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darker than black hei

Remember in Episode One, when Canaan seemed so cool because she was an amazingly skilled assassin, showing off her Synesthestic powers which help her obliterate all of her enemies (except for Alphard, that is)? Well, since losing her ability to see and feel the “colours”, we realize how utterly useless Canaan really is. She’s peeved because she doesn’t feel equip to protect Maria; I’m peeved because she can’t land a shot on someone standing right in front of her.

I always figured that killers can kill regardless of any “super-human” abilities they may possess – or at least they should be able to. Take Hei for example, from Darker Than Black: as a Contractor, he’s quite deadly. But even when he’s not using his Contractor abilities, he’s no less of a threat. It’s not like, if for one reason or another, he couldn’t generate electricity (or reconstruct particles on an atomic level), his enemy could easily elude him. It’s dangerous to be on Hei’s bad side – which is why I carry a bag of cookies and a cup of instant noodles with me at all times.

But I digress.

In a serious attempt to not merely recap the episode, I’m just going to… talk.

Hakko says goodbye

Hakko says goodbye

It feels as if the writers are putting forth a serious effort in making Canaan exciting but somewhere along the way, they’re failing. There’s action and excitement, there are twists and betrayals; they’ve even killed a secondary main character. But alas, does anyone even care that Santana died a useless death? Perhaps, in another story setting, his situation could have been truly tragic – maybe even tear-worthy: a man with a mission he didn’t fully understand until he fell in love with one of the victims. Living in guilt and shame, he had hoped to one day redeem himself. However, before that day came, his lover unknowingly killed him in her valiant attempt to protect him. His only comfort in death was knowing that she loved him after all.

Unfortunately, the only thing I was thinking while watching that scene was, well, for starters, predictable. Secondly: Of course Hakko shouldn’t start speaking until she was quite sure it was Liang Qi she was slowly torturing to death. Although now that Santana is out of the way, Mino is free to swoop in and take care of the grieving and deeply distressed Hakko (aka sex kitten). They didn’t go through all the colours when Canaan was explaining which colour meant what, but I’ll bet red means love or courage while yellow means peace or comfort.


human experimentation

The most interesting plot twist thrown out was that the CIA had teamed up with The Snakes to conduct the human experiment of infecting an entire village with the Ua Virus in order to test the antivirus they had developed. It reminds me of V for Vendetta, where the government had deliberately infected a select group of the population with a deadly virus so they could raise confidence in the general public by developing an antidote to said disease. It doesn’t seem like Canaan is headed in that direction, though. Apparently their goal is to breed super-humans who are in themselves, the ultimate weapon. However, Canaan seems to not only be the most successful of attempts, but perhaps the only fully successful attempt.

this looks familiar

all too familiar scene

There are still too many unanswered questions drifting around undeveloped characters. If only we could invest more into the main actors of the series, then we might feel something when they struggle, laugh when they laugh, and cheer them on in their trials. As things stand, anyone left watching Canaan is just waiting to see what it’s all about. I have an ominous feeling that it’s going to boil down to Love and Hate as that seems to be a recurring theme between the characters, particularly Canaan’s vague understanding of it and Alphard’s claim to be have risen above emotion.

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    14 October 2009 at 7:14 am

    Lol…I know its kinda late, but…

    wow, you know, if you’re tryin to stay safe from Hei’s bad side, I just carry around a bucket of soba…on a count of he probably has a bit of stress…lol

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