Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 2

Let me get straight to the point here. The best part of the episode is definitely towards the end of it. Yin is trapped somewhere in the realm which holds the Hell’s Gate and Misaki is back in business (not entirely though, we’re being teased by her late appearance to this sequel). Already into the second episode and there’s so many hints the writers are leaving us to ponder upon. I better not get ahead of myself and jump into the synopsis first.

Synopsis: Just as Hei is about to apprehend Suou whom he thought to be Shion, he was attacked by an unknown contractor. This contractor with ninja skills is actually Hazuki Mina, a contractor working for Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication. The both are at equal level of fighting skill, which forced both to retreat to safety while Suou fled the scene as instructed by an unknown voice. As she was running away, she stumbled upon Shizume Genma who is actually Mina’s partner. But of course, Suou did not know who he is at that moment and fight him off to escape with Pecha’s help. Pecha is her pet flying squirrel. As she managed to get far enough to be safe, she saw someone at the distance and using her camera lens, she discovered that the person was her twin brother, Shion who is now able to stand on his feet. Genma and Mina returned to their van where their support member, Sawasaki Kyoko, was waiting for them. Mina immediately landed a kiss on Genma, which turns out to be her remuneration. She then kissed Kyoko, apparently to get rid of Genma’s bad after-taste. Back at the professor’s house, the Russian military was there to clean the scene. There was also a mention on the ME Squeezer (ME: Memory Eraser), which apparently fresh corpses are used and the inventor is none other than the now-dead Dr. Pavlichenko. Suou continued running to find her friends for refuge but it turns out that their memories of her were erased. Meanwhile Nika woke up in an infirmary when he overheard the conversation outside to take him into custody. After hearing this, he made his escape. He eventually met up with Suou and she was really glad to see him as he was the only one who remembers who she is.

Somewhere in Egypt, a CIA agent rendezvous with a female accomplice for an unknown business. From what I can understand, these two are Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Back in Russia, Nika told Suou that everyone had forgotten about Tanya, probably due to the ME. They both are inside their old secret hideout when Suou cried out of frustration. She decided to do act on what is happening. Elsewhere, Hei met up with a CIA handler and reported everything to him. As Hei walked through the streets after the meeting, he found posters showing his face and noticed something was up. It turns out that Suou was the one responsible for all those posters as she is sticking more to the walls around the city. Nika who was with her, revealed his intention to find Tanya. Without them noticing, a military spy was on a look-out for them. As the military began to make their move, so did August 7. Suou who was still sticking poster, was caught up by Hei who then demanded for the meteor core. He made a forceful body check on Suou when he found out that she is Suou, not Shion. She cried out in lament and began to judge contractors. Hei was reminded of Yin as he hears this. Suddenly, the military approached them at gun-point but August 7 interfered. A soldier shot towards Suou who was trying to escape but Hei shielded her. He then took her away and escaped. August 7 chased after them and so does the military but they were stopped by a stone giant. It was actually Genma inside a stone armour. As Hei and Suou escaping, they were caught up by August 7. He then revealed to them a magician’s secret, which is actually his remuneration. Only after that, he used his magic abilities to attack them. He was a tough opponent for Hei as his dagger simply pass through his body. However, Hei was thinking ahead and using his cape as a distraction, he paralysed August 7. Just as he was about to kill him, Suou stopped her and then suddenly, mines popped out of the ground that were planted by Kyoko and Mina earlier. This activated some sort of force field around him. Suou who was nearby, got caught up into the field as well as it reacts toward the meteor core she wears. In Japan, Misaki (she back!) was looking up to the night sky through the telescope, observing the star representing BK201, which then disappeared.

