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Ho yea, I’m back to do a proper post after posting lots of random stuff. A little bit on the display pic: it’s L from death note, was particularly captivated by the subtle actions of L whenever he ate something and this really got my attention so it was chosen. Well, since Scamp has set the golden standard for our bio posts, no point not using it =)

The origins of Loba: I was just a 7-8 old year accompanying my parents on a shopping trip  when I saw this Levi advertisement playing on the TV inside the Levi store.The song that was played is ‘Bombastic‘ the second single released by Shaggy from his album Bombastic. The song apparently stuck in my subconscious till I was 12 when upon launching MSN for the first time, I recalled that particular advertisement and mis-spelled Mr Lomba as Loba(ba) for my nick. From that day on,my friends just called me Lobaba. The nick eventually evolved over the years: Lobaba(1999-2003), Loba(2004~Present). Also known as LObama(2008~Present). (Fun fact: Loba in one chinese dialect literally means Lean meat, which could be said much about my lean (and mean) frame heh)

Brief Bio: I’m a chinese guy from Singapore and no, it’s not part of China, yes my grandparents hail from there but chinese Singaporeans are totally different from the Chinese in China  just as most overseas chinese are. Currently attending National University of Singapore studying environmental engineering, also webmaster of NUS Comic and Animation Society. I’m a tech junkie as well, am the proud owner of the 3rd PC which I personally built. The first PC I built literally melted down(CPU fan stopped spinning and the AMD Duron CPU overheated to 100 degrees woohoo) and the second PC was sold to fund the current PC built back in early 2007, cycled through many portable electronics: ipod touch, psp slim, cowon A3, S9, searching for the ultimate all in one device and settled on omnia i8910HD recently.

Anime Preferences: Similarly to Scamp, Yaoi, Yuri and fanservice moe anime are not my cup of tea but that’s where the similarity ends: When I was a kid, I managed to watch four anime series on TV: Jubei Chan, Samurai X and Gundam Wing. Occasionally, Dragonball Z movies are broadcasted as well. These pretty much define the bulk of my anime taste: mecha, sci-fi and shounen. Of course, I would give everything a shot if the potential is there for a great story, otherwise, stuff like nodame cantabile and Honey & Clover would never have made it to my watchlist.

Blogging Style: I had been doing episodic reviews in the past but that didn’t exactly work out since i) laziness took over ii) it is really time consuming to get good screencaps during normal school days. iii)I stopped watching halfway due to wane of interest. Currently musing over whether I should try episodic reviewing with more pictures less words since I tend to ramble on and on and on OR an ending Final Impressions kinda post but with minimal pictures and a nice summary. One last idea I have could be fun but extensively tiring for sure so you could say I’m freestyle at the moment.

Likely to stay in cold storage for a while more with deadlines approaching, now taking a short break over the weekend. Besides, I stopped watching FMA2 a while back and can’t blog about it. Sorry about that Brian but I fell asleep watching one of the episodes. Boss, best for the last: you are up next for the ‘About your writers’ section.


7 Responses to “about your writers: Loba”

  1. 1 fmaestri90
    11 October 2009 at 3:00 pm

    Btw, Loba in spanish means female fox.

  2. 2 kaza
    11 October 2009 at 9:45 pm

    Ha!, thats what I was about to say. except in my language, potugese, it means female wolf. lmao
    PS- I couldn’t stop lauphing over that Boombastic video.
    *wipes tears from eyes and gets up off the floor to not look like an idiot rolling around laughing.

  3. 4 fmaestri90
    12 October 2009 at 6:16 am

    Sorry, I meant female wolf

  4. 5 kaza
    14 October 2009 at 7:09 am

    Yea….I kinda thought so, spanish and potugese are too similar to be different…lol

    what is that… “22/m/sg” thing? is your age/sex/and single? OOOOhhhh….wow…I’m kinda slow, sorry…

  5. 7 kaza
    14 October 2009 at 11:00 pm

    oooohhh…wow kaza, way to make it interesting huh?

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