“You may do as you wish.”

Senjougahara finally appears in the final episode. And boy did she end it in a Bang! Actually let me rephrase that to say she ends it in a Gasp and a Moan. lol

Any-who, Hitagi starts out by asking, *Cough excuse me, I mean demanding that Araragi go out on a date with her. Wow, gentle much? Well, thats what I love so much about her, Strait forward. OK maybe she is a little too much. So, willingly, Araragi accepts her offer only believing that his dream was about to come true.


As there in the car (accompanied by Hitagi’s father driving), Araragi is feeling extremely tense (hence the situation with the father) and a bit sad because he thinks that his dreams have sunk rock-bottom. Ignoring that, he strikes the question to Senjougahara, (no I’m not referring to her father), “Why is Kanbaru so Kinky?”. As she is surprised to know what he thinks about her, she explains that it’s probably only the way men think. BUT WAIT! Here comes the good part…


She turns to him and says, “I’m going to sway the basis for your judgment, so then you’ll think of her as a pure and innocent girl.” *GASP …She said What?!? Then she comes closer to him and starts whispering some very obscene lines that we can’t hear and ends the conversation with a slight nibble on his ear. *hmm, I just can’t help but wonder. In the end, his “dream” wasn’t exactly accomplished, but, however, he did get a taste of what Hitagi has in store for him. Araragi finally answers her with a simple, “You may do as you wish”. (I would probably say that too, lol)


Sorry, but all the romantic, ecchi, and even hentei anime out there, have nothing against these few arousing, yet amazing moments portrayed in the last episode of Bakemonogatari. That just may be an Oscar-winning scene right there. Never mind… you know what, this IS an Oscar winning scene for best “Romantic Words Coming From a Lover”. To bad it doesn’t exist.

3 Responses to ““You may do as you wish.””

  1. 2 kaza
    8 October 2009 at 9:11 pm

    No doubt, I think shaft has what it takes. I mean, you can very clearly notice how Senjougahara changes through the episodes into a girl thats rather sweet, yet still has that “sharp” side to her.

    “Two Thumbs Up”

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