Asura Cryin’ Season2 Ep2

Have you ever had a teacher that gave you too much information all at once? And then you decided to try and remember all of the basic and important stuff, but then you realized you were completely lost in oblivion? Well… That’s about how I felt with this episode of Asura Cryin. But I also have to say that I was well pleased with the level of excitement they’re raising up.

AC S2 E2 #1

As we have seen from the first episode there is obviously a fear in Tomoharu’s heart of losing Misao. Knowing this, the first episode starts off with Tomo’ having a nightmare about “whittling away Misao’s soul”.  Throughout the episode you notice that he’s totally against letting Misao fight anymore. And at this point I have to give 10 ‘points’ to Seven Arcs for the flow of the story-line up until now, because if you remember in the last episode of the 1st season Tomo’ witnesses Reishirou Saeki (first student council president “Holy Guards”) completly lose his cousin Aine Shizuma. The fact that Tomo’ deprives her of fighting the whole entire episode leaves me a bit fustrated. But thats ok. XD

AC S2 E2 #2

Motion flow in the animation is pretty good too, especially with those huge robots. If you learn absolutely nothing else watching this anime, you must learn this… Don’t ever come late to school with Tooru Kitsutaka as your student council president. Ever! Tomo’ finally (after a whole frikken season) notices that Tooru isn’t a handler and asks Shuri if she has any powers. Well, questions are answered, and she is, in fact, immune to any power that handlers have. Which to some extent does actually make Tooru the strongest. But that normally isn’t true for animes like this. *sniff sniff

AC S2 E2 #3

AND THE GRAMMY AWARD FOR "The Strogest Stuffed Animal" Goes to...

So they told us who’s the Koala in the 1st episode, but it didn’t exactly have any significance to us until now. The actual president of the science club is a teddy? As we notice by now, the whole episode is basically about Tooru trying to get the Science Pres’ to come back to school and to stop using that, that, thing! Here’s a turning point in the anime though. They have actually made a cotton-stuffed Koala teddy as strong as Ichigo (in bleach). WTF?

AC S2 E2 #4

“I want to change them. The fate of the handlers… The fate of the burial dolls… I want to change them.” My friends, this quote is one of the reasons why I keep watching this show. Absolutely captivating, what Tomo’ said, *Applause. Tomoharu says that the one thing that started this all was that briefcase that was delivered to him by shuri from his brother, (well duh). And now Tooru will do the favor of asking Royal Dark Society to try and contact Tomo’s brother, but only if Tomo’ is able to bring the Science Pres’ back to school.

AC S2 E2 #5

Wow! I was sOOoo waiting for something with more Bang then that! I mean come on, finding the Science Pres’ was just too easy. But I guess I can let that go for now, since I’m guessing Seven Arcs didn’t want to make it a big deal on purpose. Now to get the other part of the deal, his bro- WAIT! no, apparently Tokiya (Science Pres’) still comes back to school as a koala. But now he’s offering Tomoharu some help finding his brother since Dark Society couldn’t do it. *coughuselesspeoplecough* And until then, no coming back to school for Tokiya.

AC S2 #1b

Final say: As you can see by the first picture season 2 of Asura Cryin’ has a whole lot to offer, animation wise. But in terms of story, I’ll stay cautious for now. 🙂

Watch this Episode!

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