Sora no Manimani episode 10

It feels like ages since the last episode. That’s due to a combination of slow subs and the fact that my BitTorrent won’t work since I moved to college. For a while I thought I would have to watch stuff streamed but thankfully I discovered DDL and all is right with my anime world again. Mind you, I’ve never taken screenshots with a DDL video before so if your monitor explodes while reading this post, that’s the reason why.


Thankfully it means I can still choose what screenshots to take. Guess what I took screenshots of…heh heh heh.


Ah the old ‘think they are on a date and follow them sneakillly’ trick. Sorry Sora no Manimani, but you didn’t bring anything new to the table that I haven’t already seen before. Heck, you didn’t even try to look outside the box and come up with an even remotely different angle to any other anime. I mean even if you felt like being lazy and tossed in a paedophile joke but nope, nothing. Besides, I thought Saku had gotten over his jealousy of Sou-nii. I guess not, we’re just working on old material here. Even Hime in a denim mini-skirt doesn’t make up for this rather uninspiring little skit. Plus I kind of saw where it was going but I didn’t know that it would be Mihoshi’s dad. That was a bit of a shock but that shock only lasted a few seconds anyway.


“The look of a man in love”

I would say “that look has sealed the question of who Saku likes” but that was made pretty obvious a couple of episodes ago. It’s now gotten to the point where he gets mortally embarrassed by glomping alone. That basically removes Mihoshi’s primary form of communication so no wonder everything has gotten a bit awkward. Not that Mihoshi has noticed yet, she still thinks it’s over her dead dad. Well, I suppose it was. Now that I think about it, is that really the look of a man in love or a man still unable to deal with the news he was just hit with. Maybe he’s not actually in love with Mihoshi and maybe Hime still stands a chan…*pfft* who am I kidding.  Their relationship has been set in stone since the half-hug incident.


Our busty, bespectacled Fumin finally got another chance to shine. Can’t say she really used that time well though, apart from maybe looking slightly sexier without her glasses on (never been a glasses type of man myself).

OK, I admit it, I’m struggling to find much to say about this episode. There wasn’t really any funny moments (she can’t tell who Saku is without her glasses? Oh how original) and apart from the realisation that Mihoshi’s dad died, nothing much else happened. In fact, that moment was the only good part of this episode. I wouldn’t say Sora no Manimani is running on empty, but let’s just say it’s probably a good thing that it’s coming to an end soon. Instead, I’m going to nick this post to ask if anyone would like to join me in a game of Fanstasy Anime League? It’s really easy to do and takes about 5 mins a week of your attention. Just enter your team into the competition and tell me your MAL username in the comment section. You better hurry up though because their stopping taking new people on midnight of the 26th.


Spot the difference?

Anywho, time for my usual barrage of screenshots. There’s going to be a theme to this weeks pics.






Hime X Edogawa? Stranger couples have happened I suppose. It could happen but then there’s the preview for the next episode…



6 Responses to “Sora no Manimani episode 10”

  1. 1 Humanity_Cat
    26 September 2009 at 6:35 am

    I actually haven’t caught up on episodes for Sora no Manimani yet…but noooo!!! Not Hime!!!! *tears out hair*

  2. 2 RP
    26 September 2009 at 10:35 am

    I lol’d at that last screen. I’m going to guess that you are not going to be happy with the abuse Hime takes next episode though.

    What’s a DDL video? The screenshots look good. Although the PNGs are a little heavyweight on file size… wait… Bittorrent doesn’t work at your school!? Ah man. That sucks!

  3. 26 September 2009 at 11:31 am

    That preview is making me think of that episode of Toradora where Taiga gets lost in the snowstorm, brought back by Ryuji, and lots of drama ensues.

    What series was that comparison shot from, btw?

    Bittorrent still not working? If DDL is convenient for you then I guess stick with it, but there have to be ways around whatever your school has set up.

  4. 4 vucubcaquix
    26 September 2009 at 10:47 pm

    Looks like Nodame Cantabile to me…

  5. 27 September 2009 at 2:12 am


    I can’t decide if Hime is mai waifu or daughter…which sounds a bit weird but hey!


    Actually I don’t mind so much if she gets abuse so long as she actually gets screentime. DDL is direct download (I use http://www.animesenshi.com). It’s easier to use than bittorrent but not much choice on what fansubbers to use.


    I wasn’t a big fan of Toradora but it really picked up during those last few episodes. Maybe a little snowstorm is what Sora no Manimani needs to pick it up a bit. And yes, vucubcaquix(thank god I don’t have to say that name out loud) is right. The screenshot is from Nodame Cantabile. Saku and Mihoshi reminded me a lot of the main two in Nodame at the start and I just happenned to have that screenshot lying around.

  6. 6 Humanity_Cat
    27 September 2009 at 4:33 am

    I just watched it last night…Oumi(sp)’s eyes always scare me… o.O


    Make sure you don’t say the wrong things around her- she might hit you multiple times with or without a broomstick. {That is conveniently hanging around}

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