Thoughts: The scene where Yin appeared had connected the two dots I’ve been clueless about since episode 1. First is the reason why Hei is still looking for the meteor core. Second is where Yin had gone to, given that Hei managed to return. It is obvious that Yin is still trapped inside the Hell’s Gate dimension since the Tokyo Explosion and it is likely Hei is trying to use the meteor core that he’s looking for to bring her back, even to the point of collaborating with the CIA. If my memory does not fail me, I recalled that Hei previously worked with an agency dubbed The Syndicate. Up to now, The Syndicate remains a mystery and elusive in this story. No one knows their affiliation. No one knows who runs it. But one thing for certain, it is international and it’s big. Let’s forget about The Syndicate and back to Hei. I was shocked to know that Hei is now working for the CIA, which makes me wonder if he is still working for The Syndicate. I doubt so, since he betrayed The Syndicate in the end by co-operating with Amber to infiltrate the Hell’s Gate. Knowing how ruthless The Syndicate can be, it is possible that Hei is seeking refuge with the CIA and probably explains why he looks like a hobo. It would make more sense if Genma, Mina and Kyoko are from The Syndicate, except they are not. They’re in fact the players in the contractor business — the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication of Japan. Seriously, the Japanese should come up with a better intelligence agency or at least with the name. I guess this is where Misaki gets involved. This Japanese connection.

It is also impossible to ignore the new contractors in this season of DTB have more awesome and stronger powers. Take Hazuki Mina, for instance (that ninja girl who fought with Hei). Her ability is to transform any object into blades, which is useful for her ninja skills. Then the short-lived August 7 of the MI6, also known as The Magician. He can do all the impossible magic tricks, i.e., pulling out weapons underneath his coat out of nothing and allowing objects pass through his body without harm. And of course, Mina’s colleague, Shizume Genma who can use solid objects as his body armour. But with the crazy abilities, come crazier remunerations. Mina with her kissing a guy remuneration though I’d love to be her partner if that’s the case. August 7 with his telling the magician’s secrets to anyone (willing to listen) remuneration. And let’s not forget the now-dead Goran, the super speed (like The Flash) contractor. He had to eat hamburgers after each use of his ability. Imagine him obese and running around at lightning speed. He’d be like a supersonic cannonball! It’s crazy how the writers come up with these abilities and their remuneration, especially the latter. I wonder if Pecha is a contractor too.




4 Responses to “Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 2”

  1. 1 takertoe
    21 October 2009 at 1:42 am

    very good summary of the story and I like your afterthoughts … i watched the first 2 episodes 2 times already and they still feel awesome … i was wondering if a continuation of DTB would kinda ruin the joy I had with the series before, but the new storyline is really promising (action is also not coming too short *yay*) !!! can´t wait for #3 XD let´s cross fingers it can keep up this high level!!!!

  2. 2 kaza
    23 October 2009 at 9:29 am

    Boy I’m so hyped up to see Misaki! Super funny what you said about the crazy powers and remuneration… LMAO! After I finnished rolling on the floor, I noticed that Hei did look like a bum. I’m not liking his look though, I hope he at least shaves, lol.
    And like you said, if that ninja chick would ever cross my path one day, i’m taking her as my ‘waifu’.

  3. 3 ace3sl
    9 November 2009 at 3:01 pm

    i’ve gone through with your synopsis…
    i laughed…
    anyway, that’s misaki’s part now as she was exiled from japan(at least i heard in ep 4), and pecha is now under Mao, the cat contractor… (you know who he is…)
    i think it is true that yin is in hell’s gate, considering the ending on the first season, that hei was the only one who escaped from pandora, and a surveillance spectre under the bridge which would be of a resemblance to yin…
    it can be yin’s, since she can’t leave hell’s gate and still follows hei…
    also, the ms. smith you were talking about, she’s madame oreille…
    although i’m concerned about her past, since she resembles britta from season 1…
    she’s the naked contractor… (i bet you remembered that one…)
    in the end, this sequel is very promising, i have to admit…
    and they’re going back to japan, so there’s more of misaki, and a chance to see that meddling detective gai… -.-
    p.s. that ninja contractor is hot! i’d be available to be her remuneration partner over and over again… ^^

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