You wanted to know about the epic history of Bokutachi no Blog?

Recently I decided that I would finally do something about the total lack of content on the ‘about’ page on this site. The problem is, when I got down to writing about the history of the site, I realised I wasn’t able to properly comment on it without sounding totally uniformed (I didn’t join this site until Summer 2008) and hopelessly boring. So I decided to try out a different approach to telling the epic tale of Bokutachi no Blog. What it ended up looking like was slightly less accurate but a far more entertaining read.

Once upon a time there was a man. Not just any man, oh god no. He was a Malaysian by the name of Brian. Now you see, Brian had a vision. He dreamed that one day he would create one website that the entire world could visit and be left in awe by the quality of writing and the extent of it’s vocabulary. He wanted to create a blog that would become a genre in itself. However then he realised that WordPress was more user friendly and had some lovely layouts he could use so he migrated to that very website. There, he continued his dream to create the ultimate website. But soon he became disillusioned with the content on the blog. BrianAndrew, as it was called back in the olden days while it was being carved onto stone slabs, was not attracting the level of worshippers that he believed his wonderful website deserved so he chose to focus his attention on one subject: Anime. Historians consider this to be the defining moment in the history of Brian’s blog. At that time, not only was the name changed to Bokutachi no Blog, but that decision shaped the direction the blog took to this very day. So Brian continued his pilgrimage to create this master-site by following many of the greatest anime series known to man, such as Darker than Black and Death Note (and some less-than-great series like Dragonaut). It was at this time that Brian felt the need to expand his blog but the workload was becoming too great for one man. No matter how strong a man Brian was, he could not shoulder the weight of Bokutachi no Blog by himself. So he took his loyal disciple, Loba and entrusted him with a most magnificent task. Loba ascended from being nothing more than a devout commenter to ascending into the region of creator of content for Bokutachi no Blog. Many other names joined the blog around this time too. Some saw the light, only to shy away and become nothing more than ninja bloggers. However there was one man who saw the light and embraced it…but more about him later.

Many historians consider this period to be the greatest era in Bokutachi no Blog’s history. Believers flocked to the blog to worship and be enlightened. Even today people still read the question of Lelouch’s mortality post and comment (no seriously, about one a week shows up to say ‘but what about the cart driver!’) and the hitcounter soared into the lofty realms of 4000 hits per day. Yet this period was not to last forever. Cracks were starting to form in this once thriving website. Internet connections started to fail. Events in real life started to effect upon the regularity of the posting. Brian and Loba started to all but disappear from the blogging scene and it looked like the site was about to fade away. All that was left was one of those young men who had joined back in the Golden Era. The man who was inexperienced in the harsh, unforgiving world of anime blogging. The man who had sat in the background, dutifully blogging Natsume Yuujinchou despite the fact that it got absolutely no bloody hits or comments whatsoever. The man who, in the future, would lead Bokutachi no Blog to victory once again. This man’s name was Scamp.

Nobody really knows where Scamp came from. Some say he stole the laptop of Hades in an attempt to get a faster connection. Others claim that he was found in the red-light district in Amsterdam soon after the Berlin Wall collapsed. Some even claim that he’s no more than an Irish guy who had too much time on his hands because all it ever does it rain in Ireland. All we know is that he has a strange love for wacky comedy and used the word ‘probably’ far too much in his writing. This man was left along at the website, trying to conjure up some of the magic his predecessors created but lacked the experience to do so. Those were trying times for Bokutachi no Blog. The blog barely managed single post a week and the direction Scamp had flowed his creative talents into was the rather disappointing Michiko to Hatchin. But all was not lost…

It began with the simple choice to blog an unusual and highly controversial series known to the world as Hetalia Axis Powers. Claimed by many to be a time capsule left by the Nazi’s to confuse people into believing that the Second World War had been entirely the fault of the Italians, Scamp made it his duty to be the torch bearer of the truth. He fought his way through many opponents, including berserker fangirls, self-righteous Koreans and the occasional guy who could just not take a joke. Amazingly, he succeeded. Without warning, a cult had arisen to the truth. Bokutachi no Blog had become the leader of the free world, where people actually understood the historical references in their anime and one could go through life, safe in the knowledge that the next generation would not be ignorant of the past and would learn from the mistakes. Is it an overstatement to claim that Bokutachi no Blog had a small hand in eventual unifying of the internet in peace? Many historians think otherwise.

And so, Bokutachi no Blog entered its second great phase in its lifetime. As the hitcounter rose, so did the number of writers in this holiest of anime blogs. The first female writer, Blindability, joined in the name of all things cute with her spectacular beginning with K-ON. Then came Kaza, who many liken to Scamp when he first began blogging. Will Kaza be the man to lead Bokutachi no Blog out of the ashes if it falls again? Or shall the blog simply continue from strength to strength, ploughing its way to a brighter future. The writers of Bokutachi still wait for the return of the man who began it all. One day, Brian shall return to lead this blog into a new era. An era when Bokutachi no Blog finally gets over 100 subscribers on Google Reader. That day shall come!


This page will always be available under the ‘about’ tab at the top of the screen. It’s going to be updated with info on each of the writers of this wonderful site so keep your eyes on it.


9 Responses to “You wanted to know about the epic history of Bokutachi no Blog?”

  1. 9 October 2009 at 2:26 am

    I reached to the bottom and looked for the ‘like’ button. No prizes for guessing where I’m lurking.

    On a sidenote, I currently serve ani-tan at http://www.nusanime.com/, I go by the name: webmaster. I got her pic plastered at the top of the site, you can find her on facebook too =3

    I been really away from the anime scene for some time, it really shows when the only two shows watched weekly are : Dragonball Kai and Bleach. Gintama when released of course.

  2. 2 kaza
    9 October 2009 at 2:53 am

    OMG…thats about the only reaction I had after I read all of that.

    You, my friend, are worthy of a loud BRAVO!…
    The cool thing is that when I was reading this I had just finished reading a chapter about Troy in my history course book… So this sounded SO AWESOME after I was already in a Mid-Evil mood.

  3. 3 kaza
    9 October 2009 at 2:56 am


    Bokutachi No Blog…with it’s FRIKKEN AMAZING Bloggers!

  4. 4 Humanity_Cat
    9 October 2009 at 6:55 am

    I always have wondered about this blog…*coughandwhathappenedtotheoriginalowner*

    Way to keep Bokutachi no Blog Scamp. 😉

  5. 9 October 2009 at 10:18 am

    Scamp, very funny. Every “About this Blog”-type post, on blogs everywhere, should be like this one. 😉

  6. 9 October 2009 at 12:42 pm


  7. 9 October 2009 at 12:45 pm

    My previous comment really meant my final year internship is killing me and blogging didn’t feel like what it used to.

  8. 9 October 2009 at 1:11 pm

    Hmm…the moar you know. 😀

  9. 9 October 2009 at 6:38 pm


    Damnit, I need to get that Crunchyroll account and start watching Gintama again


    Maybe it’s because I’m blogging Hetalia that I started writing an epic history…



    @Jan Suzukawa

    As I said, I got bored writing the standerd version so I decided to mess about it. I’m actually quite pleased with the result myself, glad to see other people like it too


    oof, burn out from blogging. Well, Darker than Black has just aired so there’s a handy way back into the fold

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