in doujins. It’s all bloody moe! K-ON, Saki, Nanoha and so on. It’s just full of those stupid moe blob shows that get doujins. And what’s the most popular female doujins? Stuff like Code Geass and Gundam 00.

Why it was never posted: Actually it was. I posted pretty much all of that in the middle of a Hetalia post. There isn’t enough there to make a legitimate post, as is the case with many of the other idea’s that spring to mind. Quite often I end up working them into an episodic post. Especially when it comes to currently airing shows, I usually end up working in feelings about Bakemonogatari or Spice and Wolf into the middle of a Sora no Manimani post. So if you ever see me go off on a tangent while discussing the most recent episode of Sora no Manimani, it’s often because I didn’t want to devote an entire post to that subject yet I wanted to get it down in writing somehow.


Title: I’ve forgotten

Thought Process: I was watching an episode of something-or-other when I thought ‘hey yeah, what a great idea for a blog post’.

Why it was never posted: I’ve forgotten about it. This is what happens to most posts. Sometimes I’ll remember them several weeks later and think ‘oh yeah, I remember that’. In fact I started writing this post because someone mentioned anvils. That got me thinking ‘anvils…oh yeah!’


Title: Hetalia Axis Powers episode 33


Thought Process: Because people like to hear other people’s opinions on an episode they just watched. Often they will go to forums but sometimes the feel of forums discussions is not what they’re looking for. They’re looking for one person to articulate their thoughts on the episode in more detail. In a way, it’s nothing more than glorified forums, but instead you get to read posts of each episode by someone who’s work you actually enjoy reading. In fact, following a blog while watching a new anime weekly can often increase your enjoyment of a series, enriching the entire anime viewing experience.

Why it was never posted: Because gg have yet to sub the latest episode. What’s happened gg, you used to be so punctual!


10 Responses to “The posts that never saw the light of day”

  1. 13 September 2009 at 5:27 am

    I do this all the time, write up a post, hell even almost finish one or completely finish it and just never bother to post it for no real reason.

    In some cases I’d say you shouldn’t have even typed them up in your case, not in a rude way just…yeah. Like you said for a few of your ideas you were posting about shows you havn’t even seen before and only have an opinion to write your OWN review based on OTHER reviews. I don’t agree with writing something like that, I know it’s your blog and you can write what you want but you probably shouldn’t even think to review something if you haven’t even seen it, you know?

    I mean how do you review something if you don’t know it?

    But yeah, aside from that I do this all the time, sometimes my drafts section of wordpress has more in it than my already posted stuff, its ridiculous buuuut I’d recommend keeping them there or making a post like you did instead of just erasing them all off the face of the internet. Even if you never post them they can help you think up ideas later on sometimes which can turn out useful or…not in some cases. But nothing to lose from keeping them around in one form or anotehr.

  2. 13 September 2009 at 5:41 pm


    I never said I would review something I hadn’t seen, just reviewing something I hadn’t seen enough of. That’s the case with After Story and Shangri-La. With Utena I’m basing my reason not to blog it because of what I’ve heard about it’s crazy level of abstract nonsense.

    I hate leaving a post unfinished in my drafts. Unless it’s a season preview or first impressions, I have an angle I’m trying to go from in my posts. If i stop writing and come back to it later, I’ll have totally lost my train of thought and I’ll end up with a disjointed post. I guess that’s why I end up forgetting most of my ideas, because I can’t write them down unless they’re fully formed. I should probably get a notebook to write down some notes or something but I’ve been meaning to do that since the dawn of time and still haven’t got around to it.

  3. 22 September 2009 at 7:19 pm

    @Scamp Hotlink fail?

  4. 23 November 2009 at 6:30 am

    I have a pretty large number of botched abortion posts. Some of them I fully wrote on paper and lost confidence in before ever posting. Some of them are half-written carcasses sitting in the site backroom. A lot of them are posts I still fully intend to do, I just can’t find the inspiration to go ahead with them.

    In regards to ‘shafting your favorite anime’ Bakemonogatari (and Zetsubou Sensei for that matter) are interesting because the anime adaptions are really the best reflections of the original works. Word has it when NISIOISIN was asked if they could do an anime adaption of Bakemonogatari, he basically asked how it could be possible, but then when he found out that it was Shinbo directing and had a meeting with Shinbo about how they’d do it, he approved.

  5. 23 November 2009 at 7:53 am


    Commenting on older posts eh? It’s normally pretty embarressing to go back to these but at least you picked one of the better written ones.

    It’s going to be interesting to see Katanagatari for that exact reason. Is he a writer that can only be properly adapted by Shaft? You never really know unless you see another studios version of the same work.

  6. 23 November 2009 at 11:58 am

    what the hell why is this post so old anyway?!?! I thought it was new because I JUST now got the trackback

  7. 23 November 2009 at 5:09 pm


    Absolutely no idea. I blame WordPress

    Wait, I know why. I recently edited this post to add it to the ‘editorial’ catagory. It must have not picked up on the trackback until I edited it

  8. 22 September 2010 at 5:45 am

    Yeah, I got a few dead posts floating around in the womb of blog. But I always remember to flush them out within a month. My problem is usually I don’t have enough passion or interest for the project to flesh it out, or I’m slow to finish the material necessary to complete the post.

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