Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Ep3

So as I’ve said before, this anime is like the “superman” of all mecha related anime. They do a great job with the CGI, (even though it may look a little out of place, XD) but we can never forget that the first season only gave us a mere ‘intro’ to what is now Tomoharu’s quest. Which is to change the fate of the Handlers and of the Burial Dolls. If we remember well in the beginning of this season, Tomoharu’s first intentions was to find his brother, which for some reason is almost impossible to find! The last episode left us off with Tokiya the Science President, and also the cotton-stuffed Koala, reunited with his beloved Tooru. And in return, Tokiya was going to help Tomoharu find his brother. Ok, shall we…

AC S2 E3

Well, as you can tell from the second picture, the 3rd episode starts off with Tomoharu and his friends enjoying summer break. During this festive time we’re clearly shown how Tomoharu and Kanade’s relationship is obviously growing. That’s a point that I have to bring out here. Seven Arcs is doing a fantastic job with the consistency on the matter of the relationship with those three, (Tomoharu, Misao, Kanade). They’re not getting too long winded, but at the same time it’s not becoming some worthless Fan-service. *relief* After all, I didn’t expect for a devil and a handler to get together so easily.

AC S2 E3_2

I love how Arcs plays and jokes around with the personality and traits each character has. Like when Misao was supposed to get the ball, but as we all know she’s practically a hologram, and then Tomoharu takes a full-blown hit and gets knocked over along with all his food. He’s really damn lucky he has Kurogane because if he didn’t, boy would he be one sorry “Street Fighter”. As a small breifing of these scenes, Tomoharu, Kanade, Misao, Takuma, and Oohara are all having a fun Summer barbecue. Misao notices that Tomo’ and Kanade are getting really close and decides to ask him about it. But when Tomo’ tells her that he has so much going on and that he can’t get a girlfriend when he has a ghost following him around Misao quickly gets offended, as if he referred to her as a nuisance. Tomo’ sees Misao sitting off in the distance by the beach and goes to talk to her to see if things get better. She finally confronts him and asks him if there’s anything he wants to tell her, (remember that Tomoharu is not letting Misao fight with Kurogane because he’s afraid of losing her) but instead of saying it he keeps silent. Because of that Misao notices that Kanade knows his secret but she doesn’t, (Ouch what a Bust) and she storms off extremely mad at him.

AS S2 E3 3

In the meantime while those kids have thier fun, Mr.lookingalittlefeminish guy decides to go after the same ruins that Shuri and the rest of her gang are looking for. But coincidentally it’s located in the same place that Tomoharu and his friends are at. Takuma comes up with a sneaky plan to get Kanade and Tomo’ finally together by sending them on a fun walk to these ‘ruins’  which are supposedly known to have magical powers to make people confess their true feelings. But after they end up meeting Shuri and Ania they end up going on a little adventure inside this huge cave. Inside, they meet up with Mr.lookslikeafag and gets attacked fiercely by him because he wants to be the one to beet the Asura Cryin’.

AS S2 E3 7

By this point I’m getting really frustrated with the fact that Tomo’ won’t pull out his frikken awesome ‘Yugioh Card’, and crush that dude I can’t really call a guy. Ok, enough hate jokes on  him, but I just forgot his name, XD. Anyways, I really have to say that either they’re really pushing the story to it’s limits or they’re trying to show Tomo’s true personalty. Whatever it is, I hope they don’t get to carried away with this whole, “I’m not going to let my all-powerful-cool-looking-mighty-bot-of-doom fight because I’m scared to loose her.” Other then that I absolutely love Shuri’s special power. It reminds me of those blue guys in bleach, you know, the ones that shoot arrows? *feeling a bit slow right now* lol

AS S2 E3 6

Right about when the girly-guy stopped Shuri’s all-powerful Arrow of Doom is about the time I decided that was a little to much. Unless they give a real good explanation as of why his spear is that awesome, I’m going to have to classify that as over-the-line material. But I trust Seven Arcs, they’ve provided good material up until now so I don’t think there is to much to worry about. Hopefully.

AS S2 E3 8

Well, the episode pretty much ended with Tomo’ and his gang getting whip lashed in the butt. And in the distant, smokey fog you can see a person of whom seems to be Tomoharu’s BROTHER! No frikken way! Well, to tell you all the truth, I personally hope that it is. I’m tired of waiting to see who this Mystery man is, lol. Oh, and I still can’t stand it watching Tomo’ hesitate to bring out Misao into battle, I mean he’s even going to make Kanade die if he continues. Sorry if I sound a bit dramatic, but when your in the middle of the scenes when they could possibly die and all he has to do is speak, you better expect something!  XD

Top notch, exciting, a bit confusing, a bit annoying. Sounds like a good recipe for Asura Cryin’ if I say so myself.

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