About Your Writers: Kaza

Last time I tried to write a brief Bio about myself I think I got way too carried away. (I think Brian knows this best ^_^” ) So, for the sake of not Boring you all out of your right mind, I’m going to follow Scamps main format. Enjoy 🙂

Air gear- ikki kaza

NAME: Kaza

Why Kaza?: *sigh* I was born with the last name of Cazarine. Yes, indeed it is Italian, BUT I have only my great grandfather who is Italian. So then I came up with Caza, but I liked how Kaza just looked SOOoo much better. Am I right? It has a nice ring to it too.

Brief Bio: *constant panting* I’m a Brazilian/American boy, living in the US. I’m a part-timer at a mini-barn factory, but I’m also doing my sophomore year in high school. Traveling and exploring new places are my favorite activity. My life has always been unstable when it comes to staying in one place, but what has stayed with me forever is my motto: “Simplicity is the next step humanity must take to obtain happiness” And I guess that also goes with the saying, “simple pleasures”.

Anime Preferences: *starts breathing harder* I have to admit that I have a liking to echhi/action anime, although to some level it may be looked down upon. Now a days I’m falling for anything that has a well developed story-line and good quality. So, I’m sorry people, I just can’t stand those old anime series and stuff like DBZ and Bleach. And I love watching romance movies like “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”. But not just romance though, Ride Back was awesome too. (notice how the quality of these is spot-on) 🙂

Blogging Style: Well, to tell you all the truth, I’ve been around computers since my dawn of time but I have never done anything like blogging. So if I may say, because I am still learning, the only thing you can expect from me now are episodic reviews (for two at the most) and the occasional OMG reviews like the one I did on Bakemonogatari. (truly, that was just frikken amazing) The way I write comes directly from my personality, so I’m not playing someones role here, and with that comes my spontaneous words (which I think can sometimes be funny). If there ever were a name for the style I blog in, it would be called “Kazaform”.  BTW, I’m very open for any tips any bloggers/writers out there have to offer.

Other Sites: Well, I have facebook and twitter, but no other sites really. I might make one in the far future, but I’m hoping I can grow on this one.

You may have noticed that I changed my ID photo from a couple weeks back, but I think now it will stay, XD. Well, it’s actually Itsuki Minami, or Ikki for short, from the first anime that I ever watched, Air Gear. Absolutely loved his personality, (and his cute girlfriend too, lol) and just like any other teenage boy, he rocks at eating! XD


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